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  1. I think people are receiving this well, so I will do one more Tesla Power Trends and see what happens.14 drops and 5 holding steady means just 11 moving up and none more so than the week over week underdog the Colorado Avelanche, having an amazing week and capturing 11th for point totals the past seven days. Congrats on a good show! 1.Devils(1) Holtby declines a little in points but Grubauer kicks it up, keeping the Red Hot Devils at number one for Power! 2.Wild(2) Sticking at number 2 means everyone not in net did everything right this week. The tandem earned a point each if you average out the penalty points for the netminders. o.O If you can do it without goalies, but have the goalies, your doing it right. 3.Blue Jackets(11) Second week running the Jackets roll up their sleeves and get to work. This week number one for points and move inside the top five of the Power Trends. 4.Capitals(4) Matt Murray's 30 points kept the Caps from sliding a little further down in the Power Charts, 17 names on the scoresheet in total. Klingberg held to just 2 points means nothing to worry about for next week in Washington. 5.Lightning(7) Tavares leads his team up two spots as again 18 guys chip in to get er done. Holding steady at 7th for two weeks and then sliding up can only mean great things when its being done inside the top 10 Power Trending teams week over week. 6.Senators(13) Any given week any given player on this team's work will get applause..this week though they are all dwarfed by big Matti Niskanen!! 54 points from the blueline, holy smokes! 7.Penguins(5) Pittsburgh down two ranks in the Tesla Power Trends as Trocheck is held to 9 points this week, 18 contributors but no one took the bull by the ring. 8.Flames(12) Calgary is up 4 and inside the top ten again after dropping four last week. 11 guys getting substantial points and Connor McDavid leading the team as he should with 36, only five guys with zip all this week. Are the Flames real contenders this year? Seems so. 9.Panthers(8) When 18 players all chip in a well rounded amount of points, you get to stay in the top ten but when none of them really step up you can fall a spot or two. That is what happened. Steady as she goes is a good plan for a team that sits here long enough. 10.Kings(15) Defying logic the kings jumped yet again while icing a team of only 19 players. 15 of em got great points as the kings are in the top ten Power Trends Ranking and 11th overall in the league. SHout outs to Mike Condon and Ryan Sutter team leaders. 11.Islanders(3) Dropping almost out of the top 12 this week, although with 19 players marking the scoresheet, Kuznetsov's 24 points leads a well rounded but lower point scoring squad than weeks past. 12.Maple Leafs(6) Leafs drop six and out of the top ten Power Ranks on quiet goaltending, lots of chipping in but no real team leaders. 13.Red Wings(9) With 4 teams moving into the top ten this week, someone had to bounce, and Detroit took that fall as 12 players had less than ten points each and John Gibson led the five with double digits at a low team leading 25 points. Coming out flat leads to belly flops at the deep end of the pool. 14.Oilers(18) Move up 4 spots on the Power Chart with 17 guys making points and 8 of them earning lots of those points. Kulemin and Klefbom lead the team this week. 15.Flyers(16) First it was Grabner, then Marchand, now glimmers of stardom from Conor Sheary and Matthew Tkachuk as they push the flyers higher for a third consecutive week of Power. An interesting finish might be at the end of this power trend. there is a good core here. 16.Jets(14) As predicted the rudderless Jets stumble another two spots. The only reason playoffs and Jets are mentioned in the same sentence is they are out west, but even that is failing to stall the fall. 17.Canucks(10) Tallies from 16 players, but no real team leader out there this week, a bit flat all around earns the team a sharp drop in Power Trends Ranking. 18.Canadiens(25) Les MiserHabs have changed their tune. Moving up 7 spots on the hard work of Thomas Greiss between the pipes. Only 13 other guys tally, and five of them with single least we know they are built from the net out. 19.Bruins(19) another team with a 12 man effort this week...but Jaden Schwartz 34 points keeps the Bruins from falling at all. 20.Avelanche(30) Teamwork happened! Malkin leads 6 other good performers as 13 men chip in to push the Aves out of the Dark on Tesla Power Trends. 