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  1. I highly doubt that's his actual facebook.
  2. Can't believe so many motherf*ckers wanted to trade him.
  3. Aquiace, how's the family doing?
  4. The game ended 20 minutes ago and nobody has said anything in this thread, is that a good thing?
  5. HI, remember me?!??!?!? we used to talk every once in a while. i kinda liked you.

  6. Your sig is amazing.

  7. oh hay. it's you!!!

  8. hey fogducker!

    not much is cookin.

    how are you doing?

  9. hey dq! what's cookin?

  10. yeah i know what you mean. i wanted to give you a gazillion but apparently you can't go above 5. it sucks.

  11. i wanted to give you 10, but they won't let me :(

  12. awwwww lol thanks babe. i gave you 5 stars as well.

  13. i gave you 5 stars ;)

  14. Please let it snow enough so that ALL schools are closed tomorrow. Pleeeeeease. It sucks sitting in class when there's snow outside. Damn little kids get to go out and play....i'm so jealous