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  1. Nobody says that. Speaking of "tards"....
  2. I honestly don't think there will ever be one. It should have been Sandy Hook, but that fact that it wasn't tells me that there is no action so heinous that it will cause the American public to take action. All we'll get is the same tired platitudes: "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."; "Gun control doesn't work"; "If you take away our guns, then only the criminals will have them"; "The bad guys will always find a way to kill people"; and my personal favorite: "We need semi-automatic weapons with high capacity ammunition clips in case we ever need to overthrow a tyrannical government".... And people will continue to die.
  3. I think we saw a microcosm of that situation on Saturday. Because the team lacks a true finisher up front, you have players taking shots from pretty much anywhere. Morales in particular, was having a go any time he got near the 18 yard box. Sometimes it works (as it did with Techera last week) but most of the time, the 'Keeper has an easy time of it.
  4. His point still stands, though. Americans have had their share of doping scandals, (Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin, etc) but there isn't any evidence to conclude that those were part of a state run program. They're really no different than the Ben Johnson situation. OTOH, there is evidence that the Russian Olympic committee as well as the Russian government was heavily involved in this scandal, so it's really apples and orangutans.
  5. I'd be scared, period. I'm hoping for Hillary, but let's be honest: It's a "lesser of two evils" situation for sure.
  6. Yep. Another shooting in Florida early this morning:
  7. Who said anything about terrorists? Certainly not me and certainly not the articles in the links I provided. The entire point of the post was to refute your erroneous claim that "radical, fundamentalist Muslims" would be granted immigrant status without an exhaustive vetting process. The fact that you still say you're "concerned about the lack of vetting" shows that you still don't get it, despite the fact that I provided you with two legitimate sources that clearly explain the process.
  8. Shaky's point is well taken though. We saw the difference between the three Canadian teams yesterday. Montreal and Toronto got performances by their star players, while the 'Caps (who don't have one) were held scoreless. I used to get excited when Perez came on the pitch, but lately, the only substitute that makes me want to watch is 15 years old.
  9. Looks like they fell just short....
  10. BTW: Anyone see Ginacarlo's dinger last night? Freakin' laser beam to left....
  11. You know you're sucking when you get demoted in favor of Ryan Tepera... There was actually an interesting article on today that tried to put a positive spin on the Storen situation. Basically, it suggested that with Revere still on the team, we might not have seen what Saunders, or maybe Zeke could do, as there would have been a log jam in the outfield.. Also, the acquisition of Storen might have kept Sanchez in the rotation. Without DS, the Jays' brass may have decided that Sanchez was more valuable setting up, Osuna. Silver linings, boys....
  12. No, it doesn't. Immigrants, Syrian or otherwise, are not allowed into Canada without proper vetting.
  13. Are you suggesting that the Canadian government just allows "their more radical, fundamentalist cousin" to immigrate without any vetting process? I think you might be mistaken. This idea that Sharia law will ever be implemented in the US or Canada is ridiculous and a clear indication of gullible people buying into the fear-mongering and paranoia being put forth by Republicans and their ilk. Germany's gun laws are strict. In fact, there have been two cases in Germany before and after this shooting, where attackers used an axe and a machete respectively. Assuming that they would have preferred to cause as much carnage as possible, one has to suppose that they would have used firearms has they been able to acquire them. I'd say it illustrates quite nicely that restrictive gun regulations can be effective.
  14. He offers no practical solutions though. Ban all Muslim immigrants "until we figure this thing out". WTF is that supposed to mean? He has a lot of supporters because a lot of people are too stupid to realize that he has no real ideas. He's just saying whatever idiotic thing that pops into hie head, as long as he believes that it's what his gullible base wants to hear.