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  1. I find it hard to believe that you would be for martial law, but against public shaming
  2. Many of them live with or come into contact with high risk people. If everyone doesn't hunker down, it will spread rapidly. If young people don't hunker down it will spread rapidly amongst them, and enough people will be infected that it will spread everywhere. If it spreads everywhere then everyone will get sick at once and hospitals will have to leave people to die that would otherwise be saved. The difference in deaths from not isolating will be potentially massive. None of this is new information its been broadcast loud and clear over the past couple months.
  3. best not to traffic in rumors in times like these. Especially ones like these that can be downright dangerous.
  4. Its not nuts its as expected. Most people will get it sooner or later. Hopefully we slow the spread enough that our healthcare system is not overwhelmed.
  5. no, but there have been plenty of times where a team faced a tremendous disadvantage and gutted out a win. I'm pretty sure the canucks have been on the losing end of those types of games from time to time, altho details elude me. It just seems to be a pattern that teams can rally and pull a huge upset in the short term when things go terribly wrong.
  6. Toronto's rebuild is years ahead of ours and JB doesn't have a plan
  7. Its like no one has ever seen a team dig and win under catastrophic circumstances before. Its actually not uncommon.
  8. It seems to me like its actually pretty common for the team in a bad situation like the hurricanes were to eak out a win against the odds. I don't know why anyone is shocked or is making a big deal of it. Well that's a lie, I think I do and its because sports fans want nothing more than someone or some team to tear down.
  9. It's very egocentric to view these things as stories meant to entertain you, but from that very limited perspective I can see why it might annoy you.
  10. because he said he refused to be PC and call it a cardiac event when it was a heart attack. They are two separate things. One is a blockage in the blood vessels, the other is a problem with electrical signals. He was unaware of this, and assumed they were the same. And for some reason, he assumed that 'cardiac event' is somehow a PC way to say heart attack. And its not. Its an assumption. And since PC fits absolutely nowhere in this scenario, there was no reason to bring it up at all. When people bring things up even tho they are completely unrelated, they tend to have it on their mind a lot. Hence I say obsessed with PC and looks stupid. TL;DR heart attacks and cardiac events are different, and its in no way a political thing
  11. You didn't tick anyone off. It just wasn't a PC thing or a 'soft language' thing. Its your insistence that it *was* that is weird. Your obsession with PC makes it so that you see it when its not there. Its really a matter of accuracy. Just like how a sprain and a broken bone are two different things, there are many things that can happen with hearts. You aren't aware of this. And you react by assuming that correct information is somehow PC. No one is pissed off at you, you just made yourself look dumb. And overly obsessed with PC.
  12. why does the anti pc crowd always seem to be jumping at shadows ?
  13. Yes the players are worth multi millions. If they weren't getting it, it would just go into the owners' pockets. If they weren't playing, there wouldn't be any millions in the first place.
  14. hopefully for them the corona virus scare has abated by then.
  15. I don't know how any one on here can really be upset with Kesler. Its not like the fans or the team are loyal to the players either. Anyone loyal to Louis Erikkson? or Gudbranson? etc etc. But when a player gets past a certain skill level, suddenly the poles reverse, the fans forget what they do on a week to week basis, and act like complete hypocrites.