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  1. When the question of grit comes up I seem to always come back to that series a couple seasons back versus Cgy. We didn't have an answer whatsoever for that dirty mofo Ferlanda and I still don't see one on the roster this season either. You don't want Quads in the box wasting his time with the likes of the Ferlandad's of the league and no other roster regulars are going to respectably match up with that type of opposing player and I don't mean simply fighting either. That punk ran roughshot all over our lineup until Juice couldn't take it anymore and lost his cool. Where's our answer for punks like that....?
  2. That's bs them blocking you. Not to make a federal case out of this but if you feel strongly about this you should bring this up with the MP in your local riding and let them know your thoughts.
  3. Pretty sure we all know exactly why Ottawa is silent all of a sudden - Trudeau made this one of his high profile/high priority election issues - do you think he's going to do an 'about face ' publicly? I know it's sad and unfortunate Rob, but it's no mystery why Ottawa isn't speaking up.
  4. The terrifying thing is, they caught "four or five" - but how many weren't caught?
  5. SID you make a lot of sense. I'm not for crucifying this kid nor am I for giving him a pass based on age. However I'm an avid fishermen myself and regularly take my 2 nephews fishing with me (aged 8 and 12). Each one of them, in their own way, can already tell you if you ask them, why it's important to follow the 'rules' as they like to call them regarding fishing. The older one can already look up the regulations online for each region in BC if I ask him. Citing 'neuroscience' as an excuse bothers me in this case.
  6. Whether Devils management or fans want to admit it or not this just adds to the pressure/expectations on Hischier. Just sign Jagr for one year for depth.
  7. Something's got to give in the next season or so as they have 61mil committed to the cap for the 2018-19 season and several RFA'S coming due including Nurse. Anyone thinking the Coilers got this cap thing figured had better re-check their figures imo.
  8. Pretty much explains why this particular amphibian is on the 'concerned' list when you understand that people can't even bother to get off their freaking bikes and walk a few dozen meters or so instead of riding over them. If people can't do that (walk a bit instead of ride) what hope is there for the organisms/creatures of the world which require people to make actual lifestyle changes to preserve their existence?
  9. One might think with Nashville going so deep and likely being right in the mix next season that'd be pretty tempting to re-up for one more season, but I guess it's a case where he's actually got every reason in his life not to play anymore right now so he's decided it's time.
  10. As much as Torts was an Aquaman hire, Gilman was an Aquaman firing imo.
  11. Haha....stop Jedi mind-reading me over the interwebs.....
  12. My own take on this from the beginning of this 'rebuild' has been to keep Tanev unless some GM offers a deal this franchise cannot refuse - in other words, we don't trade him for equal value, we only trade him for overpayment. This scenario only happens at the TDL as contenders get ready for their run. If, as some might point out, this scenario never materializes, no problem - could there be a better mentor on the roster for the up and coming defenseman in the franchise - probably not. Either way we're in a win/win situation imo with Tanev - how many times in recent history were we able to say that with one of our proven vets?
  13. Huh? Lind was better than or was outplayed by Glass? I didn't get to see the game, please explain?
  14. Do you honestly believe 30 billionaire owners, with their collective business acumen and VAST assemblage of resources, are going to let a minion like Bettman actually make important decisions that have huge financial implications for their franchises all on his own? No, make no mistake about it, this league is run by the owners - Bettman is simply a fall-guy public spokesperson and the owners have pulled a fast one on you if you believe Bettman has any significant power within the NHL empire. Ottawa owner Melnyk, gave us the exact reason on HNIC this past season as to why owners won't go to the Olympics - money, plain and simple. If his guy Karlsson were to theoretically get hurt in the Olympics he'd lose NHL ticket sales, potential points in the standings and endanger his shot at the all important and financially lucrative playoffs. It's not a mystery people - NHL owners, not Bettman, made this decision and they made it for financial reasons. Now, if the IOC were to say, guarantee NHL owners a certain 'amount' for their inconvenience I'm certain the owners would entertain that as we have to remember, about equal number of teams miss the playoffs than make it and they'd be guaranteed this bonus money in an Olympic year.
  15. In reality he could cover any number of other current stories/sports if he chose to get off his arse and do some real reporting but he knows any mention of a Canucks high profile prospect is instant click bait.