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  1. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    Did anyone else notice that his lawyer is stating he is suited for farm laborer, dishwasher, etc... And that he could have made "millions in the financial industry " First of all, so they are selling him as mentally disabled now yet we have seen him in interviews? Secondly, how much bs do they think we believe that every assistant manager at a bank makes millions. Harvard or not he'd be lucky to make bank manager at 85k per year.
  2. What has Trevor inherited and what can be done?

    Not sure if serious? The thread is discussing the current state of the team, not sure how that's not supporting them. Goalie situation is a bit messed up. Would like to see sedins afforded a bit of rest, as a 1B line but don't see what 1a would be currently
  3. Where did it all go wrong?

    Great analogy .. All teams lose great players but us renting or giving away Samuelson, Torres, carter, erhoff, Schneider, and I'm sure others people could name better than me....just hurt too much. Even keeping a couple of those plus adding one or two more guys may have made a dynasty... Instead we are now crippled
  4. All players should be on the block

    I would like to see sedins back on 2nd line eventually but the Kesler, kassian, whoever first line just never materialized... Sad when you have to force the veterans to play too many minutes... And now we don't even have a goalie... I mean wtf happened
  5. Burke is a clown. Inherited the cup winning team in Anaheim and been riding the coattails ever since. Other gms won't even talk to him, let alone trade fairly with him. You want a fair assessment of his talent? Look no further than Toronto. Also a big mouth, if it was his player got wrecked he'd ensure they got revenge
  6. How good could Clouts have been?

    There's a lot of posts here which are polar opposites of each other... "wce was unreal, cloutier was worst ever" And "our d sucked, cloutier was awesome " You have to realize the true answer lies somewhere in the middle. Jovo became known for his giveaways up the middle, Bertuzzi was a bit of a floater, Dana murzyn was a pylon later in his career and Bryan Allen was only a slight upgrade, sopel only looked good sometimes ... Though I have to admit our team looked good with Bertuzzi, Naslund, Morrison plus sedins as seconds... On the other hand cloutier looked ok but at times would wet the bed bad, and his sv % was never stellar
  7. Do we want another rookie as our new GM?

    If that rookie is Trevor then yes! He may not be the best ever but he deserves a shot and nothing will diminish his legacy... May as well try him out
  8. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    Sad how torts reputation preceeded him but noone wanted to believe it would continue. The dude is from old school punish your best players into subservience camp, he's a dinosaur in sports coaching
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Burr is legend, and that cbc interview where he imitated mark Crawford will live on forever in our hearts
  10. Linden For Gm

    Not sure what else he should be. That made me a fan already. You also forgot great leader and highly respected... Nothing bad to say about the guy
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Bxa has been told repeatedly by coaches to jump in the play.. Of course u will have some breaks the other way when u do that.. If u read anything but ur own drivel ud realize that
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Not cool at all he deserved all those negs and earned em . Dont take em away!
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Poor clutch ... HOF poster pretty much locked
  14. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Good god. All hail the minus champ .. Only canuxklion could hope to challenge such a lofty goal