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  1. What if the unthinkable actually occurs ...

    You nailed it - all of it.
  2. Media, Getting Giggles About Canucks and Tanking

    I"d just rather focus on the fact that it's pretty much agreed upon in the entire hockey community that the Canuck's have one of the deepest prospect pools in the NHL right now - and we'll be adding to it one way or another this spring.
  3. (Proposal) Clean House

    Newsflash - next season isn't going to be significantly better around here - you could have waited another year to join LOL.
  4. This ^. Can we just pin this and make it mandatory reading before posting trade proposals?
  5. (Proposal) Van NYI

    Agreed that the team needs more overall toughness moving forward, but that's a huge overpayment by us for an unproven, one-dimensional guy who may never become a full-time player in the league,.
  6. Ottawa “Swedish” senators (proposal)

    I think Ottawa has their hands full right now trying to figure out if/how their most important Swede fits into their long-term future plans. After the Karlsson issues settle, who know's their direction?
  7. Kole Lind | RW

    Don't get me wrong, 100pts in the WHL is an accomplishment any player should be proud of. That said, plenty of players that are not considered 'elite' as far as pro-potential get 100pts each year. I think a far better milestone (if just judging by points which scouts will tell you is often misleading to do) is the 100pt mark in your draft year - now that is a far less achievable milestone and more befitting of 'elite' consideration imo.
  8. Bulk Up After Season Ends

    Falling into an open bench door and getting injured in a more or less freak accident has NOTHING to do with bulking up.
  9. In this very thread, barely a few posts after yours, FR has as many as 9 current prospects (including Leipsic/Motte) in the regular lineup in 19/20 - whether he's serious or not he's stating it here.
  10. This is a fact that most people refuse to acknowledge - more drafted players never become NHL regulars than do; a lot more. To think that Pettersson, OJ, Gaudette, Gajovich, Lind, Dalhen, Brisebois, Gunnarson, Lockwood, Palmu, ect, are all going to pan out is statistically ridiculous - and yes, there's people here who believe that's what will happen. Several of these prospects will never become regulars let alone make an impact . If even 3 of just these 10 draftees become regulars I'd be both surprised and very pleased. That said, I still buy lotto tickets occasionally so....
  11. Lucic's contract makes Loui's contract seem reasonable as absurd as it sounds. At least if Loui isn't scoring he plays sound defensively and kills penalties well.
  12. (Proposal) Offseason Van-Dal

    Just trying to stay positive - this franchise is due for a lucky break.
  13. (Proposal) Offseason Van-Dal

    Honker would become redundant after we draft Dahlin. Keep our picks and Goldy until we actually know what we have in him as a player.
  14. Draft Poser-Proposals(Discussion)

    #1. No. Quality >>>> Quantity . #2. No. We take the generational talent on D. This club has never had a legitimate franchise defenceman and we need one as bad as ever.
  15. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    Well done JB! LOL at people who thought this wouldn't get done.