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  1. Last place here we come. No play offs for a few years get used to it.
  2. You're all going to be replaced by robots or a machine soon. Get a trade like a plumber or electrician people need services start your own business, be your own boss. Or get a degree in Law.
  3. That's on top of the $400 m they already spend.
  4. I just read Norm Macdonalds book (funny) and just started Wayne Gretzky's latest
  5. Sunrise would be 4 -4:30 am in the summer here that's a bit early.
  6. We've been sending out signals (radio, TV)for just over 100 years. So ya If there was someone there listening they'd be boogieing.
  7. If there is intelligent life we would of detected signals Decades ago. Unless they haven't invented a radio yet.
  8. I recently opened a questrade self directed account and bought mostly Marijuana stocks which are all up but so are the evaluations as stated above. we'll see what happens over the next couple years.
  9. I would put them on double secret probation.
  10. At the time it was reported 2 suspects in custody. it quickly disappeared off twitter when 1 was named mahummad. new facts have surfaced that it was just 1 whiter than white guy, carry on.
  11. I see this has quickly fallen off Twitter as the facts come out that the shooter was a Muslim. Trudeau's answer will be to bring more over.
  12. Approved!
  13. ^^ Pure rubbish.
  14. Oh we all know The all love no hate Liberals want DJT eliminated. Hypocrites.