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  1. Thanks, but pass on Kane. Bear Cheese > Vesey, so pass again.
  2. So when Benning says he'd be interested in an upcoming UFA that's tampering. But when other clubs actively talk to individual(s) under contract with the Canucks that's nothing. Double standard much NHL?
  3. Sorry, but quantity doesn't make up for quality. If we're asking for Landeskog, Sakic will be looking at either Tanev or BoHo in return. If they'd take Tanev (either straight across or with a throw-in) - I'd do it in a heartbeat. If they want BoHo, I'd say no thanks.
  4. Now if we could all just forget about Botchford.
  5. Edler - McCarron. Let Bergevin figure out the cap issues on his side - we're just starting to get solvent ourselves, we don't want anyone's cap-dump at this point. If Galchenyuk is hurt for any length of time, tempt them with an Edler/Hansen offer - but make them overpay!
  6. Guy's a legend. When I think how many HOF players I've been fortunate enough to watch from the moment they enter the league to whenever they leave the NHL - I feel very lucky.
  7. WJC is always a fun tournament to watch - but having a vested interest in select players always makes it that much more fun! I hope OJ and BB do well, but as always: GO CANADA GO!
  8. My understanding is that BB, at this point, is day-to-day. He could have played his last two games but was held out for 'precautionary' measures. USA Hockey would be absolutely foolish not to include him on their preliminary roster given that his injury is not that severe at this point.
  9. Agreed completely. Since he came out of the line-up, there's been a few close games which we've lost. Hard to imagine Hansen not making at least some difference in those games since he was scoring at a .5pt/gm pace. You combine those .5pts/gm with whatever opposing goals Tanev/Edler would've prevented - that could potentially be a difference maker by the end of the season with so many teams bunched in the standings imo.
  10. FTFY. If I understand correctly, this (changing the draft eligibility age) is being discussed right now. One glaring problem is, what do you do the year you implement the age change?
  11. That would be even better that I would expect imo. The reality is, even if Rodin comes in after Christmas sometime and shows he can produce moderate to low-level numbers (that's all I expect), who's gonna give up anything of value for a guy with zero track record in the NHL and an MVP title from a watered-down no contact Euro league?
  12. Perhaps being in the minors isn't helping Grenier to a certain extent, because when he's there, he is actually expected to produce for Utica at a top 6 (even top 3) guy; and he isn't the one out there being a physical presence or standing up for his teammates. If he's never given the chance in Vancouver, when exactly is he going to learn how to do that? Labate's a bit if a different situation, as he's never scored at any significant level of hockey, so he probably knew his role, or what would be the only role he could perform, years ago when he was likely even still in college.
  13. Tragic. He beat the odds being drafted in the 7th round and playing 5 seasons in the NHL, but I guess you can't beat all the odds unfortunately. Condolences to his friends/family/fans.
  14. That's plausible given the circumstances. If he was able to play pre-season but then shut-down to skate by himself for a while now - that does indeed sound like things weren't exactly as the team was letting on.
  15. After about #20 or so (which I meant to include in my earlier post - hindsight eh), it dropped off drastically. Burakovsky and Duclair are the only two notables and they aren't exactly 'franchise' calibre - other than that I stand by it, very weak class overall - even the top 5 has no 'generational talent' whatsoever. And no, that doesn't mean I don't think BoHo isn't an exceptional player - he is.