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  1. Impossible to speculate. Too many variables. I never thought Horvat would stick with the team. As another user mentioned, any exposure to the Sedins is a great thing.
  2. Everyone lamented (myself too) about Torres walking...and now we have the perfect replacement. Not at all displeased with the signing.
  3. Seriously, everyone in this thread is wanting D...of all types and stripes. There are center spots that need major consideration.
  4. I wasnt active here when the off season was in effect, but always thought he would be a good fit in the top-3 down the middle. Also felt that Dom Moore came out of hibernation, i thought the Canucks would target him. Lucky AV. He gets to use the same concept of sheltered minutes to certain centers.
  5. Always glad you posted before i did. He is absolutely Torres...with a fighters edge. Folks on CDC whined about losing Raffi...but we got a sound replacement. I reckon he will stay with the team for a bit.
  6. Message me. Drinking is my only solace with all this unecessary drama.
  7. Im in the same dream world, except im at a bar getting wasted gearing up for a possible dark time in this ownerships steed. Ill save you a seat and buy you a shot.
  8. Linden: No Nazzy: Maybe in a lesser role. Feaster: Not my cup of tea. Current list of assistant GM's on good, current NHL clubs. For sure. Interview them. Cam Neely: Hell yeah.
  9. Fire a GM before the season ends? Even if its one the worst in the recent past? You are out to lunch if you think this move warrants merit. MG's Hockey-ops team nearly doubled the teams worth.
  10. Weird how Nonis was a knee jerk move and Aquas hire MG. They are going to have it tough attracting a new GM with meddling ownership at the helm. Hockey operations need to stay with Hockey minds. Not ownership treating this team like a vanity project.
  11. Stupid, stupid move. So beyond idiotic.
  12. Those teams shared only a few shared hallmarks: utilizing speed and a north south approach when moving the puck. I wasnt referring to anything that was putting down your suggestion. I really like Mike Johnston. Savvy Hockey mind and has written 3 of the best Hockey books in the last decade plus. I just think its time for him to finally have a crack at a head coaching gig. He has put in his fair share due payment.
  13. You dont remember his 1st tour of duty here in Vancouver?
  14. Rick Nash, Ryan Callahan, Chris Krieder, Marion Gaborik, Derek Stepan, and Brad Richards just threw up a little in their mouths while lulzing at that post.