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  1. why are you claiming censorship when its just a duplicate topic?
  2. Canucks management don't read the boards, you sent it to the wrong place. Nice attempt to superimpose your feelings on to a player's tho.
  3. It could happen, or we could be a bubble team. But most of the stories have mixed the last place place with a scolding for not tanking.
  4. Most of the talk was months ago, and the media was sure talking about it. Its hard to believe the fans didn't hear it cuz I sure see toronto fans mention it online.
  5. Sometimes I pray to WD at night, but he never answers them and I am starting to think he doesn't listen. So I have doubts too.
  6. Its two things: 1 - The need to sell a tank rebuild to Toronto. Any teams that do it will be praised, and we are the whipping boy to make them feel better about full tank. It doesn't matter if it turns out untrue. Its cathartic for Toronto fans to point at us and say "at least we arent them". By the time this season ends, it already had its effect and only canucks fans will remember. 2 - group think. Media will tend to be influenced by other media
  7. I think the fact that's its an entertainment product that runs on dice rolls, and is only worked on enough to not look completely stupid (as there are bigger fish to fry) means that its dumb with or without the updated roster.
  8. have you watched all of those 40 years?
  9. Probably marketing for the remake of Stephen King's It
  10. youth and potential!
  11. Since we are bashing him for things he didn't do, it is also not endearing to kick a dog.
  12. This happened in Austria you know... are you complaining about the Austrian government? What country do you live in where you can't discipline or teach your kids? Its sounds like a horrible and non existent country.
  13. Its an entertainment product, it has a lot more difficulties than that. There's no reason at all to take it seriously. Its just marketing.
  14. He'll always be a legend because he got severely injured before the rabble turned on him