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    Canucks, Penguins, Devils. Bayern Munchen. photography, graphic design, hockey.<br /><br />taking siggy, userbar, wallpaper and other misc gfx requests. please provide pics and short description of what you'd like.
  1. thanks you are a true friend. (well kinda)

  2. hi. if you have any questions about Norton, pm "This Devils Workday". my new name from now on :)

  3. super pics! and that turtle one was too funny ;)

  4. hey man. don't worry about all those "ban Bilal" threads ;) there are worse things that happen on this board. hang in there :)

  5. i never knew that phrase could turn into a verb lol. yeah, send the link when you can ;)

  6. how's Photoshop going? ;)

  7. yeah, security reasons and all that ;)

    what's your flickr URL?

  8. that's such a cute pic (the dog) ^_^

  9. hmm ..there might be a pic of this Huge Computer in her Flickr album :P

    yeah, winter here. not raining enough though x_x

  10. Duff Man kicks ass. oh yeah! ;)

  11. too huge to hug? you must have one of those Cray XTS supercomputers :P

  12. heh, just wondered who member #40,000 was ;)

  13. i had to mention it...all the global warming talk these days :P

  14. must be our larger than life ozone layer ;P

  15. haha, good to hear there was a happy ending. don't forget to hug your PC once a day ;)