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  1. You know, Ryan... ....I'm just kneedling you a bit...
  2. Oooooh...let me guess.....'s George Soros, right?
  3. $15/hr? That cant be it...there must be free lattes too, right?
  4. BC Lions

    Yeah. It doesn't make much sense to have a mobile QB and have an offense designed for a pocket passer....
  5. We only have the officer's word on that and he's already changed the story once...
  6. BC Lions

    Me too. I don't know if it's going to happen, TBH. I've been lamenting Wally's predictable style for a long time now. The Leos could learn something from Mike O'Shea in that department, as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Yeah, I think in such cases they should be referred to a "Meddles".....
  8. Old habits die hard....
  9. Cities

    Western and northern Europe for sure. Vienna, Geneva, Copenhagen, Brussels, Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki.... Although I don't live in a big city, I've been to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary. For me, transportation infrastructure sets the sustainable cities apart. It's one of the things that put Vancouver at the top of the list for Canadian cities, IMO.
  10. This is what cracks me up about Trump supporters. They spend months, if not years defending him, but every time he does or says something completely indefensible, they claim not to be a fan. Despite the fact that we've all been here watching the cheerleading for two years. Even a pigsty looks good when it's right next door and you live in an outhouse...
  11. Not as it stands now.... The current situation is "polluter pays", which means that if the unthinkable occurs, the enormous cost of a spill cleanup (estimates are in billions, not millions) rests with the shipping company. It doesn't take a financial wizard to realize that any shipper handed a billion dollar invoice is just going to declare bankruptcy. And then who is left holding the bag? This is the question that BC wants answered. I'd wager that if Trudeau and Notley stepped forward and said cleanup costs would be commensurate with the respective revenue allotments, this project would be moving forward, yet instead, all we're hearing is threats and insults.
  12. I think a poll asking "Do you support tougher border security?" is misleading, especially when you have a president making blanket statements referring to immigrants as "drug dealers", "rapists" and "animals". I'd be willing to bet the mortgage that if they were asked "Do you support the summary deportation of single mothers with no history of criminal activity?" you might get a different response. The "open borders" criticism from Trump and his cronies is nothing but a smokescreen designed to play on people's fears. What reasonable people are asking for is a system where every case is looked at on it's merits and not subject to hard and fast rules, such as "deported once = inadmissible", etc. We'd like a scenario where the power of life and death does not reside with a border security officer with little, or no knowledge of the particulars of the case and often, little to no inclination to seek them out. This whole "border security" mantra is a giant con anyway. It isn't about keeping Americans safe. If it were, we'd have seen gun reform, increased social programs and mental health funding long ago. This is mechanism for Trump to hold onto power by pandering to Americans' basest instincts, such as "immigrants are either here to do you harm, or to take your jobs". It doesn't matter that statistics show neither of these to be the case. Trump will continue to beat the drum of "murderers and rapists" because his lowbrow base loves him for it and votes are more important than people's lives. BTW: WTF are you getting at with "hypocrisy"? It isn't hypocritical to care about the lives of people who died because some border security officer decided to abuse his power because he was emboldened by his dear leader. And comparing it to the KM pipeline is a lousy analogy. No one is going to die because British Columbians want assurances that they won't be left holding the bag, should a disaster occur.
  13. This is a long read, but I highly recommend reading for those who but into Trump's rhetoric about "bad hombres" and "animals" who are the supposed targets of his anti-immigration stance. The truth is far more complicated and far more troubling: I.C.E. has been in the news and even a part of pop culture (movies, TV shows, etc.) so ubiquitously lately that we tend to think of it as something that's been around forever, "defending" Americans from the dangers that immigrants supposedly present. But the truth is it's only been around since the early 2000s, created along with the DHS in the wake of 9/11. Of course, as we all know, 9/11 had nothing to do with immigrants (legal or otherwise) from Central America. Make no mistake: many of the people being deported in the name of "protecting" Americans pose no threat and in many cases are being handed what amounts to a death sentence when they are sent back at the whim of a border security officer. For a country that prides itself in the slogan written on the statue of liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" this is perhaps the most shameful aspect of the nation that somehow thinks they deserve to call themselves "the greatest nation on earth".
  14. Looks like "getting tough on borders" is having the desired effect for trump and his supporters. A border security officer (fearing for his life, no doubt) shot and killed a 20 year old woman, or "animal" as Donald Trump likes to refer to them.... It also appears as though the security officer(s) are not above lying about the circumstances surrounding the shooting: A border guard shooting an unarmed woman and then lying about it...shocking, I know...