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  1. Sad how torts reputation preceeded him but noone wanted to believe it would continue. The dude is from old school punish your best players into subservience camp, he's a dinosaur in sports coaching
  2. Burr is legend, and that cbc interview where he imitated mark Crawford will live on forever in our hearts
  3. Not sure what else he should be. That made me a fan already. You also forgot great leader and highly respected... Nothing bad to say about the guy
  4. Bxa has been told repeatedly by coaches to jump in the play.. Of course u will have some breaks the other way when u do that.. If u read anything but ur own drivel ud realize that
  5. Not cool at all he deserved all those negs and earned em . Dont take em away!
  6. Poor clutch ... HOF poster pretty much locked
  7. Good god. All hail the minus champ .. Only canuxklion could hope to challenge such a lofty goal
  8. How redundant to state that the thread only reappears,when he is on. What about when hes on? Ppl should not notice? He is the only player who doesnt score every game ? Mon nite football says CMON MAN
  9. Tonite +3 , assist ... Yet another terrible outing by bxa ... Oh wait im not canucklion
  10. Wow so you complain about bxa contract all along but you think hoff is worth his "almost double" contract ? Seriously? So basically you are claiming hoff is nearly twice as good as bxa? Rofl
  11. Haha thats hilarious ..... Idiot
  12. I guess none of them according to canukleion ... Apparently he has evolved from hating bxa to hating all our d ...
  13. Dear burr, Im not sure, we really need u..... Wait.... COME BACK!!!!!
  14. Plus bieksa is still the interview king
  15. Not anywhere as good huh? Lol ya ok....