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  1. wading into the waiver debate: this is perfectly acceptable in my humble opinion as long as it isn't tacked onto the bottom of a full roster report and three paragraphs of Why GM High TEch picked the bestest kiddos at the draft. other leagues have it so you need to post waivers in their very own post with no fluff or other stuff in it clouding the issue. I like that idea, but won't make any waives, get it? waives...hahaha....if nothing changes.
  2. I see what you did there
  3. LTIR Request: Vancouver requests Charlie COyle to LTIR with a broken fibula Activation: Vancouver activates David Backes from LTIR.
  4. Yeah, well played sir. I do apologize. Was speaking out of character andmore from pure butthurt over the 2011 playoffs. I will shut it now with the only statement I can make. "Whew, glad he feels that way, dodged a bullet".
  5. LOL found it after too many minutes of googling....thanks rainbow butt monkey for a fruitful day.
  6. No offense to who owns him but is anyone else out there just wishing Chara would retire and get out of the league? Maybe I am holding a huge 2011 grudge but he is the one player I can say I really don't like in the NHL. Do Not Like that guy.
  7. I am very happy with some of our question marks going into the season: Josh Ho-Sang is really doing some nice things out there, our new netminder Semyon Varlamov is off to a great start so far, and we are only 100 points away from the middle third, our target this year, with some very substantial contributors still getting warmed up. I am at 26th right now, but the potential to crack the middle third this year is here at Madison Square Garden as #werise!
  8. Assignment: The Rangers assign Dylan Strome to the minors this morning, thanks.
  9. Activation and assignment: Marek Hrivik is activated from IR this morning and will be assigned to the minor league affiliate. Thank you.
  10. RBM makes me think of an old tv show...the main characters flew around in an old wooden was like Spruce Goose or Golden Monkey or Brass Monkey or something like was i think staged to be taking place in the pacific islands or south america and they always just got back to the plane in time to save their lives/money/guest an Ateam set down south.
  11. Sounds like your making some healthy decisions and being proactive. I try not to talk too much about it but I want to this morning: I am a veteran with PTSD and my wife (now technically exwife) has worked for the FEDS at Veterans Affairs working with the families of other soldiers with PTSD to help them overcome things like raging alcoholics, suicide, mental trauma, family violence, all sorts of exotic and horrible side effects of having a loved one suffer with a mental injury...she is now on long term disability with her own PTSD as a result and a dose of suicidal ideation as well. I am feeling like I have my health under control and I am working for a good charity, we have a beautiful house that we own and life is on track, but when it goes off the rails, it can go sideways. She decided to not play at being married anymore as part of her recovery, but we are still sharing partners in the house and business and hell, we still snuggle at night and go to the movies...I hope she changes her mind and comes back to me in her mind as well, as the long term healing takes place....bottom line is i would rather a healthy ex wife than a dead wife. i got of topic a little, but I really wanted to say that YOU are the most important person right now and you need what you need. Take the time to get er back on track and if you ever feel like coming back here, I bet you will be more than welcome. Take Care Bro. Pain is temporary, that is a big thing to remember, as anguish can make it seem like a no way out situation. You are a well liked guy in our community here, don't forget that.
  12. WOW, that is a textbook psych example me being literally blind to the truth because I wanted to see what I saw. ...anyone in PSYCH 150 could write a paper on me. SOrry Monty and no disrespect to Mike Smith, I just did not see his name there with a high number as I skimmed. Two better guys there couldn't be to sit number 1 and 2 then. My sentiment remains the same, AWESOME< My netminder has come through in his debut season with us!
  13. WHoops, I had typed it in a separate window and didn't hit submit reply i guess but.... Vancouver requests David Backes to LTIR reference: THEN we call up Em Etem. Thank you!
  14. The Vancouver Canucks recall Emerson Etem from the minor league affiliated Utica Comets!
  15. Varly and Me. I have to tell the world about the best (*most points in the league from inside the paint) goalie so far ths year. He is our starter, Semyon Varlamov who's 40 points so far lead our league in netminders and currently sits tied for 6th most points overall for an individual player in our league. Wooohooo! I love it when a plan comes together.