21.Predators(21) Miller's 30 is enough to hold er steady as the Preds lead the bottom third for Power, but in the weaker west they are looking at a wildcard spot if they can add a little something over the coming weeks. 22.Coyotes(17) Arizona drops a bit after last weeks well rounded production. Dubinsky lead 7 double digit players while 6 more chipped in. 23.Stars(24) 7 guys with lots of points but just 12 chipping in means the slight rise this week is all teh upwards trending team can muster. 24.Rangers(23) 16 guys with points but not enough to keep the blueshirts from a backslide. Without changes the team won't move out of the bottom third this year. 25.Ducks(22) Dubnyk's 30 points is head and shoulders above his squad this week, and not enough to stop falling back to a quieter pond. 26.Sabres(20) Dropping six places when your already near the bottom third is troubling. Vrbata leads a short bench as 3/4 of the top four players just didn't show up this week. 27.Sharks(29) At this end of the pool if you can get 16 guys to tally, your moving up. The Sharks jumped two with no real team leaders. nice. 28.Hurricanes(26) This lineup is completely unchanged from opening day, and its ranked accordingly. 8 guys north of ten points and half the team with none. 29.Blues(27) I guess that's why they call it the Blues. Upside: more guys had double digits this week than guys with single digits. Downside: more guys had no digits than guys who had double digits. 30.Blackhawks(28) Last by a wide margin on points this week, 16 guys tallied points but just 4 of them with double digits.
  2. Player Movement: Columbus places David Savard on LTIR morning of Jan 21st.
  3. Vancouver requests Andrei Markov be put on IR. Thank you.
  4. Player Movement: The Flyers place Clarke MacArthur on the LTIR list effective morning of January 21st.
  5. Activation: The Vancouver Canucks would like to activate Nik Kronwall from IR. Thank you.
  6. I am generally anti death penalty, as there are almost always mitigating circumstances or shadows within shadows of doubt....but yeah, when hundreds of locals eye witness mass murder or its on live TV, and there are simply no shadows at all to doubt from....yeah, it would be kinder to all involved had htey shot him in the eye socket.
  7. Happy Friday everyone!
  8. The Weekly Standings! The last two teams to trip over 2k just as the lead two teams trip over 3k. What I like to see here, and its happening week over week, is the "pack" is getting tighter, removing the outliers at the top and bottom. There is a clear top 5, then a huddle of 8 more "playoff bound teams" another group of 9 contenders and of course the final 8 teams, of which I am one. most of the teams in this league still can contend for a playoff spot, and even us bottom feeders are closing the gap week by week. Much tighter than previous years. And to answer Ty Webb's troll post, we have a plan and a backup plan, but we need this weekend to get rolling, and see who logs in. 2600 2545 2464 2346 2305 2265 2057 2992 2759 2494 2280 2186 2113 2008 1970 3036 2959 2727 2645 2578 2476 2459 2297 3043 2983 2710 2619 2074 2048 1998
  9. but yeah you're okay.
  10. the intent is that when you know your player is off IR you will make the necessary changes right away.
  11. they shoulda not brought back Rodin so fast... PLAYER MOVEMENT: The Yotes place Anton Rodin on LTIR effective morning of Jan 17th.
  12. Player Movement: The Devils player Cody Bass has cleared waivers effective morning of Dec 17th.
  13. Player Movement: Coyotes place Ryan Callahan on LTIR effective morning of January 16th The Sens player, Teddy Purcell, has cleared waivers and was assigned to the minors effective 10am Jan 13th. Sorry I had meant to post that and slipped up. Thanks for mentioning it!
  14. Call Up: The Rangers recall Joonas Korpisalo from the minors and he will slot into our backup netminder position. That position has been freed up with a trade that will be announced shortly and backdated to the weekend, allowing Joonas to play in Tuesday Nights Game for the Rangers. THank you.
  15. yeah we are a little out of whack what with the delay in updates, but working on it and it is likely no further announcement will be made until updates are underway. Likely done before the next Tesla Power Trends update.