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  1. Ummmm, the league approved and filed the deal when it was signed. How exactly is that trying to cheat the system? Please explain?
  2. Montoya is American. Born there and raised there. Yes, he may have Cuban family, but he's American.
  3. Green and co. are just starting to get Jake to consistently play the right way in both ends of the rink. I'm not interested in swapping him for someone who, by all reports, only knows how to skate in one direction. As far as the 2nd, I don't think we're in a situation where we should be giving away high picks for players who are on expiring contracts.
  4. That's fine and dandy - how many Norris Trophy winners have they graduated ?
  5. You got a marketing problem when the toque's are nicer than the jerseys.
  6. As a society as a whole, we've gone completely weak-sauce. Nobody is held accountable for their actions, and we refuse to give the courts/law enforcement the directive and the actual enforceable power to take a meaningful stand against gangs, drug-dealers, thieves, sexual predators, murderers, ect.... The courts know who the bad people are. Law enforcement knows who the bad people are. Even regular civilians know who the bad people are most of the time. We need to send a message to the law-makers that we want change.
  7. I would like to see the team sustain the current pace (winning %) for a span of 20 games. After that I'd like to see what they do for 20 more games. Then, I'd like to see how they respond to the inevitable injuries to key personnel which will no doubt occur. Then we can revisit this.
  8. Did they have 6'4", 215lbs behemoths trying to take your head off and/or ram you through the boards on a nightly basis while he was cross country running? Making it through a full NHL season is about WAY more than just cardio. Especially for kids coming from the NCAA ranks, they play very few games/season so they're simply not accustomed to the mental/physical rigors of pro-hockey at this level. It's a factor I'm sure Green and his coaching/training staff are aware of - especially since it was evident last season where EP noticeably hit a wall.
  9. Once again, GM's being GM's own worst enemy. I'm still waiting for a GM to make a statement where he says no, I'm going to take a short-term hit for the franchise on this guy and let him walk so he doesn't cripple our team for the next decade. As a fan, it would be both hard to take at first, yet refreshingly satisfying to know the GM has the team's long-range viability in mind.
  10. Apparently he is on their roster.