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  1. If we are playing the conspiracy game...
  2. deriving happiness for the misery of people you've never even met (especially the ones that aren't even involved in hockey) is really mentally unhealthy
  3. I doubt very many people that have roots and family here would want to play here. too many unpleasant fanatics
  4. I wonder when Canadians will stop obsessively playing the blame game. I wonder when they will remember that there is another team on the ice, and that team is also good, and one team has to lose. But most of all, I wonder if Canadians will ever make the connection between dogpiling on a team that gets pushed out of the playoffs and Canada not having a cup for 30 years.
  5. I love how people think the league would rig it for the oilers. The lottery conspiracy is about american teams remember? If you just keep on changing who the beneficiary is it sounds more like paranoid ramblings than something legit. Oh wait...
  6. Finland Ends Universal Basic Income

    The tone of this discussion is going to change dramatically as automation kicks in more and more.
  7. Hollywood sucks these days

    Two different topics really. You are talking about whether downloading culture creates more opportunity than it destroys. I am giving an opinion about why we are where we are. There's room for both our opinions to be true at the same time.
  8. Hollywood sucks these days

    thats probably because they grew up in a culture where downloading was the norm. Back in the day people were in the habit of going to theatres, and were much more likely to see any given movie.
  9. Hollywood sucks these days

    piracy does have an effect on all movies. The big ones can weather the storm. The mid size or small ones can not. That's why movies are mostly blockbusters lately. People will still see blockbusters in the theater for the experience. But the non blockbusters aren't something people go to the theater to see when they can just download it in the living room. The movie industry reacts by dropping funding for the mid size movies, and focusing on big bets. The exact same thing happened to games in the mid 2000s
  10. Hollywood sucks these days

    That's what happens when piracy kills the low-mid tier movies. It becomes go big or go home, and the entire industry gets hollowed out trying to make big movies.
  11. Jets win Cup in EA Sports NHL 18 playoff simulation

    some people do, I have seen many of these threads over the years. Call it a stick in the mud if you want, but these simulations aren't worth anything. They are very simple, and involve a lot of dice rolls. And, since they give a different result every time, the results are curated by a producer anyways. They aren't worth any more discussion than picks by Maggie the monkey.
  12. Jets win Cup in EA Sports NHL 18 playoff simulation

    the annual meaningless simulation that is just an ad for EA's latest NHL game. I really hope no one puts any stock into this.
  13. It took me a while to believe this wasn't an april fools day thing