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  1. Fanuck

    Olli Juolevi | D

    You know better Rob, you'll never convince some people with a 'fixed mind-set' that anything other than what they initially perceive will ever be the outcome. I get sucked into it to unfortunately, but in the end, these people believe what they believe and what makes it worse is that he'll always be compared to his draft peers even though they're different positions and different stages of their development paths. Not many people understand that you don't build a winning franchise/cup contending team without a guy like OJ playing heavy, heavy minutes on your defense.
  2. Fanuck

    [Discussion] Bring back Vanek

    We should be sellers (to a point) at the deadline, not buyers.....
  3. If it was illegally/fraudulently claimed, and can be proven, I don't understand how it would be hard to force repayment.
  4. Is it just me - or is it this simple: investigate, charge the people responsible, order them to re-pay all expenses (including the cost of the investigation) and fire them.
  5. Fanuck

    [Proposal] Van-Edm

    They'd be idiots to give up on Pooljarvee so soon - but then again they're Edmonton so.......
  6. Go RAMS - that's it, that's all........
  7. Zetterberg, Lundquist, Byfuglin, Pavel-ski......Olson is that good trust CDC, they said as much!
  8. I thought Tate Olson was our savior - where is he now?
  9. Fanuck

    Kole Lind | RW

    I think you mean that every team has games in hand on them. Utica has played the most gms in the entire league.
  10. Fanuck

    [Report] Ryan Johansen suspended 2 games

    This guy's always been a sneaky-dirty player. Waiting until he gets his........and no, this little 2gamer isn't what I'm talking about.....
  11. About time. Best of luck to you MDZ.
  12. Fanuck

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    Word is that the Canes would easily consider moving Ferland because it is believed his agent has hinted he will be seeking a 'Wilson-type' contract when he becomes UFA this spring. There's no way I'd give Ferland the money/term that Wilson got.
  13. Fanuck

    What’s up with Bobrovsky ?

    Like Keenan in the good old days, Torts always finds a whipping boy each season - the old school coaches like Torts know that you need a scapegoat if/when things go downhill lol......
  14. Fanuck

    Bobrovsky Suspended by Blue Jackets

    Did Bob tell Torts to "Do his Job" .....?
  15. Meanwhile, Landeskog, calm, cool, collected, doing his job as a captain helping McK settle down before he does/says something he regrets.....