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  1. [Report] Canucks announce 2016-17 schedule

    What the hell is with the back to back home games against the Jets in December?
  2. Arena Music & Atmosphere

    Uhhhh no. Canucks shoot twice in front of 315. Nice try. And for my two cents - the music up until Christmas pretty damn good. Lots of rock, not a lot of the typical DJ Dave crap. However, it's night and day from the start of the calendar year. It's almost as if they've got Dave's old playlists out of terrible dance / club music. Going to a game with Al Murdoch doing the PA instead of John Shorthouse is disappointing enough, let alone when you'd rather there be no music then the garbage that is played (save for MAYBE a handful of rock songs each night).
  3. um.... good... do i know you?