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  1. Jim Benning is the worst GM in the entire league

  2. Mafia: The Hunger Games

    Yeah, this game looks super active. Glad to see mafia is still going strong.
  3. Mafia: The Hunger Games

  4. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Dral and KH would also be reasonable targets
  5. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    And I think the timing of OTTS's vote was intentional. He likes to fool around and probably decided it would be fun to vote for someone right after I requested people not to.
  6. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    So essentially you base a suspicion of me purely on the fact that Fox was suspicious of me despite the fact that, save for Fox, every player I've called out and has died has been non-TP. Anyways, vote Toews. I'm still very suspicious of his inaction partially leading to the death of Virt and he's struck me as mafia Toews.
  7. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    So yeah, DO NOT VOTE until we can get a clearer idea of a consensus and give some time for word from the specials. Anyone voting early should be seen as very suspicious.
  8. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Very funny. Post the nightfall.
  9. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    I'll trust you on this one Unvote, vote nuxforthecup
  10. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Vote 112 nux4thecup can be vigged. 112 is looking a lot more like a third party role, and that's probably the more pressing matter at this point
  11. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    I assume it had something to do with his affiliation/role. If he was telling the truth, he wouldn't have gotten my character name wrong.
  12. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Why did he claim a character he didn't have and claim my role to be the one Zfetch had?
  13. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Apparently I'm an idiot who didn't realize who I was quoting. I probably shouldn't be posting first thing after waking up after a night shift.
  14. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Uh, isn't 112 dead? Why are people still voting for her?
  15. [Mafia] LOST (Game On!)

    Promote that man!