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  1. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    Waiving players causes 'angst' as you put it with many CDC'ers for the exact reason you and I discussed about a month or so ago - it all boils down to 'perceived' value and you needn't go any further than the CDC traded proposal section to realize many people here have literally zero understanding of true player value sadly.
  2. [Signing] Sharks re-sign Chris Tierney

    Agreed. Makes CGY Lindholm contract look bloated imo.
  3. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    Most teams, just like us, have several players who don't have to pass through waivers if they added a guy like Granny. Not saying he will/should be waived or who would claim him - just that it's doable if a team decided to go that route. As for the total contract size limit there's generally several teams in the league under that limit at all times is my understanding - but admittedly I don't scrutinize teams' contract numbers like some people around here claim to.
  4. NBA Discussion

    DD is heart/soul signed player at reasonable salary for what he brings. KL is a franchise cancer pending free agent with known intentions of wanting to be in LA. How this makes sense is......? Risky....really, really risky.
  5. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Going to be interesting following this d-cohort since JB had his pick of any one of them. Confident JB made the right decision!
  6. [Signing] Islanders re-sign Ryan Pulock

    Obvious replacement for Tavares obviously lol!
  7. Thank god someone finally has a plan around here! I was beginning to get concerned. Consider that concern alleviated. Phew!
  8. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Actually maybe you should:
  9. JB has repeatedly said that if the kid's earn a spot then he'll find a way to make room for them but when that time came he didn't actually do that on several occasions - most notably when Tony Stretcher should've made it. Therefore just take those eligible for waivers and those ineligible and it's pretty simple from there.
  10. [Proposal] Dal- Van

    Spazza waives his NTC exactly why again?
  11. Re-Draft 2012 (Top 10)

    Wait, are we still able to pick Jagr?
  12. ICBC Situation.

    Pretty much agreed drummer, with one caveat - how many truly stupid people have the wherewithal to honestly and objectively reflect on their actions let alone know how to take steps to correct said actions? Sounds like some advanced critical thinking skills truly stupid people likely would be incapable of.
  13. Bingo! Clutch imo = playoffs. tas, would be interesting to know the all-time gwg for playoffs and more importantly series clinching scenarios.
  14. Jett Woo | D

    On one hand I truly hope you're right DW. Otoh, they say defenceman take the longest to develop, and imo people grossly underestimate the jump in caliber between the CHL and the AHL let alone the NHL. Look at Lind - he absolutely dominated major junior hockey and by all accounts struggled badly in Utica last year. I know, bit of apples/oranges situation wt forward vs defense but just highlights how big the jump is to pro hockey. If Woo plays in WHL next year, then plays 2 years in Utica followed by joining the Canucks - I'd still be thrilled and call that a successful situation. Anything above/sooner than that is a bonus imo . A year later before becoming an NHL regular is still great also.
  15. According to CDC, if you're not doing the robbing - then you're the one being robbed lol.