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  1. JB was recently interviewed on 'The Athletic' and was specifically asked about the cap. He said the team was well positioned with respect to this concern. I don't necessarily see how we're so 'desperate'?
  2. Interesting article I came across recently referring to how Japan deals with guns in their society. It mentions directly how they deal with what you call 'demonstrate the ability to own a lethal weapon'. Never mind if it's right/wrong/unconstitutional/or what you would do to someone if they tried to take away your guns, but I wonder how many people in our society (Canada/USA) would currently qualify for a firearm under these same criteria.......?
  3. They are scum, we are not. Comparison over.
  4. Jake is developing into the player many of us, from the beginning, believed he had the potential to become. Every prospect has to take their own path in their career - it's commonplace, but not necessarily productive, to compare draft pick development. Let's just appreciate that Jake's getting there! So will OJ imo.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks it's ludicrous to expect Rathbone to come in at the end of the season and have any noticeable impact whatsoever on this team? I mean, Hockey Gaud, who was voted as the BEST player in the entire NCAA, who absolutely dominated his last season in college, and who had a full extra season of development in college, came in and struggled noticeably at first. Yet people here have Rathbone signing at the end of his season in Harvard and playing on our powerplay (maybe they're joking, I don't really know)? I'm NOT saying Rathbone is/isn't going to develop into a player - only that imo it's not overly realistic to expect him to sign at the end of the season and make any impact at the Pro level. Sign him if he wants, sure. But give him time, probably in Utica, to figure things out.
  6. As we all know, anything can happen, but realistically the only guys I see not being here next season would be Baer, Schaller, Stetcher. Don't get me wrong, there's other guys I'd happily move on from, but their cap-hits are a no-go to other teams I'm assuming. Baer I'd be happy moving at the TDL to a team in need of back-up depth scoring for essentially any reasonable pick and/or a long-shot prospect at this point. His cap hit being gone next year is worth more to us in signing our other guys quite frankly. Schaller, well I think it's fair that was a signing that simply didn't pan-out as well as hoped, although I don't think it was a disaster, and I don't expect him to be here after he hits UFA. Stetcher is simply a casualty of our cap-situation and the need/desire to re-sign Tanev. If we got a 3rd rounder for Stetcher I'd be fine with it and if we got anything more I'd be very happily surprised. At some point, we need to insert a defenceman from Utica like OJ/Brisebois/Chatfield/Rafferty one would think and who's spot would they take if we re-sign Troy (and perhaps Fant at his current salary)?
  7. This, and essentially this alone, is why I'm cautiously optimistic about Lind's development. Forget point totals, he looks, albeit from my limited observations, like a completely different player (in a good way), from last season.
  8. Baer will hopefully be gone at TDL to a team in the hunt looking for backup scoring depth. By that time his contract hit for remainder of this season will be minimal. Take whatever you can get in return. Stetcher, as much as I like him, may be a casualty of re-signing Tanev. Take a pick for Tony Stretcher in return and hope that someone on the farm is ready for some NHL minutes. Schaller can walk in ufa. Jake, Motte, Mac all get qualifying offers. But yeah, the LE contract and Lu recapture penalty are having a sneaky-bad effect on our cap situation moving forward.
  9. ^ This. Why mess with a working system. Leivo can be inserted if/when the next forward goes down to injury and Ferk, well, at this point with the nature of his injury (concussion), what's the point of even activating him unless the medical team is unequivocally certain he's 100% healthy? Would it be such a bad thing to shut him down for the season and let him recover so he can actually finish his contract with us when he returns?
  10. No, our depth is nowhere near some people think it is. Having Marky leave for personal reasons and Demko out with an injury at the same time simply proves our depth isn't quite there yet. You could basically say the same for any other position - suppose two of Tanev/Edler/Myers/Hughes go down with injuries at the same time which, with our history is 100% realistic, then you see our depth isn't that good. On forward, one could easily, with our luck, envision a scenario where two of BB/EP/Miller/BoHo are out at the same time with injury - then who fills in? Stay the course, build through the draft, make 'fine-tuning' trades when you can but no to rentals and no to selling off the future with regards to picks/prospects/young roster players.
  11. 20 or so total playoff fights 3 years ago. 8 two seasons ago in the playoffs. 3 all of the post-season last year. Notice a trend.......? But yeah, I guess we need a fighter....... I'm not saying Simmonds wouldn't add a certain 'element', but you're not selling me by advertising his fighting, especially for playoff purposes.
  12. No to any and all rental proposals that'll cost us picks, prospects and/or young roster players. We're not there yet people, no need to mortgage the future.
  13. In the highly unlikely event of this even being remotely considered by the two GM's - Kane waives his NMC exactly why? It's not like playoffs are a guarantee for us by any means.
  14. Much rather keep BB and any other pick someone would throw in and just wait and see if Rafferty can make the jump in a season (or two at the most) - the kid looks like a real gem right now. People need to ask themselves why Minny, with really no real cap issues right now, are trying to get rid of a young PMD in his prime on a locked-in contract when they really don't have any young RHD in their system with any real potential to replace him?