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  1. You mean when they're in Quebec?
  2. I take these reports with a huge grain of salt as I suspect most of these online bloggers/so called scouts either never actually watch theses players in person, don't watch them over extended periods of time to see actual development occur, or don't have enough actual hockey knowledge of the NHL game to be able to make any valid reports - but they sure can post stats and collect information that's already been written by others.
  3. This is CDC, not everyone's an adult as you'll learn. Good for the Canucks and EE. Wonder how that conversation went for the team? Email sent to the guys, group text, message on whiteboard in team gym, Willy asked a few guys....?
  4. Yak: Size - no. Grit - no. Character - no. Skill - hasn't translated well to the NHL consistently. Scoring - see immediately above. At this point he's functioning at a 3rd line capacity and we're already flush with 3rd liners so.....pass.
  5. Yup, seen both The Fall and Luther - I agree with you, both quite good.
  6. Prefer the "Coil-ers Su-ck' chant, followed up in the 2nd period with the "Lu-cy Su-cks" chant and ending the 3rd with "Takin' care of Business" when we send the Coilers, and everyone else home, battered, bruised and without 2pts.
  7. It's not been a secret, JB has said from day 1 he wants to build through the draft and that's how teams can stay competitive in today's NHL. I don't see the revelation with this theory, it's been well documented. Hopefully in 3-5 years there's 14-16 guys, if not more, on the roster who were acquired via the draft.
  8. How many incidents does it take CDC to recognize this guy's not who we want here? Just drop it already.
  9. Farnham is a beat-down waiting to happen. Welcome back to Vancouver Bobby, let me introduce you to #44.
  10. He's getting a couple free ones at the new place he's been looking for, it's called 'the big house '.
  11. How many chances is he going to get? Surely this shuts down those who want him here - for any price.
  12. Hack, misrepresenting himself as a journalist. Why do you give this guy so much play CDC?
  13. The Bridge (original Swedish /Danish version ) Happy Valley Homeland Line of Duty Hinterland Broadchurch River The Killing The Heavy Water War
  14. Sorry, but even in their heyday of 2009-11 the Canucks weren't even close to averaging 4 goals per game, and adding one 25 goal guy like Palat isn't going to get them to that imo. For the way the team is assembled right now, I'd value some size/grit over smaller/skilled guy.