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  1. I bet it was the giraffe that messed the "Liberal" reporters up. I get those mixed up with Zebras all the time..."Is it stripes or spots? I can never remember".
  2. Provincial Election Thread

    As Jimmy already pointed out, I think this is incorrect. Billions were sunk into various projects. (Not just Petronas) The global price tanked. Couple that with relatively strict environmental standards and it didn't make sense to pursue development at this time. However, Hippy is correct: Keep the infrastructure in place and when the projects become potentially profitable again, the private sector will be back.
  3. If there's one thing I've learned from following American politics, it's to never underestimate the stupidity of their voters. I didn't think they were dumb enough to give Dubya a second term either. Trump is turning out to be exactly what I thought he'd be. (I disagreed with many who thought that Trump was going to become more "Presidential" after being elected) If people couldn't see the disaster he was going to become as POTUS, I believe they're capable of being blind to the reality as well. In fact, there are several posters in this thread who bear this out.
  4. Totally legit source. You can tell by this completely unbiased assessment of Trump's first year: It's like you Trumpkins aren't even trying...
  5. Something that I think would be in the best interests of the least in the long run. However, I think it might be best to defer that sentiment until 2024. The most important thing, IMHO for the US (and the world for that matter) is to make sure this idiot doesn't get a second term.
  6. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    I think it's pretty hard to compare players of different generations, as well as those who played different positions. For example, there are a lot of strikers on that list, but only one Sweeper. Does that make Der Kaiser the best defender ever? I think so. I would say the same for Gigi Buffon as a 'Keeper. He probably belongs somewhere on the list of the all-time greatest footballers as well.
  7. I read an interesting piece this morning about how the '88 Olympics were almost held jointly between Seoul and Pyongyang. Negotiations broke down and the South ended up hosting on their own, leading to (or at least contributing to) the beginning of the the North's isolationist tendencies and it's increasing militarization. A missed opportunity for sure. Hopefully this one leads to positive change on the Korean peninsula.
  8. NCAA football

    This is sad news: Would have likely been the Cougars' starting QB this season. Just hard to wrap your head around the level of depression that would make someone with such a bright future take such an action.
  9. Not in my opinion. I think it's certainly possible to be the head of a business empire and be unstable, as long as you have capable people working for you. Besides, looking at that test, I think it shows cognitive ability, but not necessarily mental stability. I don't think they're synonymous. Finally, I'd also like to see McCain take that same test. If he did score perfectly (which I suspect he would) it would show Trump's cognitive ability to be equal that of a person with a brain tumor.
  10. Depends on whether he weighs the same as a duck....
  11. As I said earlier, it really doesn't mean much either way. However, from looking at that test, I'd say it does little or nothing to prove mental stability. My opinion is that your average serial killer, rapist or terrorist would pass just as easily.
  12. Here's a rundown on what that "mental stability" test looks like: I'll leave it to the individual to decide whether the average 5 year-old could have passed this test as well....
  13. I agree that it's a pretty minor thing. I guess I'd take the physician at his word. I don't know enough about the profession to say whether or not he'd be censured for misrepresenting the facts. Still, if nothing else, I'd have to say that an obviously overweight 70 year-old, that binges on junk food and thinks exercise is bad for you, must be just about the luckiest physical specimen on the planet. Most people bearing such characteristics would be advised to go on the Mediterranean diet right away and most likely would be taking Lipitor, or something similar, on a daily basis.
  14. Sadly, I think the fact that some of them are adults says that the damage has indeed been done. There were reports of neighbors saying that on the infrequent occasions when they'd see the kids, they wouldn't speak, or make eye contact with them. Sounds like a lot of therapy is going to be needed.