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  1. She must have good analytics.
  2. Someone else to take the heat when things in the center of the hockey universe don't go as planned over there.
  3. Let's see Dale Hunter cheap-shot his way out of this one!
  4. If we're getting a forward back in return for Tanev it'd better be a young, gritty, skilled, future core piece with character - not an average sized perimeter player with an 'entitled taint'.
  5. Virt >>>>>>>> Dvorak. So no thanks.
  6. Quite flashy, but I like'em......mask?
  7. I hear you, but how many sketchy things/near misses have you recorded that would never have been before your camera was installed?
  8. Really, you want to give up BoHo, Virt, Boeser, Demko, OJ, Tanev and our next 3 first rounders? Slightly exaggerated, but you get my point - no, I don't want to gut our future, I want JB to continue to build it.
  9. No thanks to anyone from TO.
  10. This was an unfortunate eventuality - with the prevalence of video recording devices such as cell phones, action cams and dash cams, this won't be the last incident sadly.
  11. Thanks, but I'll take a pass on that. Nash = huge NTC contract and hit/miss production, not to mention he's not the physical presence we need.
  12. It's not 'if' he coaches in the NHL, it's 'when & where'. I'm certain Trevor Linden and other senior Canucks management are aware that Green is a highly regarded asset and know he could be lost at some time possibly. Wouldn't be fair to either Travis or Willy to have any other situation than the organization has right now unfortunately however.
  13. Kane to Vancouver was never likely - ever. Just stop it already people.
  14. Umm, this surprises exactly whom? Pretty much thought this was par for the war mongering course, no?
  15. Blah blah blah......this guy's never seen media scrutiny like he will experience in Montreal. Step out of line there and you'll feel pressure like no where else.