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  1. Shhhhhh. Second rule of fight club is don't interrupt your opponent when they are making a mistake. I am still trying to catch him...for years now..i am feeling like the coyote versus his road runner...and yes we are both in the funny pages i there is that.
  2. You need to retire to one of them villages what gots them interwebs on a more reliable like teley gram line.
  3. @Caboose Joel Persson has cleared waivers and has been assigned to the minor league affiliate @Rush17 Colin Wilson has cleared waivers and has been assigned to the minor league affiliate There are two players still on waivers and the next update will be on or after 4:45pm tomorrow. Pickup has been updated to this point so it should be fresh in the morning.
  4. Eetu being called up one day earlier than the second you can call up another body if you have one? Let me know before Noon tomorrow!
  5. My apologies, found it! will action this as soon as possible.
  6. pickup and sheets however will be done in the morning, everything has been listed and ready for the AM. Have a good night everyone.
  7. To @Patrick Kane : Thomas Greiss To @Gally : Brian Elliott, CHI 3rd 2021 Logged, and updated on sheets. Pickup will lag by a day or two as i will be updating it tomorrow at the latest. thank you.
  8. ^ out west literally any club could make the dance at this point...lots of hockey left before playoffs! The east only has a few teams unlikely to be able to be pushing for playoffs this year. ultimately that "gm reputation" thing should keep any GM from openly admitting they are tanking since that is frowned upon. It is a plausible tactic one might suppose but wouldn't be tolerated by club owners who need to put bums in the seats if it was splashed about as the de facto strategy, just FYI
  9. *In order to finish data entry of the 2019 entry draft notes onto your prospects names on team sheets: (now done!) and to process side items like the above, updates will likely happen in the morning tomorrow, thank you for your patience.
  10. The @Nail @JE14, have re-signed newly acquired netminder Braden Holtby to a 5 year deal commencing in the 2020-21 season Terms of the deal are as follows: 5 years @ 8.250 Million dollars per season AAV/Cap hit a full NMC in year 1 (2020-21) a Modified NTC in years 2,3, and 4 (2021-22, 22-23, 23-34) in which "The player may not be traded to a bottom five club in the most recent standings at time of request, nor to an additional 5 teams listed by the player, with the full ten team NTC list to be provided when requested by the club." Transparency notes:
  11. Fixed my abbreviations, funny story, they are done for speed, haha..fml As I do the final club's unsigned prospects draft notes: WInnipeg, I am struck by how big a draft they that I have done all the notes, i have to say aside from the Caps and Blue Jackets getting 1st and 2nd overall; WInnipeg totally won the entry draft!!! hahaha so much talent there in one years draft!!!
  12. Okay, please stop. haha..i will fix those three when I am done everything else I am doing which makes it about 2027, June. NAS is the one I thought you would be upset For any other readers: i have 6 more teams to enter the draft info for: would be 4 left except for this sidestep here.