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  1. me too! i would have paid the $45 to meet him. at least i'll be saving money now that he's not going.
  2. @@wwwbigbaldhead "Sorry vancouver I can’t make the show tribeca film festival is overlapping now and I have a film there. Wish I could be at both" i was hoping to meet him at fan expo merle is going to be there though. but i don't think i'm going anymore.
  3. i have an early morning flight sunday morning. chances the snow will affect it?
  4. work and summer, it just goes together haha

  5. My summer has been okay i have been working too so i havent been that busy.

  6. Just been working, so not much time to enjoy the summer. Doing my co-op term and getting my mandatory work experience out of the way. How's your summer?

  7. I'am doing pretty good thanks.:)How's your summer been.:)?

  8. Hey. A pretty average weekend. How bout you?

  9. Hello there how's it going.:)

  10. edit: nvm the post disappeared
  11. goodbye snow, i'll miss ya
  12. still snowing here in coquitlam. i wonder if a lot of people are still going to that olympic celebration tonight....
  13. and he was at the game today
  14. the hail is just dumping in coquitlam
  15. because they arent playing enough darren criss? XD