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  1. No doubt their production has declined - tell me one player in the history of the league whose game didn't decline at the end of their career? But to say their holding back the team on and off the ice is such an incredibly ignorant comment it almost bears no reply...I said almost - to a man (or human if you want to be PC), every single person in the franchise says these guys are leaders and role models on the ice, in the gym, in the community, and around the team in any other capacity you want to mention. How often this season or last have we heard both BoHo and Boeser say in interviews how amazing the the twins are on and off the ice? These two kids are the future of this franchise and they are being shown the ropes so to speak around this league by two of the best ever - care to put a price tag on the future of this franchise being groomed the right way so they're set up for the rest of their careers? I for one don't want the future of the team being mentored by some 'highest bidder gun for hire UFA specialist' with no roots or interest in this community other than it's where he receives his paycheck I'm going on record hoping they're here for another year when both EP and OJ are here so they too can benefit from their mentorship.
  2. Hutton + our 2nd to Bos for Vaakanainen Quads to LV for Hague Edler to LA for Clague or Edler to Tor for Rasanen Vanek to whoever for pick Yes.....clearly we need some defense prospects.

    We've got our share of bad contracts already (or at least one VERY bad one and a couple borderline ones anyway)......
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    Word. People need to understand how much hockey this kid's played in the past 2 years. A night off now and then for whatever reason isn't going to hurt him imo. He has an entire career ahead of him in the world's best/toughest league - rest isn't going to stunt his development.
  5. Darned if you do and darned if you don't really. Try and trade him now and JB's going to get low-balled for sure. Do trade him and who exactly is going to show any of the kids arriving in the near future how to play sound D in their own zone?
  6. Meh, pretty underwhelming swap. Could care less if it works out for LA - how does this help them re-up Doughboy cap-wise?
  7. Canucks recall Philip Holm from Utica

    About time. Let's hope he gets a legit look compared to the last guy that came here from the SHL....
  8. [Proposal] Nashville-Vancouver

    Some serious over-valuing of Canucks assets going on here. Because of that I'd take any of those deals because we'd be fleecing those clubs. Unfortunately those particular clubs don't likely bite on these imo.
  9. It's one game versus a team that took the afternoon off. Make no mistake - BoHo and Boeser are driving this bus for the foreseeable future and I don't see that changing no matter who you bring up from the farm or from any other level of hockey.
  10. Trains not coming over here anytime soon - the sooner people accept that the sooner they can move on, I know I have.
  11. The most valuable Canuck

    If he reaches his claimed potential, undoubtedly it's Demko imo.
  12. Markstrom: A lot of Canucks aren't good enough to be in NHL

    Easy for Marky to call out guys when he's sitting on a guaranteed contract and roughly 20mil in career earnings as well as a guaranteed job in SHL essentially if things go bad in NA.
  13. Kole Lind | RW

    Why are you surprised? A SHL MVP couldn't even make one of the worst clubs in the NHL. There's no rush - this teams going nowhere fast for the time being - JB and his staff will make the right decision for his development.
  14. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Generally I'd agree with you, but watching Anaheim the past couple rounds in the post-season tells me there is still some 'old-school' hockey to be played if you have both the coach and personnel to do so. They have absolutely no problem making the other team pay a price (both the clean way and the questionable way) to get a win out of them in the playoffs. Is this style of play trending down as the kids say - probably, but it's not completely dead yet.