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  1. My guess as well. Poor record keeping, combined with the administration not really caring what happened to them.
  2. My general rule of thumb with Trump is that if something requires any level of forethought and sophistication, then he had nothing to do with it. If bombast and self-aggrandization is the requirement, then he''s your man. In a nutshell, I don't attach a sinister narrative to a situation that can more easily be explained by incompetence.
  3. I guess. Personally, I find shouting "Fake News!" kind of lazy. If someone can find a credible argument against what is being posted, they should go ahead and post it. Just trying to shoot it down, without even "checking facts" as you said one should do, is pretty hypocritical.
  4. Agreed. However, by trying to help their own kids, they are hurting others, which was the gist of my original post.
  5. I saw no need to. I was more interested in the content of the article, rather than dismissing it outright just because the author didn't put her name on it. I leave that sort of thing to the "Fake News!" crowd.
  6. Sure. But that doesn't help the students who weren't accepted in the first place. They're off somewhere getting a second rate college education, or not getting one at all.
  7. Or maybe, since he was pontificating on "checking facts" he could have done just that, (as I did) rather than dismissing it out of hand.
  8. You make it sound like I set out to make a point and posted an article to bolster it, but the reality is, I saw an article on the Firefox main page and thought it made some interesting points. But since you and Monty are more concerned with discrediting the source, rather than the substance, here are a couple of corroborating articles from different outlets:
  9. I I guess it naturally follows that anything on Fox News can be similarly dismissed?
  10. How would one "check the facts" on this? Seems entirely plausible to me that people with money would have an easier time getting into college than poor people. I disagree that it has "zero credibility" just because the author didn't attach a name to it. What if the byline read "Jane Smith"? Would that make it a "credible" piece, or would you find another reason to question it?
  11. I see that Dean Cain has tweeted that he would have "knocked that kid cold".... Who knew that Superman was such a tough guy.
  12. So, this is "Fake News!" as far as you're concerned? Not that I care, just for the record.

    [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Yeah, wasn't sure who you were referring to, but Griffey Jr. seemed like the obvious choice.
  14. A pretty interesting article by someone who works in College admissions. It's a pretty long read, so click on the link if you're interested. The gist is, it does pay to be rich, white and male, at least in the college where the author worked. I thought this paragraph describing the attitude of many parents of students fitting the above demographic was spot on:
  15. And today, 3 more people dead in the Netherlands....
  16. Did you catch president Pinocchio whining about Jeanine Pirro's show being cancelled, because of her on air comments of exactly that? In Cadet Bone Spurs' world, the fact that Faux made this decision is somehow the Democrats' fault.
  17. NZ has an agreement in principle on gun restrictions: ....meanwhile, many Americans are reportedly baffled that they didn't even try "thoughts and prayers" first....


    Gotta give her coach some credit as looked like she was ready to give up. One heck of a pep talk....

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Dallas Stars | Mar. 17, 2019

    Nice to get the win, but that was obviously throwing the stick. Petey should have been credited with a goal. If I was on one of the teams battling Dallas for the WC, I'd be pissed that they got a point out of that.
  20. I think the only floor for Trump is the one he was dropped on as an infant.....
  21. I think we're supposed to believe that the letter that Lysa sent Cat, accusing the Lannisters of poisoning Jon Arryn, has predisposed Catelyn to believe the worst about all the Lannisters. Petyr's lie about the dagger provides some "confirmation" as far as she is concerned, even though if she'd stopped and thought about it, she should have been able to figure out what a terrible idea it was. Remember my point about the Mountain, covering those children with pitch and setting them on fire? That was Cat's fault as well....(It also got Beric Dondarrion killed a few times)
  22. So.....what did Porky Prig get up to last night? Not much, just some lobbying for the suppression of 1st Amendment rights: For a party that claims to be all about the Constitution, Republicans always seem to be silent when their Dear Leader decides to use it as toilet paper.....
  23. I'm sure we all liked Tyene.....for a couple of reasons......
  24. Isn't it amazing how Trump supporters can clap like trained seals, every time the Dotard does something decent, even when it's the equivalent of making a 4 inch putt? Meanwhile, in offering condolences to the people of New Zealand, he still can't bring himself to specify that it's Muslims who were the victims and he can't bring himself to call the white male who did the shooting a "terrorist". But hey, Cadet Bone Spurs made a telephone call all by himself! Let the nut-hugging begin!