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  1. or if you have unlucky genetics. Otherwise healthy people can have genes that are easy to target for a particular virus. This is why genetic variation is so important in a healthy population.
  2. airborne has a very specific meaning. It means it can hang around for a very long time, and are resistant to drying out. Most diseases aren't airborne including flus and colds. These spread by water droplets. They still hangout in the air, but for much less time, and don't survive as long as they will dry out. So, if you have a droplet virus, and you cough, it will hang in the air, but slowly fall to the ground. Airborne would just float for an arbitrarily long time. And if it did settle, it could be kicked up again like dust.
  3. it could be a pretty unique celebration. I wouldn't mind hearing a 7 o'clock cheer that lasted a couple hours. I'd even stay quiet about the people who would try to make it about their own singing/DJ set/whatever off their balcony
  4. Just to add on to this thought, I just got spam in my facebook feed from the vancouver local musician group. It says "What advice would Jordan Peterson give to a musician? Should you become a narrow specialist, or should you build a stack of complementary skills? My take on Jordan Peterson's Rule 4, applied to music:". All due respect to Jordan Peterson but there's no reason to inject him into a conversation about music. I said 'reprehensible' in my initial comment, and this is not an example of that. Its more just annoying. And I see weird culty things like that all the time. And its not necessarily fair to pin that on him. But it it obviously has an effect, because I find myself siding emotionally with his detractors even though I have no tangible reason to.
  5. I know you are trying to make some sort of ironic point, its just not clear what it is. Always best to just say what you mean.
  6. I haven't looked much at the guy, so I haven't seen anything about him personally that bothers me to the extent that he deserves all of this toxicity. But I sure run into a lot of his followers online that end up being pretty reprehensible. I'm aware they don't represent all his fans. But I see enough of them that the Jordan Peterson brand is kinda tainted for me, even if I am neutralish on the guy.
  7. that's an organisational principal. Even if they were all equally good, you still only have one leader. And given the nature of this career, I don't know that is similar enough to other professions. Each profession has its own minimum standards.
  8. you've met and evaluated lots of scouts I am sure
  9. you are relying on a stranger's interpretation instead of looking at it? why? Anyways, its funny that people want it to be aliens so bad that they forget that drones are everywhere now.
  10. So you are saying that if we disregard everything we know, it could be anything Anyone who thinks its aliens has to be able to say why aliens rather than than good ol home built drones.
  11. I find it hard to believe that you would be for martial law, but against public shaming
  12. Many of them live with or come into contact with high risk people. If everyone doesn't hunker down, it will spread rapidly. If young people don't hunker down it will spread rapidly amongst them, and enough people will be infected that it will spread everywhere. If it spreads everywhere then everyone will get sick at once and hospitals will have to leave people to die that would otherwise be saved. The difference in deaths from not isolating will be potentially massive. None of this is new information its been broadcast loud and clear over the past couple months.
  13. best not to traffic in rumors in times like these. Especially ones like these that can be downright dangerous.
  14. Its not nuts its as expected. Most people will get it sooner or later. Hopefully we slow the spread enough that our healthcare system is not overwhelmed.