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  1. Personally, I think it comes down to ignorance. As demonstrated by your "friend"...
  2. I don't think anything is as close as you think. There's bias in the "pools?" I suppose you meant "polls", but isn't that kind of the point? People vote for the ones they're "biased" towards....I'm not sure how the "mainstream media" can be biased by reporting on it... I read every day and I haven't seen any titles that insinuate that Trump is ready to quit. Maybe you could post one. Finally, do you really think the CBC is concerned that Trump might break up it's monopoly? (It isn't a monopoly, BTW.) "Picadors"? Is that your way of saying that Trump is a bull? Actually, that would explain why he's so full of bullsh!t...
  3. Agreed. Not going to be an easy life for that poor child...
  4. Alberta drivers...
  5. That one last night was the worst ever... I heard him ask "Was that a fumble?" Yes Wally, it was a fumble. Recovered by the Eskimos. "Okay then. Nevermind"...
  6. Apparently, Arizona has become a "battleground" state. Considered a Republican stronghold, it appears as though even Arizonans are getting tired of Donald Trump and the Democrats' efforts to register Hispanic voters may pay dividends. Whether you support Trump or Hillary however, I think most will agree that the ouster of Joe Arpaio would be a very positive change for the people of Maricopa county: Even in an election like this one, where poor choices seem to be the only choices, there is potential for positive change.
  7. Reddick is a definite possibility. He fills the hole in right field and is a left handed bat with decent power. I too am pulling for the Cubbies, but I'm betting on the Tribe. These are the Cubs we're talking about. They're the MLB version of the Canucks. At the start of the playoffs I predicted that they'll find a way to lose and I'm sticking to it. Cleveland in 6.
  8. Well I have to eat my words a bit. Tide vs Aggies was on TV, but Ohio State - Penn State was the much better game. I would have watched, but I was busy watching my Sooners and Texas Tech set an NCAA record for total offense. It was ridiculous. Every possession in the 2nd half resulted in a touchdown....
  9. This is true. I read it on both and Or, as two drink minimum would say, "seriously poor choices" for media outlets. Not sure what the National Enquirer had to say on it, but I'm sure it was 100% accurate. Just curious: What exactly do you think Trump will do to "clean house" in Washington? A lot of people seem to like Ron Paul. It's almost as if they've forgotten his newsletter, which basically took him out of the presidential race in 2008:
  10. Aggies in Tuscaloosa to take on the Tide today. Should be a game worth watching. (Which of course, means that my cable package will probably have multiple channels showing Ohio State vs Penn State instead)...
  11. Agreed. The NFL's anti-celebration policy is getting ridiculous. I agree with fines for "mooning" like Randy Moss, or using props like T.O., but spiking, dunking, etc., should be okay. Lets allow a little common sense to prevail here...
  12. Correction: People want to keep 80% of the rotation the same... The rest of the lineup is going to see some turnover and although I can't speak for everyone, I'm pretty sure that there are many who would be willing to trade the "swing for the fence" mentality for more sacrificing, stealing and hit and run. Like Gibby said, I think the team needs more left handed bats, (or switch hitters) including a bona fide lead off hitter. Outside of the top 4 starters and JD, there's really no-one I wouldn't move to make that happen.
  13. As a fan of the Dutch internationally and decidedly not a fan of Man U, I'm conflicted about RvP. He was usually a disappointment to me as a member of the Oranje, but then he scored that flying header against Spain in the WC...
  14. That link doesn't support the claim. It mentions two campaign workers who have "concerns about voter fraud". Not the same thing. I know all the Trumpists are trying to invoke "guilt by association", but when one of you makes the erroneous assertion that the charge was made by the candidate herself, it does need to be called out, whether you believe it's semantics or not. Donald Trump has actually made allusions to voter fraud and he has made the claim that the election is rigged against him. Not only that, but he has done so publicly. Try as you might, there's no way you can equate that with a couple of Hillary's campaign workers expressing concerns, in a private e-mail conversation. The two cases are not analogous. Another "block" from Rod... You should give Wally a call. The Lions could use an expert blocker like you.
  15. Nothing like a visit from the Bears to cure what ails you...