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  1. At this point in time this scenario is looking more and more plausible.
  2. What a joke, can you imagine all the mistakes that were made by the officials back in the day without replays and the extra referee - why is the NHL even opening that can of worms?
  3. When the season ended last year I had him penciled in for roughly 20-25 goals and 30-35 assists this year. That imo is completely realistic with any production over and above that a bonus.
  4. Ummmmm, you've met other people, right ?
  5. Well, by making comments that others know nothing about leadership is presupposes that you in fact do know about it - so let's hear your expertise on why the Sedin's do or don't make great leaders then?
  6. In my view you don't necessarily need a certain level of 'on-ice' skill to be a leader and that's what I think you're saying xereau. Therer've been countless leaders throughout sports history who haven't had 'elite' skill in their sport anymore yet are tremendous leaders. I remember back to the Flames (yes, the flames did have good leaders one time) when they were in the playoffs the year they won. Lanny MacDonald was a great leader for their club yet his skills on the ice had diminished to the point he was barely able to stay in the league - yet you hear stories from the players on that team recounting how valuable it was to have him on the bench with them and 'in the room' as the saying goes. The Sedin's, as we all know, have dropped a level in their skill - age waits for no one. But in my view - the Sedin's have actually raised their leadership levels in the way they interact with the community, how they prepare for the season and individual games and in how they set the standard in training camp year in/ year out. At their age, let's be honest, they're putting in extra effort to out-do kids almost half their age sometimes and that takes dedication which in itself is a component of leadership imo. Yeah, they have great cardo - but you're selling them VERY short if that's all they bring to the rink anymore.
  7. I can't say myself where Boeser should begin the season but a couple glaring realities do make one pause before deciding : 1. Boeser is leading the NHL in pre-season goal scoring (or at least that's the stat I thought I saw during the game). 2. The Canucks were absolutely starving for goals last season. Like I said - I'm not claiming I know where Boeser should start but one things for sure is that management is quite aware of the aforementioned two facts.
  8. You mean like how the suits decided we should go to China and not the Olympics?
  9. Mostly agree Rollieo, but I'd have to see a lot more than a PPG stat from Goldy to imagine he's going to have any influence on our roster if in fact we are near the playoffs. Don't get me wrong - I really hope you are right and his stats translate to the NHL (even partially) but I'm concerned that the AHL/NHL is riddled with guys who put up impressive stats at the AHL level that never translated to the next level. Completely willing and open to be proven wrong with Goldy however as he's still very young and has a lot of learning/development to yet.
  10. Actions speak louder than words - but I'm definitely hopeful he has a bounce-back season.
  11. This should be good for Candella. Bulldogs were positioned to be a strong team but crowded on the blueline. He should play more minutes in more situations with the Wolves than with the Bulldogs. Going to a team on the rise and gets experience with a coach who's a veteran ex-NHL'er in Stillman. Wolves are projected to be quite improved from last year with a lot of returning scoring up front.
  12. nickels, I tend to agree with you and I thought the same thing at the TDL last year - these organizations aren't giving up future stars for aged veterans on the down-side of their careers (don't get me wrong - still valuable players but Burr/Hansen aren't kids anymore lets face it). Perhaps it was JB's way of creating the old 'addition by subtraction' concept where we created room for kids by clearing roster spots/contracts/salary cap all at the same time. Sometimes trades are risky - even if their the proverbial 'hockey trades'. We needed youth and scoring at the time, not experience and age - that's what we supposedly got. I'll wait it out and hope our franchise can support these new guys so they can reach their potential. BTW, you don't have to take 'digs' at everyone as the last sentence of your posts - most people, while not always agreeing with your comments are just debating hockey.
  13. FTFY
  14. I don't know about that. Versteeg, Frolicking, Brouwer, Glass, and Backlund each have more NHL experience themselves than our entire line-up combined. We'll have to be disciplined and outwork them to stand a chance is my guess. I see our D getting severely pressured and Demko/Bachman getting peppered all night. Would love to be proven wrong however.
  15. LOL....I've just never heard those two words used in the same sentence before.