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  1. When two clowns fall down in a circus, does anybody.......oh forget it.
  2. We are losing a generation of athletes, men, global citizens, and humanitarians the likes of which we will perhaps never see again - ever. The Howes, Palmers, and Ali's of their generation stood for things that barely exist in the world anymore - let alone in the selfish realm of pro- sports. Rest in peace Arnold.
  3. I'll be happy if BoHo gets 50pts this season.
  4. We'll definitely see this kids resolve if he is indeed sent to Utica. Will he play down to that level or will he begin to dominate down there?
  5. All practices and scrimmages at Meadow Park Sports Centre in Whistler. Sept. 25 – Starting at 10 a.m. Sept. 26 – Starting at 8:30 a.m. Preseason schedule Sept. 27 – at San Jose, 7:30 p.m. (TSN 1040) Sept. 28 – vs. Edmonton, 7 p.m. (SN1, TSN 1040) Sept. 30 – at Calgary, 6 p.m. (SN1, TSN 1040) Oct. 2 – vs. San Jose, 5 p.m. (SN360, TSN 1040) Oct. 3 – vs. Arizona, 7 p.m. (SN1, TSN 1040) Oct. 6 – vs. Calgary, 7 p.m. (SN360, TSN 1040) Oct. 8 – at Edmonton, 4 p.m. (SN360, TSN 1040)
  6. Jets should trade Trouba for Nikushkin.......wait a second..........
  7. Clarke is fragile. Seiloff would've just bounced off Tryamkin. Let the other teams cannibalize each other. In all seriousness hopefully Clarke is ok. Doubtful Seiloff was going for that outcome.
  8. Agree with OP about Gud and his 'x' factor - but I just call it 'old school hockey '. This couldn't have gone in the existing Gudbranson thread however?
  9. OJ can still learn a lot in London. It won't harm (or slow) his development one bit if he goes there - which I feel would be best in this situation. He'd be the undisputed #1 D on a very good team and he'd play first pairing minutes in every conceivable situation. Give him time to mature mentally and physically, let him learn how to dominate his opponents - he's the future of this D-core, he shouldn't be rushed.
  10. Eriksson is known to be able to drive play with many different types of linemates, therefore I find it surprising you use the term 'passenger'.
  11. Not saying it's likely for this particular terrible proposal, but injured players can and have been traded in the past. Word is that Lups camp believe he's fit while, surprise, Laffs disagree. Something tells me this isn't done yet.
  12. You put Babcock behind the bench of that exact same US bench - totally different outcome for them. Management, or whomever picked Torts, made the mistake that doomed them.
  13. Mostly agree with you, but the twins turn 36 in two days - any breaks they get are well deserved and necessary imo.
  14. One on hand - good for him for getting on the right path in life, all the best Kass. On the other hand - I fail to see the significance of a pro-athlete being in shape.
  15. I was actually hoping we had a chance at UFA'signing Martin also. He's a hitting machine, brings the size we need in the west, and backs down from nobody. I suspected, being a east-coast born/raised/career guy that he was looking at an eastern team however and that's fine - at least we don't have to face him much.