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  1. I had a deviated septum surgery about 14 years ago. best thing ever. my allergies dropped off about 95% and i can breathe through both sides now. I was just like you all those sinus Issues. A day or so later Felt great!
  2. I had a good laugh when the stupid king did a swan dive out the window.
  3. Doesn't mean everyone who searched voted leave either.
  4. I do not live in the UK. I have many relatives that do. they all voted In. How am I being mean spirited? I am just expressing my opinions these guys are saying their country is going to be in dire straights and it's been less than 1 day after a vote. Already people are pointing fingers to blame someone because the vote didn't go their way. They need to get over themselves. Am I not allowed to speak on foreign matters or things that do not happen here? because if so everyone on here might as well stop posting.
  5. Can they? Doubtful. Parliament would dissolve. The people have spoken. Bunch of babies.
  6. You have a crystal ball? best/worst case analysis show a bout 2% +/- gain/loss to GDP by 2030. How has Britain gained control? You will no longer have to be told by Brussels what you can and can't do. You've gained control of immigration which is the biggest factor in this vote. Kinks will be ironed out, Trade will go on.. immigration will go on. you'll have control over all that.
  7. Sure, But that always isn't the case. Some people will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman is that informed? Again just because it didn't go your way saying the other side is stupid or uninformed and crying over it does not solve anything. If the vote was to join the EU it probably would of not happened at this time. I did some reading up on what both sides have to say and offer and possible repercussions, I probably would of voted to stay in but I am not surprised by the Leave vote at all.
  8. The crying and butthurt form the stay crowd is entertaining. Britain has got back control of it's country. Short term pain for long term gain. Other countries may vote to leave the EU too. They are seeing their countries eroded away from them and nothing they can do. It's a wake up call to the politicians who disregard what most people want and have the we know what is good for you attitude. F them. Independence is priceless and democracy is working. of course some are't happy I guess it would be better for them if someone just told them this is how it is and you have no say... sheep. I'd rather live in a country where you do have a vote. it will take what 4 years to implement all this so there is plenty of time to work out deals ect ect. Britain has more control now.
  9. Sounds like a horrible incident. But remember you do not go to jail for very long for killing someone in this country. He'll plead temporary insanity or something get a manslaughter charge and be out in 5 or less.
  10. Liberals are having tough time with this one as a Gay, Muslim,democrat did this. So let's blame Trump or the NRA.
  11. Plenty of Liberals love guns too, but your lefties and media don't want you to know that.
  12. Asking for the death of Trump how nice the lefty, liberals are. It's very interesting watching the left, the media, Liberals all bash, bully and call for death on Trump and his supporters. Their only argument is censorship and death to those who oppose their views. Troubling to say the least. Voting for Hillary is voting for the system that everyone doesn't like but yet you want more of it.