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  1. so is this really about you misunderstanding his comment and caring way too much? Or is it a humble brag about the circles you walk in?
  2. rage on then, seems to be your thing. I imagine you care about this about 1000% more than any of the players do.
  3. if you want to be offended about something badly enough, you will find a reason
  4. Food for thought: Seattle joining the league

    Man, you are itching for a fight about this and want it to be political. I gave no opinion on the subject, I was just rolling my eyes at your attempt to make it political. Keep politics to politics. And if you are so anti-PC then stop being an offended snowflake about one guys opinion on playoffs.
  5. Food for thought: Seattle joining the league

    Your attempts to drag politics into this are ham fisted. There is nothing political in what the OP said
  6. Nicknames for EP

    Whatever the players decide. CDC really doesn't have a say
  7. of course. Its a terrible idea for a lot of reasons.
  8. total war, complete killing of everyone in the country. Wouldn't even take nukes. It would never happen. But if the US had the will to do it and the lack of moral restraint, they absolutely could. sure, but the point is that guerilla attacks are only effective because the invading countries are reluctant to engage in wholesale slaughter.
  9. The US military in a second, if the gloves came off.
  10. They've been getting younger for a while now. This is more towards the end of the process than the beginning
  11. I take it you weren't one of the people bitching in the gdt;)
  12. People who froth at the mouth aren't worth listening to
  13. [Report] Auston Matthews to miss at least 4 weeks

    I wonder if the angry part of the Toronto fanbase is calling their team soft for not protecting their star players
  14. [TRAILER] Cody Hodgson Trailer

    don't think anyone could have been blamed? Angry sports fans always find something to blame, whether it makes any sense or not