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  1. The lion's share of the blame (for anyone who likes to blame) is going to the coach at the moment. If he isn't back next year the lynch mob is likely coming for the Sedins tho. They always have their pitchforks out for someone.
  2. wait, how do we know this isn't a "rookie of the year" situation? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107985/
  3. Based on the vibe in this thread I think you should avoid school altogether and just get a job and go clubbing a lot. Or if you want to choose a school, pick the one that will benefit you the most when you are done.
  4. usually you can only get screwed when the odds are with you.
  5. why do people disguise their desire to tank as a concern for a player?
  6. dunno, I didn't say the words you had me quoted as saying
  7. -or- things will turn out alright for them, and you will move on to another thing to gripe about, conveniently forgetting you had this opinion
  8. Even if I was, a homer is consistent. Its very disingenuous to be pro tank, but salty about not making the playoffs.
  9. I bet you are a tanker... its only the tankers that get pissed that we didn't make the playoffs.
  10. Some people struggle with motivation if they don't feel valued by their managers
  11. common sense would be not wanting a player's performance to decrease because he was caught up in thinking about things like this. You can go on about how you think they should react all you want. They are still just human beings like everyone else. A bunch of forum warriors waxing off about how they should feel won't change that.
  12. you and about a couple dozen others will care
  13. You aren't playing hockey, you are just some angry guy behind a keyboard who uses the team as a proxy to deal with his anger issues. "This" is not hockey. Its a message board. People like you want to turn it into some running flame war. But no one is interested in your nerd rage aside from other nerd ragers.
  14. lol, was not meant as counter to your point at all. I Agreed. However I hope they never come back. They really &^@#ed the city over last time and I want nothing to do with the NBA.