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  1. Canada has a drug problem, so how is it that you aren't a junkie?
  2. Canada has big drug problems so you are probably a junkie.
  3. Just going to hit the low hanging fruit for now, might come back and poke at others later. 2 - he had just bought the building and it had been bombed before. Why don't YOU also mentioned that he had just bought it? Do you see how your selective bias is causing you to lie to yourself? 3 - he warned the government about osama, and quit because of frustration that he wasn't taken seriously. He never predicted 9/11 itself 5 WTC7 was hit by a WTC 8,9 Bush and co are certainly hawks who used 9/11. These points don't (and many others in this list actually) don't support your theory any more than they support a lot of other possibilities. 10, you don't think arabs can fly planes? Whats this billion dollar defense system you speak of? And to summarise the points you were completely wrong or intentionally deceptive on: freefalling WTC larry silverstein melting point of steel being relevant 2500 architects being meaningful
  4. Thanks!! Although technically I didn't say "you"... technically
  5. if one of his buddies donated 4k, salty folk like you would complain that 4k is pennies to them. Newsflash, its HIM thats generating the publicity, and the money is meaningless.
  6. 2500 is less than 1%. And pretty much none of em are engineers. Don't throw names around its lazy. It means you aren't thinking for yourself, and are liable to believe that (for example) steel needs to be at melting point before its weakened. Also, WRT your rethink bullcrap. 9/11 was 15 years ago. Nothing you are saying hasn't been seen before. Its not the underground secret you think it is. You are recycling stale BS. In fact, your arguments are a little behind as far as truthers go. But at least you learned a couple things this time round: - the WTCs did not fall at free fall speeds since other debris was falling much faster - steel does not need to melt to weaken, and starts weakening at much lower temperatures.
  7. the fact that you are fixated on melting is revealing. If you don't know that steel gets soft long before it melts you don't belong in the conversation. When metal is forged, for example, its not heated until it melts, it is heated until it is soft enough to be shaped.
  8. How about you find a physical/structural engineer to assert your dubious claims. Also, if the towers came straight down, why was the debris falling faster than the towers? (and why did the towers hit buildings hundreds of feet away when they fell?)
  9. I never said anything about puppets at all. You must have puppets on the brain.
  10. I never said they were all puppets.
  11. all we know is what he has said, which is some pretty alarming stuff. Enough to completely disqualify him.
  12. ya... not Trump. Trump is a thin skinned reactionary who lashed out at every perceived slight. Not someone who want in charge of a country. Also, he's not exactly a dove. He was for the Iraq war, and is on record saying we should have taken their oil. He has said a lot of very erratic things when it comes to foreign policy, many of them far more hawkish than anyone else.
  13. Don't even bother reacting to it. let it and this thread die. Do anything else and you are helping this guys profile.
  14. ah, so you base your opinions on dictionaries
  15. because neither china or russia wants US playing in their backyard.