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  1. What "sources" are those? Do you need your diaper changed?
  2. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Bad break (no pun intended) for the Giants:
  3. If the appointment of John Bolton doesn't make you nervous, maybe it should:
  4. School Shooting In Great Mills Maryland

    Once again, a child shoots a child because of an improperly stored firearm: This comment by a neighbor really struck me: "It happens".....just the price of "freedom".....nothing to be done...
  5. This is the sad truth. There is a cadre of about 30% of US voters who believe that Trump can do no wrong and refuse to believe anything negative about him. They'll happily shout "fake news!" at any negative story and discount the findings of the US Intelligence community, as long as the guy who's been shown to be a pathological liar tells them different. The level of indoctrination is as bad as religion.
  6. Kinder Pipeline officially dead

    There's some truth to this. Petronas pulled out because of two things: The difficulty in getting environmental approval and current low price for LNG. I have a friend who used to work for one of the LNG companies, (I can't keep them all straight anymore) but now works for the DP World. His words were a bit more harsh. Something to the effect of "They don't want an LNG plant in BC". The gist being that the government makes the approval process so onerous and expensive, that it eventually drives the companies away. Still, I believe that the global price was the real killer. As Strome and a couple of others have pointed out, the US and Australia have made hay while we dragged our feet and we're now playing catch up. Unfortunately, companies are not going to invest billions unless there is a promise of some profit down the road. With the current glut of LNG on the market right now, there's no money to be made in starting up a new enterprise, at least, not at this stage. This is why Horgan's announcement has to be taken with a grain of salt. Certainly, it's a good gesture, but he also has to know that there isn't a lot of interest out there for taking him up on the offer at this point. The good news is, Northern BC has one thing that no-one else can offer: A naturally deep harbour, that's about a day closer to Asian markets than any other North American port. If and when the prices come back up again, we should be well positioned to take advantage, especially if the government is truly interested in making it happen.
  7. Did I say that? I don't think I did...
  8. Was that before or after he spread the lie that Obama wasn't born in America?
  9. If you say so.... Personally, I don't believe that Trump "plans" anything. Everything he does reeks of "reactionary".
  10. Maybe. My guess is that he eventually listened to his own advisers, all of whom were telling him he was doing the wrong thing.
  11. School Shooting In Great Mills Maryland

    At the risk of being called a liar, I'll weigh in as well: In the mid-80's I was part of a band based in Saskatchewan. One of the guys lived on a farm east of the Battlefords, near a town called Hafford. I can't say for sure that they didn't have any guns, but if they did, I never saw them (I used to stay with them on weeks off, since traveling back to BC wasn't really practical) What they did have was an army of cats, none of which were fed. They were expected to catch their food. The only other thing I remember is that most of them had their ears cut off. Apparently they would invariably end of frostbitten by the winters in central Saskatchewan.
  12. I'd buy the PPV. I'd also bet the farm that JB drops fat boy like a bad habit.
  13. I was confused about the reference as well. I think he's talking about the "Q" that Harvey was always rambling on about... George Takei wasn't on TNG.
  14. Sad news in the entertainment industry today as Bozo the Clown has passed away at the age of 89: Luckily, he had an understudy:
  15. For people who love to throw the word "snowflake" around, Republicans sure act like one themselves: That's right folks....the guys who love to shout out "you're a snowflake" didn't like hearing a bad word, so they called a kid's school to get him in trouble...