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  1. Sadly, "The flame that burns twice as bright lasts half as long." You will be missed by millions Gord.
  2. Have a great weekend everyone!
  3. Sadly, the longer Eriksson keeps being 'meh' his contract looks more and more 'untradeable'. If he was producing at a 'reasonable' pace I'm sure there would be some tire-kickers in on some phone calls at least - as it stands now he's essentially invisible on the stat sheet night in/night out (at least for the important stats that he's supposed to be producing anyway). The NMC is just icing on he cake in this situation.....
  4. Mtl can't score - I don't see a single guy on AG's level of worth we'd be willing to part with that'll solve that problem for them.
  5. I'm more interested in which GM will be fired. Can't see how Bergevin has kept his job this long to be honest. He's on the 'hot seat' so to speak in my view.
  6. Why does he have no number on his jersey?
  7. Experience tells me that whatever Hutton's value is - it's likely not as high as CDC thinks it is.
  8. OK then, Cgy thinks like this....Boeser got scratched for a couple games and you think we're going to let him go as well? People need to stop reading into other teams' line-ups thinking we can cherry-pick guys off it for made-up reasons.
  9. Nice snipe for sure - but that is some WEAKSAUCE defending by that backchecker.
  10. Thankful for Linden and JB for leading this club with both integrity and a wealth of experience.
  11. Sadly, the new trend in the NHL is moving away from paying guys for what they did in the past towards paying guys for what they might or what they will do in the future. If Quads proves his worth through the first half/three quarters of the season I can easily see an extension in the neighborhood of 4yr/4.5 AAV or thereabouts. We have literally no one in our entire system in his mold of a player since Pedan was traded.
  12. It's one game - ONE GAME - I wouldn't give anyone the keys to the city just yet. Let's hope we keep trending up though!
  13. McClellan, for as much success as he's had in his career, has been out coached many, many times. How many times did he have the horses in SJ only to fall to the wayside at the hands of other teams/coaches? We'll see what happens when Green meets up with the Quenvilles/Babcocks of the league who won't easily be caught off guard by a hard working team. Yeah, I know those two coaches are pretty elite, but they are the 'standard' imo in today's NHL. That Pit guy's okay too I suppose. That said, I really liked the overall pace, pressure, and pursuit that Green had the boys into all night Sat - time will tell if any part of that was opening night 'adrenaline' so to speak or how long Green can have the team keep that kind of pace night in/night out? If they can sustain that tempo/pursuit consistently I'm confident they'll be in most games every night as I don't see them being outworked very often in this league if they bring that effort regularly.
  14. Throw in a first, not lottery protected, and then maybe JB considers it if we can't re-sign Quads at a fair price/term. Hockey has started and there's plenty of real story lines to discuss yet these guys keep spewing out click-bait garbage. Guess they couldn't fabricate any bs Boeser rumors after Green shut that down on after hours so they began this made-up garbage.