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  1. LE, Beagle, Roussel, Sutter, and Myers - essentially everyone with a contract that would help us greatly if it were moved, all have a NTC or M-NTC and I'm thinking Ottawa is one of the first places on the list of teams they cannot be traded to. So there's that issue.....
  2. Exactly sid. Shows you the true nature of these pigs. Their only concern is to protect their 'old boys club' at all costs - and I hope it all comes crashing down and costs them a lot.
  3. Fanuck

    Coach Green

    This shouldn't be an issue - players should absolutely be in shape and the coaching staff should not have to 'hope' they come prepared. For how much they are compensated, and how much the franchise invests in them they should be required to maintain certain fitness levels - yes, I understand things are different wt covid, and nobody is expecting 'game shape' but Green should know his guys are in shape, not hope they are. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. Enjoy the weekend everyone.
  4. This is a joke, right.....Calling a building, which is inherently bad for the climate, 'Climate Pledge' Arena....ok. I mean artificial ice-rinks and climate change......come'on Amazon.
  5. They tried this before and it FAILED MISERABLY! I don't think they'll go this route anytime soon. The NHL has a deal in place in Canada with Rogers until 2026 and all of their national/regional broadcast affiliates have sold subscriptions/cable packages based, in part, on this agreement and others like it. They can't renege on these subscriptions without financial consequences so I don't see them going the PPV route in the near future.
  6. I mean, on one hand, is this really that bad - if/when they resume, and it all goes to s$#T, we (Vancouver/BC) won't be directly involved with it.
  7. Let's be honest Phillip, would Bettman try to get the NHL to resume play if his 31 Billionaire bosses didn't want him to.......? I think not. He's a puppet, not a puppet master - the owners want to scrounge every last penny they can from this failed season under the veiled guise of 'health and safety first and foremost' and Bettman is tasked with making it happen. He always has been, and always will be a puppet to the owners.
  8. Ok what's plan 'B' for the GM's/Owners who are up against a decreasing cap with player's they would like to sign and rosters they would like to fill out?
  9. Was I just wrong to assume, in his case, his time in the KHL will essentially be his stint in the minors?
  10. This article is calling Florida the next 'epicenter'. I can see why TBL shut down their facilities.
  11. Not really surprising. FLA's rates are rising exponentially are they not?
  12. I think it goes without saying that if you show up and are thinking you're going to use this 'mini-camp' to get in shape - you're already done-for. If you haven't put the work in already, you're going to be watching from the hotel. Sadly, I don't think fitness was ever one of LE's issues.
  13. I'm struggling with knowing it's wishful thinking that LE/JB mutually terminate his contract after his bonus is paid vs. how much real cap relief that gives the team vs. how realistic is this scenario is in the first place? Wishful thinking says do it and solve all our problems. Reality says this is unlikely and even if it happens we still got some concerns.