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  1. Ray Parker copied Huey Lewis, not the other way round. As for the article... metal has a bad reputation? Is it still the 80s/90s or something?
  2. the toxic fans and the media who stirs them up have a lot to do with it.
  3. where do they find these writers? posters on forums link to their sites to help spread awareness of them. The question is where did *YOU* find it
  4. if its paid for with taxes they all support the flames whether they like it or not!
  5. wait.. they are relevant enough to be hated? (I mean aside from some of their own fans, and a couple of nearby franchises)
  6. no doubt, we aren't at the point where human soldiers are useless yet and won't be for a while. But technology has changed warfare. And while the "old generation soft, young generation hard" theory of why empires fall is fatally flawed to begin with, it really falls apart with modern technology. Even WWI technology. how do you mean that? Regardless, to use it as a justification to say the current generation is weak is BS. Especially coming from a guy who got really upset about a woman in a James Bond movie. Which is a much more fragile position than wanting people to be treated fairly.
  7. war is electronic now and going forward. Outdated views of war in history no longer apply. Be as "hard" as you like, it aint saving you from a dronestrike.
  8. ah, so this is all your own protest against "toxic masculinity", and of course you have no idea what it means
  9. its an old and boring one. Free speech is about speaking without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. Its not about refraining from saying "who are you to judge". By the way, by your own standards you are violating my freedom of speech. If that matters to you. It doesn't to me because it has in no way effected my ability to say what I want. Just like my comments have in no way done that either.
  10. You've lost the thread here. Before you were complaining about the rank and file being the soy generation (despite them you know... being in a dangerous profession where they risk your lives to save people). But now you have moved on to some other rant about quotas. And what a rant that would be. "Your lax quotas have resulted in a refusal to clean up the corpses of my family with firehoses".
  11. how in the world is that suppressing your opinion? You are here expressing it aren't you? Have I somehow deleted your posts? "getting triggered" is perfectly reasonable for a thread where a guy is complaining about outrage culture while also expressing outrage over pointless things like movies. That phrase comes from people like him who complain about PC stuff in the first place. "who are you to judge" is a valid response for someone who says that firefighters are mentally weak, but gets upset that a female is in a James Bond movie.
  12. save the "freedom of speech" stuff for someone who is actually trying to suppress speech. He gave his opinion, I gave mine.
  13. you got triggered because of a woman in a bond movie. Who are you to judge anyone? edit - and I GUARANTEE you wouldn't say that to any of those firefighters faces MR tough guy.
  14. Sure, but far more were drafted than volunteered, so the narrative about people back then vs new takes a bit of a hit