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  1. excuses... do you take it personally when they don't sell out or something?
  2. fine, replace "outrage" with "finding it problematic". You are still complaining about him being fired when you have no idea why he was fired. That is problematic. The firing MIGHT be problematic. Or it might not. You don't know and neither do I.
  3. you are outraged even tho you don't know why he was fired. That's what I would call premature bull$&!# outrage. Meanwhile, all the speculating in here can only have good results...
  4. we didn't have bad luck at the draft, the most likely thing for the bottom feeders is to fall a slot or two
  5. Learn to love traumatic brain injuries or you are a PC leftist pansy!
  6. Again, read your own comments out loud to yourself, and try to do it in anything but a condescending tone.
  7. no, its comments like yours. Try reading your posts out loud, you will see what I mean
  8. Ya, the media and the reactionary fans are a codependent couple. Again, I'd rather he didn't leave it alone. Its entertaining to hear a bit of that. If the backlash causes him to yap less that's no fun.
  9. I'd rather see more athletes answering questions like that and less reactionary fans getting worked up over trivialities.
  10. "why do the players always give the same canned answers" this is why
  11. No one got screwed. That's the way it works.
  12. The first step to managing his time would be getting some coaching experience, if you don't have some already. Then, parlay that experience into a coaching position with the canucks. That second step might be difficult, especially since you won't have much time to get there if you want to impact Hushes' early career.
  13. if you have "zero respect" for a person who doesn't share your tribal mentality, then you have a huge social problem. And you take sports way too seriously.