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  1. CBC IN PHILADELPHIA 'The parasite is slowly taking over the host': Some Republicans flee Trump, back Clinton 'Some of the things he espouses are very, very dangerous,' lifelong Republican worries
  2. Yes. I remember. I also remember that Trump asked whoever hacked the DNC's e-mails to do the same to Hillary's. Hence, my statement of the fact that Trump encouraged espionage. I have no idea what you mean by the first four sentences of your post.
  3. A bit lost in all this is Genie's win over Cibulkova. It's the best she's looked in a long time.
  4. The best line I've heard in a while was last night on Real Time, by Author/Comedian D.L. Hughley. He said "Trump couldn't even beat Flava Flav in a spelling bee".
  5. Talking about deflections, we weren't even discussing Hillary. We're discussing whether Trump encouraged someone from a foreign nation to commit espionage against a political opponent. If he meant to say "whoever has those e-mails, sell them to the media", he would have said that. But he didn't. He said "Hack" the e-mails. The rest of this post is just a strawman. We are talking about Trump and specifically, about one particular thing he said.
  6. Do you really believe that Trump is aware that the data can't be hacked? It doesn't matter if it's possible or not. If the Donald thinks it can be done and asks for someone from a foreign country to do it, he's encouraging espionage.
  7. Exactly. It's the same reason that your common housecat will occasionally shred your arm and will kill any bird or mouse that they happen across. It's instinct.
  8. The waxing and waning of the moon was a pretty good clue as well.
  9. Phil already pointed it out, but the first thing I thought of when I saw Grandma's photo was that she's completely baked...
  10. To be clear, I was turning up my nose at the states of Tennessee and Texas. However, you're partly correct. I have trouble respecting any country that allows itself to be pushed around by an organization (the NRA) who's membership accounts for less than 2% of it's total population. The ridiculous nature of this lawsuit is just another straw amongst many.
  11. Makes zero difference. By asking that it be hacked, Trump is encouraging espionage.
  12. Yes. He is. Trump has no idea whether the e-mails are available to be hacked or not, so by asking the Russians to find them, he most definitely is advocating espionage.
  13. I don't need your "help" to understand anything. I fully understand that it's the deleted e-mails that Trump wants the Russians to hack. It was Rod that didn't understand the difference between those e-mails and the ones from the DNC. As far as "potentially hacked long ago", you have no way of knowing that one way or another and neither does Trump. Therefore, encouraging espionage against his political opponent is exactly what he is advocating. It really doesn't matter whether they need his encouragement or not, the fact is they received it.
  14. To be clear, I'm not calling you stupid. It's the idea that Climate Change is not real that is not only stupid, but potentially dangerous as well. The fact that there are politicians who will ignore science and promote increased fossil fuel use (including and especially, coal) is to the detriment of all, IMHO and should be called out.
  15. Maybe we do, but we use adult language when doing so.