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  1. My Morning Jacket- Circuital
  2. Well, what is the issue then? Like I said, I think he's phenomenal and I have been a fan since his "Dashing" Cody gimmick and you are right- he was probably just right behind DB in popularty. It desn't make sense to not push him. WWE has a tendency to do this though. I was a huge fan of Damian Sandow and his Genius gimmick but they pulled the rug out from under him too after his MITB match with Cena.
  3. I agree somewhat. He had a good run with Dustin as his tag partner that should have lead to a badass match between them at WM. Having said that, I think he's a phenomenal performer and don't know why he isn't getting a bigger push as a singles star. Probably because he's "too small" would be my guess.
  4. Use the force!
  5. Yao Ming is the next dominant power forward.
  6. Yeah, I completely agree, so I voted for him too.
  7. NASCAR is a fine piece of crap.

  8. That would be sad haha. Still better than Russo though.
  9. Probably Russo.
  10. On Level 56, working on getting the danger pool and then there is level 57 with the overpass diner. It never ends.
  11. I can only imagine what he could have accomplished if he could stay healthy but he was fun to watch when he was.
  12. Classy move by Dallas after an unfortunate ending to a career of a good person/player.
  13. Love the Avs jersey because it reminds me of the old Rockies jersey.