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  1. I can swap to that format if you all like...was trying this for ease of use on smart update I will do Division standings, how is that?
  2. The Divisional Standings, this fine Day... 1610 1469 1466 1447 1436 1399 1190 1764 1651 1502 1368 1347 1312 1277 1204 1848 1710 1683 1634 1599 1581 1445 1425 1771 1742 1601 1485 1307 1160 1124
  3. Player Movement: Curtis McEllhiney cleared waivers and has been assigned to the farm team effective Morning of Dec 10th. The Senators place Philip Larsen on LTIR effective Morning of December 29th
  4. What are the odds? Don't bet on it. There, aced both exams in two sentences.
  5. There is a tonne of work here for tM, I get that. Thank you for the updates, and good to see you A. also glad to see Curtis get a look from a team. whew.
  6. Player Movement: Colorado has claimed Curtis McEllhiney from the Rangers Waiver WIre effective Morning of Dec 8th.
  7. Star Talk host Neil Degrasse Tyson: I am here with renowned General Manager of the New York Rangers, Primal Optimist, who has joined us on Star Talk to answer a simple question for a fan of the physics of sports on ice. Primal, welcome, can you just tell us why your waiving a goalie from your farm team? GM PO: Thanks for having me Neil. It is simple Neil, like circular functions or the implications of plank time on super string theory, when Mike Smith was injured earlier this year we did not have the right mix to call up an active netminder from the farm as we did last year with the amazing kid Joonas Korpisalo who covered for Smith for a large chunk of time. This year we wanted to give Joonas the full year in development on the farm, and so when Curtis was placed on waivers by another organization, he fit our needs and is a great NHL backup. He came over to Madison Square Garden, stole us some points and was a great guy in the room, however now that we have Mike Smith back from injury and Mike is our number one netminder, backup up by a confident Keith Kinkaid, we don't want to stiffle Curtis by having him play backup on the farm team. That is unfair to such a great guy who lets face it, won an NHL game just a few nights ago. I am glad you had me on, I am a big big fan, and I just have one question for you... When you were nine years old and met Carl Sagan face to face for the first time, was it as awe inspiring as I feel every time I watch you give a lecture or join in a debate performance on stage? Again, giant fanboy here, if you ever want to skate on the famous MSG rink, we can make that happen. Thank you, thanks to your fans for having me, and thank you Curtis McEllhiney for coming in and helping us out when we needed it most. This waive is not a slap in the face, it is allowing a career to continue to go forward as a thank you for a job well done.
  8. WAIVERS: The Rangers Waive active goaltender Curtis McEllhinney.
  9. assignment: The Rangers send down Petr Straka, no waivers required. This is to make the room needed for Cody GOloubef to join the team in the morning now that Lovejoy has been claimed off waivers, making an 8th spot available for a dman.
  10. Player Movement: Chicago has claimed Ben Lovejoy from the Rangers via waivers. Effective morning of December 7th.
  11. Player Movement: The Canadiens place Alex Galchenyuk on LTIR effective morning of Dec 6th. The Canadiens place Eric Johnson on LTIR effective morning of Dec 6th. ((finally put on IR by his real life team, lol)
  12. Yeah, I couldn't imagine it would, but don't get why the aves dont use IR when they can in this case...some mystery for another day i guess.
  13. I think that is most likely the correct side of things. I think it is crazy, I would always put a player on LTIR, I can't think of a downside.
  14. Thought of the day: does an NMC mean a team can not put a player on IR? If you look at Eric Johnson's situation with a broken leg, why haven't the Aves put him on IR yet? I can't think of a reason myself unless his Modified NTC and Full NMC prevent it somehow?
  15. Waivers: The New York Rangers Waive Ben Lovejoy with the intention to assign him to the minor league affiliate. Callup: The new York Rangers call up Marek Hrivik to join the team as the 13th forward. Callup: the New York Rangers Call Up Cody Goloubef who will replace Ben Lovejoy should he be claimed or assigned in 24 hours.