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  1. You on CDC boy, you in da wrong place for patience.......
  2. So much undervaluing of elite defenceman (OJ) in this thread already. Nashville's recent run should've opened people's minds to the value of elite D.
  3. I feel sorry for Subban if/when he ever gets called up - he'll never live up to people's expectations and will just be used as more fodder for some CDC'ers to try and bash management.
  4. There's a lot of 'meh' on the UFA market this year :
  5. Lind only had 7 less points than Glass while only playing 1 more game. While their respective teams will have different trajectories in the WHL next season (Portland is presumed to be one of the top teams in the league ) this comparison is going to be more fun to follow imo. Apples to apples with head-to-head match ups during the season.
  6. Thanks for posting, but it would've been far more useful to see the exact same test results for each of the prospects so we could compare apples to apples so to speak.
  7. I've always been a supporter of both JB/TL and believe they've had a long-term plan in place from day one. I don't need THN, who've been crapping on us in their rag for a long, long time to tell me JB/TL have us on the right path.
  8. The only reason Aquaman was up there was because he didn't want Gaglardi showing him up.
  9. Anyone noticed there was another Virtanen drafted. I know, no relation but.....
  10. So essentially hope ownership/management learned their lessons from Virt/McCann.
  11. Remember Tate Olson people - temper your expectations and you won't be disappointed.