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    Canucks, Penguins, Devils. Bayern Munchen. photography, graphic design, hockey.<br /><br />taking siggy, userbar, wallpaper and other misc gfx requests. please provide pics and short description of what you'd like.
  1. thanks you are a true friend. (well kinda)

  2. hi. if you have any questions about Norton, pm "This Devils Workday". my new name from now on :)

  3. super pics! and that turtle one was too funny ;)

  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thrillermiller/

    Got it.

    And any phrase can be a verb, didn't you know that?

  5. hey man. don't worry about all those "ban Bilal" threads ;) there are worse things that happen on this board. hang in there :)

  6. i never knew that phrase could turn into a verb lol. yeah, send the link when you can ;)

  7. I'll "security reson" you! haha

    I'm just lazy, Plain nd simple, lol

    AS soon as I go on Flickr i'll send you the link to my Pis from vancity though.

  8. Nah, but it will be in do time :/

  9. Oooo thats cool :D

    my sister got a spider not long ago, and it's... pretty big :/

  10. *gasp* where's the spider? :o

  11. how's Photoshop going? ;)

  12. I think he is just an angry person.

    I was just joking about the movie being the greatest ever made but he took it personally.

    Haha its funny none the less and he needs to work out some issues when communicating with others.

    Maybe he never had a fun child hood growing up and could never enjoy kid movies.


  13. yeah, security reasons and all that ;)

    what's your flickr URL?

  14. Nah she doesn't have a picture of it, I have one but I'm not putting it on my flickr lol

    I have some nice pics of Vancity in my flickr though lol