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  1. Hey you! :D Long time no see, how's life treating you these days? Been a long time since those old Flames forum days! lol

  2. just thought i'd drop in and say hello :)

  3. Conan is hilarious at times. I cannot wait for his budget to increase so he doesn't have to do all those lame things. ie. when u can see someone pulling mascots on a trolley w/ a rope ahahhaha although i suppose thats part of the fun

  4. Love your username! Love Conan O'Brien!

  5. Happy birthday, Hootch! Hope it's a great one and you get to have your cake and eat it too! Haha! Seriously, I hope you get all you want today, you deserve it! :)

  6. happy b-day!!

  7. Thx for the birthday wish! Sorry this is late, I didn't see it until now!

  8. hAPPY BDAY:p

  9. I deserve it. I actually bought into the idea that we'd be good with THAT defense. I can't believe I drank their Kool Aid, I should know better than that. Thanks though. Good luck in the playoffs, I'll be watching!

  10. Hmm, I get your cherry! Your comment cherry, that is! :o)

    I'm great, how've you been? Hugs for way the season is ending for you guys; been there, done that and got the t-shirt :(