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  1. Can you be called a 'sellout' if you never actually seriously contemplated not building it?
  2. We'd have to add dearly to any Tanev/Rhino deal - so much so that I doubt it makes sense for us. Tanev, whilst a shut-down/shot suppression machine, isn't going to help Buffalo in any way-shape-form as their franchise is a mess and likely will be a mess for a while. Tanev will be 28yo in a couple weeks and will be out of this league by the time Rhino is just entering his prime - that kind of disparity will cost us a prime prospect/ high pick and/or a promising young roster player - this goes against JB's mantra of 'building through the draft'.
  3. William Lockwood | RW

    I remember Mike Peca vividly from his days in junior, when we drafted him, when he played for Canada at the WJC and when he briefly played here. I can, to this day, remember Bob Mackenzie from TSN during one of his commentaries questioning why Peca wasn't absolutely dominating the WJC because he was THAT dominant in the OHL the year he went to the WJC. I also remember watching the game live on tv when Peca absolutely CRUSHED Teemu Salami in Vancouver. He had a stellar Jr. career and then became an elite defensive forward in the NHL. That is a very lofty comparison Peca/Lockwood - let's hope Lockwood is anywhere near as good - if he is JB's got another gem.
  4. Weren't people questioning Green for not playing the supposed 'better goalie' as well? Seems like the coaches know what's going on better than the media/fans, no?
  5. [Report] Hurricanes to be sold

    LOL! Good for you Karmanos and the NHL, you believe in that market. Too bad the fans don't and last time I checked they're the ones ultimately keeping this franchise viable or not.
  6. Just curious, despite the kids currently on NHL rosters, what skill are you referring to that was left off the selection camp roster - or is that who you were referring to (NHL players)?
  7. William Lockwood | RW

    I really haven't followed this kid so someone help me out here - if in fact he makes it onto the US squad he's going to be either a checker and/or an energy guy (bottom 6 type guy) no? He's certainly not going to be relied upon to score or play top 6 minutes - am I wrong? Not that there's anything wrong with those roles - I just want to know where he fits into the US team/system/structure.
  8. IOC bans Russian team from 2018 Winter Olympics

    I'll believe this when I see it. Canadians in the KHL already have very limited options to continue to make money playing a sport and most don't make that much money (compared to NHL) for them to be able to say, "I quit because representing Canada means more to me than supporting my family."
  9. IOC bans Russian team from 2018 Winter Olympics

    LOL - one corrupt entity vilifying another. Let the snapshow retaliation begin.
  10. canucks next move is very important

    I know he's not the long-term answer and I'm not suggesting he could replace DD, but is Labate injured or what?
  11. [Recall] Canucks call up Goldobin

    You would think JB wouldn't make Goldy take an ~8hr bus ride back to Utica just to get on the next plane to NYC?!?! Unless they decided late that either Sutter or someone else couldn't skate today. Good call on injecting some energy on this LONG trip!
  12. Mike Ribeiro Arrested

    Feel odd about this b/c I never liked him as a player or thought he was a good person off the ice but it does explain a lot if he was battling addiction issues throughout his career. If he won't get help for himself or his kids is there hope for him?
  13. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    How is this an interesting decision? MDZ,Hutton,Edler,Tanev,Stecher,Quads, Pouliot - Biega 8th.
  14. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    LOL - sorry about that 48MPH....I know it's a bit unfair digging those up but you have to admit they are good ones to look back on, no?