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  1. That is too bad Jaku, my only thought is "IF" you are a playoff team, and I can't tell from here right now if you are, maybe post a lineup and see if you can win a cup before you hang up your spurs? If not, take care, and don't take any wooden nickles.
  2. Great vacay choice! just chiming in with "you should try glennwood meats products. Langford BC on Vancouver Island, great stuff, never disappoints. ALthough I have had those Alderwood Farm ones and they are as advertised.
  3. I love that you live in Goteborg. My Versgotaspetz is traditionally from near you, and so is my ancestral family farm. Neato.
  4. Any way you slice it, the team that takes ALL OF SCIENCE and MEDICINE's advice on prevention of COVID-19 to heart and implements the best DEFENSE against an outbreak is likely the Cup Winner over the long haul. After the play-in round anyways...that is just a turkey shoot that I hope our rusty boys outlast the other rusty boys at.
  5. Taking a peak at our unsigned 19 year olds, and wow, who the heck drafted these guys"? haha Matthew Robertson Nathan Legare Shane Pinto Kaedan Korczak Adam Beckman Robertson-numbers were just so so until you remember he is a Dman! 13g, 34a 47p in 60 games at 18 years old. Pinto-NCHC Rookie of the Year and most impactful forwards on the Yankee team WJC's Beckman-led WHL in scoring with 107 Legare-35 goals and 36 assists on a bottom of the barrel team this year If Korczak is my 'worst' unsigned prospect, sweet deal, I will take it!
  6. Well yeah, taking into account the years between here and then. o.O
  7. That is Varly at the 50 second mark, getting his stretches in...We are Checked and Active. Madison Socialdistance Square reporting.
  8. Now she is swinging a white blouse over her head like she is Roger Neilson! Oh, now we have bumper to bumper traffic out there, it is pandemonium!" But really: i would prefer to lose in the play-in round or go all the way to the stanley cup finals...a win would be just as amazing as any year,,a Dubya is a Dubya is a Dubya and a Vancouver Stanley CUp, after what, 103 years? WHen did the Millionaires win it? Well it is time again now for Vancouver, covid or no covid.
  9. I will be real curious if any of the 8 teams about to be knocked out will lose out on the number one overall pick due to 50 points granted by virtue of an award OR lose out because another of the 8 clubs that will be knocked out in the playin round win 50 points and bump up? not likely on that 2nd idea now that i type it out... but i will be watching to see if a team that 'would' have won the Lafreniere sweeps loses out and picks 9th rather than 1st because of a league "award". haha.
  10. Pure Sedinery you four! Honestly, the way I would guess 9 times out of ten and accurately 3 times in 4. hahaha..Congrats to you all on the well earned topping of your Divisions. Bravo Zulu Azzy, C2X, MM and MVPH
  11. All kidding aside, I am rooting for the Rangers pick to go first overall. Good luck Rusher!
  12. Oh thank you, I wouldn't mind offering some of your RFA's. Don't mind if I do.
  13. swoon! 86 points in 46 games and still technically 18 years old until September 11th. Yup a 9/11 baby. Kids got huspah. 2019-20 Peterborough Petes “A” OHL 46 55 31 86 40 29
  14. OH agreed, the players are all way too hard wired to giver, I am talking about the coaching. YOu can subtly slide out of a game just by rotating the wrong line at the wrong time twice in a match, but I get what your saying, it isn't likely to be a real problem. I just think its bad business to find out if any of those 8 teams will have a top 1 2 or 3 pick...or all of the top 12 and 3 picks prior to their round of 24 playin games. Shrug, just an opinion.
  15. 6 days to the draft lottery: i don't like the format. Lets pretend the top three picks go to unknown teams who are going to lose the playin best of 5 series'. So you now you have a 3 in 8 chance to get a top three draft pick. I can see clubs with no real good hopes of a cup win simply losing in three games in order to get one of those 3 in 8 top 3 picks. I think it is not good for business really: and the draft lotto could have waited until the day after the playin round, imo. No big thing though, so next Friday i think is the lotto, more here: