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  1. I don't compromise my integrity, just because my boss had himself a little tantrum...
  2. If Mrs. Alf feels as I do about Donald Trump, then I hope for their sake, that your children take after her...
  3. One of many things, I'm sure, that we disagree on...
  4. That's my take as well. In fact, I believe that the federal NDP would be much further ahead of where they are now, had they chosen Cullen over Mulcair.
  5. Compared to Trump, I certainly feel like we have the far superior leader, but it has nothing to do with his looks, nor what you perceive Ivanka's feelings toward him might be...
  6. I didn't "indirectly" vote for him, either...
  7. I don't believe I commented in the other thread at all, did I? If you're so concerned as to what I think about JT's reneging on a campaign promise, (not the same as lying, BTW) I find it disappointing, but i can't work up the moral outrage that so many others seem to be able to and it still would not convince me to vote for Stephen Harper, or anyone like him. FTR: I didn't vote for Trudeau, I voted for my riding's MP, Nathan Cullen and I'll happily defend his record against any criticism you might have against it.
  8. It is a deflection and it's a common tactic by you and your fellow trump supporters. When faced with evidence of the Trump administration's hypocrisy and dishonesty, attempt to turn the conversation towards someone who is in no way involved with the current US administration. This time it's Trudeau. Next time it'll be Hillary, or Obama, or John McCain....
  9. Maybe, but your interpretation was incorrect. There was no attempt at humor being attempted by the Parisian mayor...
  10. You commented on something, but it certainly wasn't the topic i was discussing. Nice deflection. This is the trump thread. I'm pretty sure the Trudeau reversal has it's own...
  11. Meanwhile, I'd just like to remind the resident Trumpists, this was Sean Spicer 2 months ago: Hypocrisy, thy name is Spicer....
  12. You know what it reminds me of? Someone who s oblivious to nuance... isn't supposed to be funny.
  13. So, it looks like we can add France (and specifically, Paris) to the growing list of allies that Trump has insulted: The response by the mayor of Paris was "Mickey Mouse": Which is apropos, I suppose, when one is referring to Goofy....
  14. Like Canorth alluded to, they're "preaching to the choir". Only a dyed-in-the-wool Fox viewer would look at their coverage and characterize it as "unbiased".
  15. That was his dad, Kim Jong Hole-in-Un....