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  2. In order to keep track of everything only claims sent to me in a PM will be deemed a registered official waiver claim. THank you. Also Waivers must be announced in their own post, adding the assignment is great however as it helps direct the Commish should the player clear, but for both of your waiver announcements the format ought to be as follows with no lines of text above or below it: (these two announcements will be accepted as is, but keep in mind for future please) Waivers: The Maple Leafs waive Dave Hutchinson, for the purpose of assigning him to the London Knights
  3. Player Movement: Sidney Crosby has been placed on LTIR by the Winnipeg Jets.
  4. Player Movement: Arizona Player Curtis McElhinney has been claimed by the New York Rangers. (will slot into vacant starter spot with Mike Smith on IR. )
  5. Player Movement: Rangers player Cody Goloubef has cleared waivers Oct 23rd.
  6. Looking forward to another game where we have a good shot at not losing in regulation.....that would be a great streak to have survive for a while.
  7. Player Movement: The Toronto Maple Leafs place Jeff Zatkoff on LTIR effective Oct 23rd.
  8. LOL, we don't have to worry there, mate.
  9. Waivers: The New York Rangers waive Cody Goloubef for the purpose of assigning him to the Affiliate Hockey League's Connecticut Whale.
  10. Rangers LIneup Note: Ben Smith will take the 5th Centerman spot on our Rangers depth Chart, moving Brian Flynn to the 5th Left Wing position.
  11. Very Happy to have Ben Smith come out to the east coast and eat a few New York Fries at Madison Square Garden. Once we got the early injury bug on the blueline we knew we had to bring in an alternative, and in this case a 14th forward. This move gives us great lateral movement going forward and of course adds to the talent pool that is your New York Rangers. We have been willing to wait to see how things start, up to "20 games in" was the thinking in the head shed at our pond. Now as we wait on news of Mike Smith's injury from the team doctors and the battery of tests he is undergoing, and with one defenceman still on IR, we are considering adding more depth earlier than anticipated.
  12. The verse is balanced this morning. (if you think there is a waiver or LTIR outstanding issue with your team, PM me...pretty sure it is all up to date as of this date.)
  13. Building this from scratch this morning, it will get prettier as we go.... Official Standings of the CDCGML (keeping in mind it is only 8 days in...this is just for formatting and tweaking ...will likely not be done regularily for a while yet)
  14. Activation: The New York Rangers activate Cody Goloubef from LTIR.
  15. PLAYER MOVEMENT: New York Rangers place Mike Smith on LTIR Effective Oct 20th.