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  1. Just sayin'.....stayed in the game....
  2. Ah yes, once again with The Conservative Treehouse (which is website that bills itself as a "ragtag bunch of Conservative misfits") FTR: Farkas does not say Obama was spying on Trump. But hey, carry on with the false narrative.
  3. Manhood? WTF are you talking about? Trump is welcome to tweet whatever he wants, if he feels falsely accused. I really don't care. The only tweets of his that I take issue with are ones that question the integrity of Judges, or his predecessor. Putting that aside. I'm just a guy on an internet forum. Trump is POTUS. He should be held to a higher standard than me.
  4. Depends. If the tweet were directed at someone who falsely accused him of a personal attack, then yes, I would be okay with it...
  5. And what I'm saying is that my statement was nothing like a Trump Tweet. Where do you get the idea that he doesn't address his tweets at anyone? Calling a judge biased because he's a Mexican. Claiming that Obama wiretapped him. Calling Meryl Streep "overrated". Those are personal attacks. I did nothing of the sort. I merely told someone that he was wrong and backed it up with evidence. He chose to characterize that as a personal attack, but when called on it, wouldn't back up the claim. In fact, if we're looking so hard to find insult, I take offense at being compared to Donald Trump in any way. As far as I'm concerned he's a racist, misogynist, bigoted scumbag. In fact, I'd say the only thing that Trump and I have in common is an attraction to his daughter Ivanka....
  6. I'm saying it wasn't an "insult". You and Clam are trying awfully hard to turn something into a personal attack. It was simply a factual statement. Even Strome admitted that Clam was trolling. I'm surprised that you can't see the same.
  7. i don't believe that it is and the quote wasn't made to Clam, it was made to Strome. Clam was whining about being "attacked" (which he wasn't) so I offered him the option of reporting me. I knew he wouldn't because the mods would just laugh at him. Phrasing it the way I did was designed to make him either back up his claim, or back off of it.
  8. A lot of them, but since I "attacked" nobody, I fail to see how you come to this conclusion.
  9. Does he? Maybe you could provide an example....
  10. He's not "getting me going" at all. Do you really think he's the first to try and bait me this way? I've been here 13 years and I've seen posters like Clam come and go dozens of times over. In all of my dealings with his ilk, I've never been suspended, or even warned. I know exactly where to draw the line. I was just seeing if he had the balls to actually follow up on his silly "personal attack" claim. I was sure that he wouldn't and it appears I was correct.
  11. Not upset at all. You're the one who's been whining about being "insulted". So go ahead and report me...
  12. Tell you what: If you're so sure that I committed a personal attack, go ahead and report me. See if the mods share your sensitivity...
  13. Well it would certainly help if you knew what an "insult" is. I stated a fact.
  14. If only life were like that, eh? Just say "I win!" (despite all evidence to the contrary) and it's so....
  15. When you stop and think about it, it would actually be a shock if Fox wasn't tops in ratings. They're the only network that continue to support Donald Trump, in spite of all the stupid things he says or does. It's only natural that 26% percent of Americans would look there for their daily fix of confirmation bias. The rest of the MSM gets to split up the other 74%...