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  1. The difference being neither of them are currently running for the Alabama senate seat with the endorsement of Donald Trump... But hey, carry on with the false equivalency...
  2. Yeah, but only until their toddler shoots them with one of the guns they leave lying around...
  3. So, apparently there's one Presidential tradition that Trump hasn't scrapped. Today he "pardoned" a Turkey named Drumstick in anticipation of American Thanksgiving. I suppose that means he'll be toilet tweeting tonight, complaining about how the Turkey hasn't publicly thanked him....
  4. Me too. Every time someone posts a biased article, designed to inflame negative feelings towards a minority and it draws all the closet redneck racists like flies to sh!t... I wish they'd all pack up and move south, so they can be surrounded by like-minded individuals who walk around in such perpetual fear of imagined boogeymen, they make sure they're armed at all times.
  5. Maybe this guy should run in 2020:
  6. Hmmm....lets see if I've got this straight: Campos - didn't actually see Paddock = eye witness Several thousand concertgoers - didn't actually see Paddock = not eyewitnesses. Thanks for clearing that up in true Trumpian fashion.
  7. I don' think you know what "witness" means. Hundreds of people witnessed the twin towers come down, but I doubt many of them saw the pilots' faces....
  8. Pretty sure there were several thousand witnesses.
  9. Yes, and you'll leave no cow patty unturned in your efforts to find the "truth".
  10. I'm anti-capital punishment, even for "rubber stamp" types like Manson. However, I see no need to pursue this line of discussion. I doubt that either of us will be able to change the other's mind.
  11. What? The irony? The hypocrisy? Didn't "miss" either....
  12. NFL thread

    TBH Chip, I didn't like the decision, but in my wildest dreams, I didn't expect it to blow up in their faces like that. I'm guessing McDermott feels like a porn star after a facial like that....
  13. It's a common sentiment, but evidence shows that it's more expensive to execute someone than it is to put them away for life. That being said, I agree with Shifty. I would have preferred that 60 minutes (or whoever that was) was not allowed to interview him in prison. Zero exposure.
  14. The problem is, your "questions" keep changing. Many will not remember, (but I do) your claim of "snipers in a helicopter"....then it was "active shooters on the ground"....then it was "guys on the catwalk" it's a Saudi Prince that hates Trump, so he's going to orchestrate a mass shooting.... You're just so desperate for there to be a conspiracy, you'll support any crackpot theory and you'll buy any source that seems to back it up, especially Twitter feeds and Youtube videos. It's been said many times before, but apparently it bears repeating: If the "left" is engaging in all of these false flags in order to implement gun control, then they haven't been paying attention. Nothing ever changes after these mass shootings, becuase politicians (on both sides) are cowards who won't dare defy the NRA and the rest of the pro-gun lobby. Further to that point, it's been demonstrated that these incidents don't result in a decrease in gun purchases. It's actually quite the opposite. Clearly, these "fakers" need a new strategy....
  15. They were? But your unimpeachable source says this: