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  1. I wouldn't be too concerned. America West, Northwest, Continental, TWA and Air Tran among others have all been swallowed up, yet we are still historically paying the lowest fares at this moment when you factor in inflation. With the likes of Allegiant, Southwest, and Spirit down in the states able to operate on low margins and able to lower their operating costs the bigger airlines have had to follow suit and will continue to do so.
  2. Military development is going to be done for military applications. There are a lot more tangibles when dealing with commercial and passenger flights to just piggy back off of military technology. The cost to certify a hypersonic aircraft to meet all the regulatory administration's requirements around the world would be extraordinary. No one is going to spend that amount of money to market a such a plane for a few potential corporate or private customers. At least not in the near future.
  3. I think something like this in the near future is too niche. Look at the cost that Airbus and Boeing had with the design and development of the 380 and 787. Boeing doesn't expect to break even on the 787 until the have delivered 1100 airframes. You're talking about 10 years of production. Although the 787 was groundbreaking in technology with the way it was designed and the implementation of new materials and how existing materials are used, it would be nothing in terms of R&D of an aircraft that could fly from NYC to London in an hour. The cost of developing the 787 compared to a hypersonic aircraft would be peanuts. Whoever builds this would have to convince a lot of airlines to buy a ton of these things to make any money.
  4. That, and when Mrs. Ambien pulls out her taser all she does is get herself shot quicker
  5. But you don't have any concern about the British tourists who were killed there as part of a gang initiation?
  6. The largest stumbling block in commercial aviation technology is cost effectiveness. Airframe and engine makers aren't marketing themselves on faster and further, the are all about operational costs. The airfares we are paying are the lowest the have ever been and the airlines are fighting each other for passengers when profit yields per seat are razor thin. The cost to go supersonic will appeal to too small of a demographic at least in the near future to make it worthwhile for airlines. I don't doubt that one day it will become a reality, but I am 35 years old and I doubt I will see supersonic travel again in my lifetime.
  7. Would you have any hesitation going to Florida?
  8. Very well said. I knew the masses would find this fight boring and Mayweather would be criticized for it. But he did nothing different than what he has been doing his entire career. He had complete control how that fight was going and I thought he fought brilliantly. By no means am I fan of his, especially his domestic abuses, but he truly is a gifted and skilled boxer.
  9. Ok, my post was a little extreme, I will give you that. But with clothes, you don't need to buy anything that was made with slave labour and with harmful chemicals at a Bangledeshi sweat shop. There are alternatives to clothes buying just as much as meat buying. My point is basically this: why are you limiting your argument to meat? There are so many alternate choices that we can make besides food that will help our fellow humans, the animals, and the environment. Choices that I can guarantee that you yourself are on the wrong end of.
  10. I don't eat meat, full vegan. I think my point follows the subject, why not respond here?
  11. What's your excuse for doing a lot of the things you do? Do you drive? If not do you ride on anything with tires? Do you wear clothes? do you buy anything made of plastic, or gold, or tin, or any other precious metal? Do you buy anything made out of any metal for that matter? Have you taken any sort of medication? Do you use electronics? What's your excuse for all that? I could go on and on, but there are hundreds things that you consume besides meat are just as destructive to the environment, are harmful to animals, and employ slave labour. If you want to have a clear mind and feel morally superior, move yourself into the remote bush and become a hunter/gatherer and use only what you need for survival.
  12. There is actually a number pad that you can enter a code to unlock the door. However there is also a switch in the cockpit that overrides it.
  13. I think Carroll was betting on the Pats calling a timeout and that's why the Hawks elected to pass. With the time ticking down, Seattle actually only had 2 more cracks at the end zone. Had Lynch been stopped again, Seattle would've been forced to call a timeout. If Seattle was stopped again on 3rd down, they would've had to go no huddle on 4th down and it still would've been tight to get that play off. By taking a gamble and not calling a timeout, Belichick had forced Seattle to pass on either 2nd or 3rd downs. My theory is Carroll knew this and with his pass call he figured at worst the pass would go incomplete, stopping the clock and with a timeout they would still have, they would have 2 solid chances to punch it in.