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  1. Haula by himself isn't going to solve their situation. They need to rid themselves of at least two more similar contracts or a much bigger one. Should be fun times for Vegas. Funny how McPhee steps aside when the chopping block comes down for the players.
  2. My understanding is that LA and Richards came to a mutually agreed upon settlement. As far as the BOG voting - if Vancouver can provide evidence indicating they did not vote in favor of this penalty perhaps they might lobby the league for an exemption or some other kind of 'grandfather' clause?
  3. You said yourself that context is the reasoning here. The way you put it, for our organization - it would be suicide to trade BoHo for a conditional first and a couple 'throw-ins'. For TB however, with their unreal depth (both on the main roster and in their organization overall), and their cap situation - I think looking at it from their perspective they did really, really well in the return they received. I'm concerned about the conditional first, I'm on the record saying that - but that said, I completely understand after reflection why JB did what he did and nobody can argue that we aren't better immediately after this trade. Miller is a legit top 6 guy who should complement the core of forwards well and his dollar/term is favorable to us right now. Time will tell though, as it always does.
  4. Didn't Fried report that Eagle was hitting UFA and not signing here as well?
  5. Benning said at the draft VPod didn't have paperwork necessary to participate in camp and there would be no chance it would get done in time. He already returned to Russia apparently.
  6. Was that the same Hartman that Dallas literally just acquired this week?
  7. Pettersson going to rookie Camp? DUH?
  8. Seems logical enough on the surface but not everyone figures it out - Buffalo, Edmonton, Arizona.....
  9. Either way, they're still dogs. But if yer throwin' in another dog bowl with it then....
  10. What do you mean, every Canuck is the most coveted in the league - have you seen the trade proposals forum, we can get first rounders for Sutter, Edler, Tanev,
  11. Two former first rounders picked two places apart in the draft and end up with the same organization to be unqualified in the same year. Hmmmm.
  12. I've mentioned this same concern in several different threads and have been completely dismissed. We're one bad contract full of dollar/term/clauses away from having our own, not insignificant, cap/ED concerns.
  13. The top 6 forward we need......wait a second......
  14. Michigan camp or Canucks camp - no I'm not being sarcastic, it's an honest question? I haven't watched Lockwood since world Jr's so I know virtually nothing about his development.