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  1. I can only speak for myself, but I have more respect for others when they not only take credit/reward but also are there to take responsibility/their share of the blame. Aquaman has conveniently not done that. I acknowledge that it's his team and he can run it the way he chooses however.
  2. Either own up to anything and everything or simply stay completely invisible imo. Jumping in to have your say as an owner only when it's publicly convenient for you, while your right as the owner, just reeks like a scumbag polititan who's mia when there's blame going around and suddenly everywhere when it's election time.
  3. Not ludicrous by any means as far as hockey value goes, but not a likely possibly either - that would be a fairly radical move for ownership/new management to make in a short time frame before the draft.
  4. I agree, keep kids developing at the right level whether that be in Europe, CHL or AHL - don't rush them, and let them mature both physically and mentally until they're fully ready to make the jump. That said, we know that won't happen. This ownership needs to sell something to the fans and if all they have to sell is hope, they'll do it by having kids up in Vancouver when they really shouldn't be in a desperate attempt at appeasing their revenue source. Seriously, in the past 5 years - what prospect has been fully developed in this franchise from the draft to being an NHL regular and is still with this club? I know the term 'properly developed' is not exactly exact and is open to debate, but I think we can agree - we've only had 1 excellent prospect be drafted by this club and become an NHL regular which is BoHo (and maybe Hutton as well). Other than that, we have a spotty track record recently of drafting/developing and we are in the situation we are in partially because of it unfortunately.
  5. I would love it if we had a Dahlen and a Dahlin on our team after 2018.
  6. Pretty much my thoughts. Every player had exit interviews. There's no reason to believe that JB said anything other than "go home, train hard, come back in shape and be a big part of the team next year". Tryamkin and his agent/support team never really got what it meant to be a true pro at the highest level in the world - that much was very clear from the start. You'd really think, that with his experience here, he'd begin to figure it out - he's past the most difficult adjustment part - everything else from this point forward would be just easier and easier, the training, the lifestyle, the on/off ice have to logically think that most of this is on Tryamkin and not the management/organization. I'm torn between what did the team do wrong and what the eff is wrong with Tryamkin to pull the 'chute - but I'm leaning towards the latter.
  7. I wouldn't rule this option out whatsoever, but with a catch.... If Vegas wants our #2 overall to go with their own pick, I'd seriously contemplate doing something like Tanev/our 1st this year for Vegas 1st next year and 2nd this year. Let them take whomever they want this year with their 2 top 5 picks and we take their first next year in a significantly better draft with arguably a couple truly elite players available (Dahlen/Svechnikov). Yes, we lose out on a pick for this year's first, but more than make up for it imo with Vegas' first next year which for all intents and purposes will be a lock to be top 5 (perhaps higher). Dahlen in particular is being compared to Karlsson (some say better potential which is scary).
  8. Word! KB3 v.2.0 having a great series so far. Logging over 18min/gm, over a point per game pace, leading team in blocked shots, generally being his snarly self out there!
  9. Can't wait for the back peddling/denial/apologies on this one when this idiot is positively identified - who's the 'intelligent' one again?
  10. Big surprise in the West was PG getting eliminated so early and SC giving the Pats all they can handle. Very pleased with Zhukenov's playoff production but still consider him an NHL Longshot. Will be surprised if OJ and London get past the juggernaut Erie team.
  11. Miller's career is pretty remarkable and his leadership shouldn't be questioned imo. His career achievements speak for themselves : -Hobey Baker Award -AHL 1st team all star -AHL most outstanding goalie -NHL all star 2x -Vezina winner -MVP Olympics -Best goalie Olympics -All star Olympics 300 NHL wins as starting goalie I know people will try and say these are just individual awards but imo he possesses immense 'lead by example' qualities in how he prepares, trains, and generally conducts himself on and off the ice. If this was his last season here, we were luck to have him imo.
  12. Just stick with whatever pick we end up with this year and trade Tanev for as high a pick as we can secure in 2018. People think he's worth a 1st, then it should be worth waiting for next year when the draft will be way deeper.
  13. Alzner will be highly sought after. Tell me when's the last time a highly sought after UFA wasn't grossly overpayed in salary and didn't demand a NTC/NMC? Not sure that's the route a 'not-rebuilding' team should go at this point.
  14. Just do Tanev for AZ 1st in 2018. We take Hischier/Patrick/Vilardi this season and then with two firsts in the top five or ten next year we should be able to make some kind of move to acquire the 1st overall next year guaranteeing us Dahlen (if that's who JB wants) or whomever.
  15. Nonsense. You're essentially saying a kid like BoHo isn't trying as hard as he could be because he isn't from BC?