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  1. For those who think protectionism is an effective strategy in a global economy, here's a cautionary tale: The whole idea that you can prop up your own business by slapping punishing tariffs on foreign products is flawed. The reality is, everyone loses.
  2. They did. However, they did not promise "better" and "cheaper" and that "everyone would be covered". That was pure Trump, saying whatever it took to get himself elected and having no idea of how he was going to deliver on that promise. They focused (as they usually do) on what the didn't like about the ACA (mostly that it was Obama's baby, so of course, it sucked) not about what they would do instead.
  3. This is very cool: Props to the Iowa football program and it's fans....
  4. If only the US had a healthcare system like "Nambia's".....
  5. In case anyone was wondering if the proposed new Health bill is actually good for the American people, this is what Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley had to say about it: So, in a nutshell, the GOP feels they have to replace the ACA because Trump made a promise that he couldn't possibly deliver on and lower/middle income Americans are going to have to pay the price for his lies.
  6. CDC: Where not building a 2000 mile long, 40 foot high wall is "encouraging" bad people to come to one's country...
  7. Really enjoyed this article...especially the photo at the top. Nice to know that Trump can induce a "Picard" from his own staff....
  8. I guess it makes sense to use former hosts, as a lot of the infrastructure is already in place, but there are a lot of major world cities that have never hosted: New York, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco/Oakland, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Kiev, Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels, Milan, Istanbul, Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Shanghai, Brisbane, Auckland.... There are even some interesting African cities: Cairo, Algiers, Lagos, Kinshasa, Cape Town..... The 2026 Winter games are still to be determined. What does everyone think about a return to Calgary?
  9. BTW: I strongly recommend that everyone delve a little deeper into the Forbes "article" linked to by a certain member of Team Denial. Click on the author's Bio for some insight into his position....
  10. This is what really makes me shake my head about CC deniers: The idea that professional scientists, many of whom have spent decades to acquire their expertise, would risk everything to promote a false narrative, for the dubious benefit of keeping their funding. In a different thread, I posted statements from both NOAA and NASA that stated unequivocally, that Climate Change is real and that anthropogenic forces have accelerated both it's pace and it's severity. The positions of both of those organizations was written off by a certain CC denier who frequents these boards, because they receive their funding from the government. Of course, now that Orange is the new Black, their sudden reversal of position is strangely absent.... You know, Stephen Hawking, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku....the "CC crowd"....
  11. So, from Harvey to Maria in the space of a few weeks....are people still denying Climate Change? Gotta hand it to the Chinese....they sure know how to sell a hoax....
  12. Some of the local Trump supporters like to criticize "Hollywood" for its Liberal leanings and it was no surprise at all that there were a couple of shots taken at the Trump administration during last night's Emmy awards. The three main stars of the movie 9 to 5 were reunited as presenters and Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin took the opportunity to take a shot at Trump: Of course they didn't mention Trump by name, but you'd have to be tone deaf and dumb not to know who they were referring to. The was also a surprise appearance by Sean Spicer, who told the audience that it was "the largest to ever watch the awards, both in person and around the globe". It didn't take long for the criticism to start rolling in. Several on Twitter were critical of the awards show making a joke of lying to the public. There was also an entire MacLean's article devoted to criticizing the move and more broadly the "Liberals" for abandoning their principles, as it were, by normalizing Spicer and his history. In this instance, I find myself in agreement with those posters on CDC, who regularly criticize "the left". Not every past incident, or slight is a hill that you have to die on. Sometimes, it should be okay to engage in self-deprecating humor. (as long as the actions of the one engaging in it aren't truly heinous) Personally, I think it took balls for Spicer to show up to an event where he knew he'd be universally loathed and it took guts to poke fun at himself, especially with Melissa McCarthy sitting in the audience. There are instances when and where "the left" should just STFU and let a joke be a joke. Last night's Emmys were one of those instances, IMHO.
  13. You can't lose what you never had. The prices for LNG over the past year or so made it obvious to most people on the north coast that the project wasn't likely to move forward at this time. As I've said before, the one thing we have going for us is a naturally deep harbor that is closer to Asian markets than the port of Vancouver and the major US ports on the west coast. This is something that will never change and as Prince Rupert continues to expand it's container handling capacity, the infrastructure for future LNG projects is in place, should the global markets ever make it a viable enterprise. A more immediate concern to those of us on the western section of highway 16, is the proposed cancellation of bus service between here and Prince George. This has the potential to affect a lot of people negatively and for the most part, those are low, to middle income folks who may not have another alternative for traveling between to two cities. My local MLA has been strangely quiet on the subject...
  14. We get that you don't like the Liberals and love the NDP, but this is just stupid. You're making any meritorious argument you may have inconsequential, because anyone with "solid critical thinking skills" would dismiss your opinion after such a ridiculous statement. FTR: I didn't vote Liberal, but I know the Liberal candidate in my riding and he is easily more intelligent and more highly educated than the NDP incumbent, who ultimately retained her seat.
  15. It's funny, because maybe the greatest influence Shakespeare has had is modern day sayings (In some cases, paraphrasing): "What's in a name"... "Neither a borrower. nor a lender be"... "There's something rotten in Denmark"... "All that glitters is not gold"... 'Discretion is the better part of valor"... "Be all and end all".... "Give the Devil his due"... "There's a method to my madness"... "Much ado about nothing".... "Alls well that ends well"... "Pound of flesh".... "A plague on both your houses"... "Something wicked this way comes"... "To thine own self be true"... "Wild goose chase".... "My kingdom for a horse" and of course, "Lets kill all the lawyers"....