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  1. Arizona Coyotes Round 2 squad...just woke up hope i don't forget someone....(activating my black aces since they fit now): Evander Kane - Nathan MacKinnon - Jordan Staal Micheal Ferland - Sven Andrighetto - Sean Kuraly Joona Koppanen - Josh Dickinson - Julien Gauthier Juuso Ikonen Eric Johnson I want to thank Jaku and the Vancouver Canucks for a really close and exciting inaugural year first round series, it was certainly memorable, and it was SO CLOSE, They came hard with a ten point night in the final evening, proving that any little thing earlier would have been a difference maker, as both squads had zeroes on more than one night in the last two weeks! Great series 1 and here's to a great series two with _arby_18's San Jose Sharks! Thank you all for a fun and exciting first year in what is shaping up to be a great league. Dvexx the Primal Optimist PS: in the real NHL all four wildcards won their series...weird or what?
  2. I have room for all my black aces to be called up to make them official just in case ..but no need to try to add them on pickup unless by a miracle they play. Thanks is that good enough to make it official?
  3. Fool you once., et cetera..but if happens a third time you have no one to blame but your self. Haha..not saying she is doing it on purpose she even a hockey fan? Lol
  4. Dont be bashful...its okay to love the Yotes! Follow your heart. Edit: Arizona is hungry like the wolf and San Jose is serving up the meats...shark meat. (Side ramble I am reminded of eating ostriche and salmon lox with Princess Anne talking about the trans Atlantic Fiber Optic trunk .... she had the meats too...but I digress.) Edit2: accidentally gave you dart board material while trying to fuel a division rivalry lol
  5. Why is it so quiet in the arena tonight? Washington fans suck worse than 2011 lower bowl Canucks fans lpl
  6. I am just as thrilled as you are about the contributions! There is life here in the GML...yeah!!
  7. Unless Backstrom has 40 or 50 points in him for tomorrow's game, your it! Grats MM, you were, are and remain a Worthy Opponent. I am actually pretty happy that you only beat me by a goaltender and change....would I have guessed that Allen would only see playoff Hockey from the backup bench half a season ago? NOPE. Would I have guessed that Rittich would be seeing playoff ice time 2 months ago? YUP.... what a difference a netminder makes. Next year, you shall rue this day...RUE!!!
  8. Thank you, that was a great round...if we did it over nine more times I bet we would split 5 and 5, but I will take it, I don't think you can bridge that gap, whew. Fairly certain I face the Sharks, who have Atkinson from CBJ, Sedlak CBJ, Reinke STL....and either Ovechkin, yikes, or McLuvin, settled tomorrow, lol....and then Tuch or Haley, depending on this OT I love OT playoff hockey...its everything all wrapped up in one package...dayum.
  9. And a nice breath of fresh desert air tonight. Confidence has gone up substantially now that Rielly is done. Effectively, Vancouver is down to one point producer tomorrow, and I am starting to think that may not be enough with Staal, Ferland and Evander Kane still upright for the Desert Dogs! Go Yotes! lets not blow this in the final 24 hours.... Ohhhhh, just realized I am gonna require Evander and the 'canes boys to make it through now if i have any hope of making a run...sigh....
  10. Well, you are only up by a Fleury and a Miller, however, I have a very hard time even pretending I will catch you. Still, fat lady's mouth is still full...not singing yet...
  11. I am going to pay much closer attention to ufa/rfa after my probably tomorrow morning. haha.
  12. I will breathe easier if the Dallas Nashville series wraps up tonight...Zucarello is a player who can gobble up half my lead if he is on fire in any given game.
  13. 21 now and tomorrow is not gonna be any nicer for me..hoping that Evander Kane can RIP a geordie how Hattie in the final frame tonight....
  14. Not just for you two guys...I am watching the whole western conference and its so incredible right now...all i can say for sure is suddenly i am the biggest NHL 'Canes fan there is...LMAO...I am gonna need those two guys if i have any chance of going forward IF i am lucky enough to survive this round.