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  1. Great Minds think alike, I finished off some business and was working on my submission as you posted, hahaha...thank you for the grace period, I fully meant to be done my day much earlier and turns out i missed the cup winning hockey game to boot...busy times. I am hopefull KJ will get here in time, but he has been awol for a spell in another league, just fyi.
  2. I get to keep ten skaters and 1 goalie? right? 1 Steven Stamkos 2 Bryan Rust 3 John Tavares 4 Jeff Petry 5 Claude Giroux 6 Matt Niskanen 7 Jonathan Marchessault 8 Kyle Palmieri 9 Oliver Ekman-Larsson 10 Alexandre Texier 1 Carey Price
  3. @Sergei Bobrovsky CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONFETTI!!!!!!!!!!!! tell us again about the cup of champagne papa....
  4. You may have been the bad news bears of GML lol, but you had me going hook line and sinker, so from me, the Washington Generals of the GML, to you, the Bad News Bears of the GML, WELCOME BACK, missed ya, like i said.
  5. Recall: Vancouver recalls Adin Hill to the main club to fill the Backup slot for the offseason.
  6. If Jan Rutta cleared waivers, kindly assign him to the minors in preparation for the announcement of a blueliners RFA signing. Yay Robert Hagg!
  7. Vancouver is happy to have signed Sam Lafferty and Anthony Angello to new deals from RFA status. Robert Hagg has just been re-upped as well. Thrilled to have all our ducks in a row heading into the post draft FA period. My appreciation for the exec is pretty big right now in that IMO we collectively carried out a perfectly timed draft under Nail's watchful eye. Thrilled with the overall pace and readiness, thank you my fellow GM's for being on the ball more this year than any in recent memory. Love it. We did most of our work already, but FA markets may entice a trade or two out of us if we feel lucky. Or i should say luckier than we have already found ourselves. Team report will be coming in the week ahead, as I am pretty comfortable with what we managed to do not only in coming down to the new flat cap numbers for this and future seasons, but in performing a bit of a standing rebuild in just a few short weeks of time. More to come before next Sunday.
  8. Couldn't have been better timed really. Grats on a well oiled machine and by that I mean your all a buncha superstars going nowhere fast. teeheehehehehe
  9. Going to miss you Greensman, Thank you for being a big part of this league for so long, hope to see you back when you can find the time to do so!
  10. I realized I was playing with fire when double ot started...but my like of the Stars made me continue to think they could still win, despite what was shot on net the whole first OT period? wow. Defence, it is said, DOES win championships...maybe, maybe they win the next two in a row. Jus sayin it could happen. And I will certainly post my keepers before the next game, cuz it could happen but it ain't likely.
  11. I thought I saw you reply to a post over in the main section of CDC, Welcome Back Sharpie!
  12. Waivers: The New York Rangers waive Victor Rask. Waivers: The New York Rangers waive Sven Baertschi We are thrilled to tidy up our ufa and rfa files, welcome back to the boys who signed. Just a little more tidying left to do now. Thanks to Mike V for putting in the tough hours so we can all enjoy our game here. Much obliged. Thanks to C2X for doing up the sheets to date too. Enjoy your weekend and I will admit to being a slight Dallas fan over Tampa so Go Dallas Go! stay alive!
  13. I will circle back today before the end of the game, just in case, and post my keepers! EDIT: hahaha, you posted at the same moment I did, but the machine logged yours ahead of mine, lol
  14. Happy to get this done. Austin Wagner has earned a longer look with the Rangers. We will be saying goodbye to Chris Gibson, Cody Goloubef and Tyler Gaudet this offseason. Exit interviews have been completed and we are confident these fine young gentlemen will be just fine going forward. Wishing them all the best. Still a few signings to be approved and indexed by the league, however we feel that New York is better right now than we were just a month ago, and we have some room to get better still in free agency. Next year we will be pushing to get out of the bottom ten.