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  1. Impossible to speculate. Too many variables. I never thought Horvat would stick with the team. As another user mentioned, any exposure to the Sedins is a great thing.
  2. Everyone lamented (myself too) about Torres walking...and now we have the perfect replacement. Not at all displeased with the signing.
  3. Seriously, everyone in this thread is wanting D...of all types and stripes. There are center spots that need major consideration.
  4. I hate Jeff Carter.
  5. Ive only ever heard kind things about Nolan. While i am loathe to think about tanking conspiracies...its plausible that there was some meddling. But i appreciate a fans input. Im still confused though...Nolan is a decent coach, and on paper it should be a good team.
  6. With B-Mack...he seems much more in tune with the business side. Though that informs his predictions of team performances. Friedman is very much the same. Elliote is wonderful because he caps the idiots who have been surrounded with him in the last few years on HNIC, and he possesses more insight. Whether you want to believe it or not Jaime McLennan is a decent scout/analyst when it concerns goalies and defence. Aaron Ward straddles that too. But for my tastes...Ferraro is much more complete. Not sure why...but i find myself on board with him more often times than not.
  7. I stated that in my original post.
  8. I wasnt active here when the off season was in effect, but always thought he would be a good fit in the top-3 down the middle. Also felt that Dom Moore came out of hibernation, i thought the Canucks would target him. Lucky AV. He gets to use the same concept of sheltered minutes to certain centers.
  9. I know this because there was video not too long ago here on CDC of a day in the life of Linden, in which he makes arrangements with the whole crew about what Ontario teams he would be scouting thru that particular week. Go to the homepage and seek it out.
  10. At least i know now that this is Jason Botchford's messageboard account. A recovering Miller as back-up, is a very excellent luxury.
  11. No. Not because it would appear that im being argumentive...but because Linden stated a few times that he wants Benning to have Hockey on the mind at all times. Benning has the scout instincts. Everyone under him for this sequence of time can help monitor things. That being said...i would have thought that Trev would be scouting, and Benning being present for the 1st round. Id speculate that Trev is staying put because he can hold the fort as he has played with all of the core players and can fill that role.
  12. Ive chimed in many similar threads. I live in Vancouver now. Im a Prairie boy, and loved the team when i was. Because Hockey is relatively a young sport here...its just easy to follow and root for this team. On top of it the 2K versions have been nothing short of comical sports dramatics. Easily the most entertaining Canadian team to not have won the Cup, but have been soooooooooooooo close. I am a Hockey fan first. I am a Canuck fan because i just am.
  13. Was looking for opinions about the D-pairings as well. IMO, id like to see the pairings kept intact. I wouldnt be suprised to see if the Flames youngsters are going to be played physical; make them wary, keep them angled from the slot and in perimeters. Hudler is the X-factor for sure. If Eddie gets Viking on those could be a difference maker
  14. Ray Ferraro is the only guy i can stomach with his analysis. Before the season started...he was the one that knowledgeably spoke about how Vrby would be a great fit for the Canucks before he signed. His spots on 1040 are a blast to listen to, and he is not afraid to admit he was wrong about anything.
  15. Noone apologizing for underrating Juice yet?