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  1. Pending Kronwall going on IR, we would like to activate Cody Goloubef from IR and place him on Waivers. WAIVERS: THe Vancouver Canucks place Cody Goloubef on Waivers for the purpose of assigning him to Utica in the affiliate league.
  2. Nik Kronwall to LTIR please, not sure if we allow backdating but he went on IR for real on Oct 11th. If no backdating, I would like him on as of this morning please.
  3. Put your hands up in the air, and waive em like your tied for a top ten spot!!!! For Immediate Release: Vancouver Canucks GM Press Flyer Oct 28th 2016 Gm and fellow fan of the Vancouver Canucks, Primal Optimist, sat down today and gave a short presser in response to questions that his team can continue this momentum beyond the first ten games. Here is what he had to say. "We are pleased to see the team doing nicely, and I don't think it is a fluke, no. Our standout of the month has got to be Charlie Coyle, but that doesn't take anything away from a dozen other top end contributors here, and to think Nik Kronwall has been injured this whole time. If you can be in a top ten position without a key guy like Nik, your a decent team. I can't take the credit for that, coming in this summer and evaluating where we were at, where we needed to be and making a few changes so far, I think the credit, if any, is in the changes I didn't make. These guys in the room, its all them. They are within a competitive shot of being a top five team, tied for a top ten spot and frankly to be up there with the likes of some of the GM's at this end of the spectrum, its real fun that is for sure. I want to instate a short 3 stars of the month idea around our rink and today is as good a day as any to announce the main guys in the running for our first of the year 3stars of October. The short list includes the aforementioned Charlie Coyle along with Travis Hamonic (one goal three assists great plusminus and some earned plm's) Steve Mason (who rang in thus far with a SO win, Regulation Win and an OT loss to go with an early goalie assist), Valterri Filpulla (with a skilled contribution of 3 goals and 2 assists) and Andre Markov (chipping in 4 assists including two on special teams). Anyone can explode on the ice this weekend, and the final 3 Stars won't be announced until November, but we are really excited about our club going forward and can't wait until the so called 20 games in analysis. Thank you and keep your stick on the ice"
  4. That baby is adorable, the bulldog is pretty chill too! Although if i didn't know better the eyebrows on the dog say "ugh, kid is sposed to be in the penalty box sleeping while I GET ALL THE SNUGGLES by now..." errr crib, not penalty box. freudian slip?
  5. Player Movement: The St Louis Blues have claimed Chris Vandevelde from Philly off the waiver wire. Effective Oct 28th am. Philly has called up Devin Shore to replace Vendevelde
  6. I used to live there, but now I hold my breath and dash and read a little and dash out. Tonight is a big night for us....maybe?
  7. Player Movement: Coyotes Player, Eric Condra has cleared Waivers as of 9:30am Oct 26th, and has been assigned to the Affiliate Hockey League.
  8. Vancouver News: This Friday I look forward to having the time to review each of my squad's performance thus far....our Month End Report will be posted inside the weekend, hopefully as early as Friday Morning.
  9. Player Movement: Blues player Colin Greening has cleared waivers effective Oct 26th am. He has been assigned to the Chicago Wolves Oilers player Stephen Gionta has cleared waivers effective Oct 26th am. He has been assigned to the WC Eagles.
  10. Player Movement: The Devils have placed Cody Bass on LTIR effective the morning of Oct 25th. The Jets have placed Alex Burrows on LTIR effective the morning of Oct 25th. The Blues have placed Michael Raffl on LTIR effective the morning of Oct 26th.
  11. sounds like a trade is in the offing?
  12. PLAYER MOVEMENT: With at least five waiver claim attempts, trumped by the claim from Mike Vanderhoek's league worst New Jersey Devils....the Wild player, Trevor Lewis has been claimed effective the Morning of Oct 26th.
  13. a little fly told me this would be the case. it was always a day to day thing..he wasn't all that shook up, they just wanted to rest him after a long post season and an early summer's end.
  14. Good eye, missed that myself. Since TM has taken over for C2X, and even a little before that, I have handled waiver claims and LTIR, Canuck2xtreme just doesn't have the ttime to surrender at the moment, at least not the time he sunk into our fun little game here for so many years prior, often at the cost of his own good fortune. SO yeah, PM me, P.O. from now on to place a claim.