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  1. but yeah you're okay.
  2. the intent is that when you know your player is off IR you will make the necessary changes right away.
  3. they shoulda not brought back Rodin so fast... PLAYER MOVEMENT: The Yotes place Anton Rodin on LTIR effective morning of Jan 17th.
  4. Player Movement: The Devils player Cody Bass has cleared waivers effective morning of Dec 17th.
  5. Player Movement: Coyotes place Ryan Callahan on LTIR effective morning of January 16th The Sens player, Teddy Purcell, has cleared waivers and was assigned to the minors effective 10am Jan 13th. Sorry I had meant to post that and slipped up. Thanks for mentioning it!
  6. Call Up: The Rangers recall Joonas Korpisalo from the minors and he will slot into our backup netminder position. That position has been freed up with a trade that will be announced shortly and backdated to the weekend, allowing Joonas to play in Tuesday Nights Game for the Rangers. THank you.
  7. yeah we are a little out of whack what with the delay in updates, but working on it and it is likely no further announcement will be made until updates are underway. Likely done before the next Tesla Power Trends update.
  8. The shakers and movers for the past week as of January 15th 2017! With six teams staying put and just 10 teams dropping, the storyline this week must be that the 14 teams that moved up simply outlasted those around them. The few big exceptions but by and large some few bad weeks by some otherwise great teams really shifted the power trends today. 1.Devils(4) How do you take the number one Power Seat? 6 guys with leading edge points talent and depth led by Braden Holtby's 40 points in net. 2.Wild(3) And along came those Goalie points that were missing last week...welcome to the party Cam Ward and your 40 point week. 3.Islanders(2) Most of your players with double digits and 18 on the scoresheet means when your top of the league, you can't fall far on an offweek. 4.Capitals(5) Bucking the trend, the Caps move up one WITHOUT any Goalie points, but with will and determination, grace too. by grace I mean Klingberg. 5.Penguins(6) 3rd week strait Pittsburgh has moved up, firing on all cylinders but a shout out to team leader Vincent Trocheck's 33 points 6.Leafs(1) Passed by five other teams, this one sets the tone as the leafs have decent input from 16 guys, just not enough to stay top five. 7.Lightning(7) Depth and well roundedness are key to survival, proves the Bolts with a dozen players with a dozen points or more and 6 or 7 support role players notching the post too. Hallmarks of a winner. 8.Panthers(12) after two average weeks the cats are back in the top ten with 11 men in the double digits and an outstanding effort from David Pastrnak 9.Red Wings(11) John Gibson leads the squad up 2 places for the second week in a row, deep team with 11 double digit earners. 10.Canucks(10) Holding onto a top ten spot is brutal in this league, week to week, takes ten guys with at least ten points and 7 more support personel chippin in. No wonder its hard to stay in the top. 11.Blue Jackets(13) Predictably, BJ's drop was temporary. Back up again and inside the top 12 with 18 guys chipping in and T.J. Oshie with 30 points. 12.Flames(8) Western powerhouse dropped four overall as Paciretty had a slower week than usual. Proving it is hard to stay top ten in the Power Trends. 13.Senators(17) You want to move up three spots in the Power Trends? Your gonna need a Faksa, A Brown and a Wheeler. These sens have the parts and prove last weeks lull to be an outlier. 14.Jets(9) two weeks ago 18th, then Weber and Schneider moved them into top ten, now Brock McGinnn's 33 points keep them from falling far. Prediction: next week they slip again. 15.Kings(15) LA ends the slide and holds steady with 14 again putting points up but this time a healthy 8 key workers led by Backstrom's 37 points! Kings could be facing a move up if they flesh out their roster. 16.Flyers(18) From Grabner to Brad Marchand...week over week the Philly is finding a way to win and move up. For a bottom five team, this shows some hope for a good finish. 17.Coyotes(20) 18 good contributors spread the wealth around and are proving the yotes are better than last weeks anomaly showed. Prediction is upward trending from here on out, barring injury. 18.Oilers(26) The Oilers are this weeks Cinderella men. bottom five on the power chart last week and this week coming in 12th for points. When 17 guys chip in rather than 12, good things happen, including a push to the wild card slot? TOugh fight for that one ahead. 19.Bruins(16) Bruins held it together well with another 9 key contributors, but while they held er steady, four other teams passed em, lucky enough a 5th team dropped down below em, ending their slide at 3 places lower. 20.Sabres(22) Matt Dumba leads a squad where 8 guys have double digits and 15 kicked in, moving Buffalo up two spots! 21.Predators(14) A bit of a backslide for the Preds this time around. 15 guys got less points than usual in an odd week after back to back 14th spot showing in the Power Trends. Live by the Miller, die by the Miller. 22.Ducks(27) Out west there is a wildcard spot up for grabs and lots of teams still in. The ducks had a good week points wise to improve their chances 23.Rangers(23) 19 names on the points list help keep the deep new york squad at 23rd. Led by Vanek, Emelin and Flynn. 24.Stars(24) Jordan Staal led 5 other guys each with over a dozen points, as 15 men made the scoresheet and held the hard won ground. 25.Canadiens(21) Sliding into the new year, from 17th to 21st to now sit 25th in the Power Trends, Les Miserables still don't seem to have the deep support that was prevalent in the first three months. Bye Weeks are starting to show up in our league as making a difference as here no King Henrik in net for five days means no points. 26.Hurricanes(19) dead last in points this week, as the team struggled to score 4 goals but did get 5 points for an ot loss from Mrazek in net. 6th for points last week: when the tiny core of this team is on, they are ON. 27.Blues(25) St Louis simply got passed by the Oilers and the Ducks, funny enough, if any of the three teams want post season: they will have to squash the other from here on out as all three are IN the hunt. 28.Blackhawks(29) Backes and Spurgeon help move the Hawks up one, but still sitting on point for a possible first overall draft pick. 29.Sharks(28) Sharks are down one as Draisaitl can't keep up to both Backes AND Spurgeon, but are these two deadly teams in a death spiral? 30.Avelanche(30) 14 guys got points this week and the Aves were NOT at the bottom of the points barrel. "When you can't run you crawl and when you can't crawl, if you can't do that, you find someone to carry you". Malkin and Brassard are trying to lift the squad.
  9. Player Movement: The Coyotes place Colin Wilson on LTIR effective morning of Dec 13th.
  10. Activation: Rangers activate Zack SMith off LTIR !!!
  11. Here ya go bud, the way she was wrote for Thursday the 12 of January in the CDCGML. 2400 2349 2220 2175 2122 2104 1900 2727 2519 2285 2095 2039 1957 1868 1814 2770 2770 2456 2438 2412 2301 2271 2130 2836 2742 2433 2324 1956 1863 1801
  12. I am not sure he was ever on the main club roster this season...and of course: after, not before.
  13. So, with the persistant ads about Letterkenny on the regular tv, buds, we thought we should probably watch it, scope it out eh and like crunch it on the downlow. we use Kodi and so managed to get season 1 ep. 1 running on the big samsung screen in my bedroom in about 3 minutes, watched the first four episodes last night and I am still laughing my butt off about it. Great show and so far there a couple of main characters who are hockey players in the NOJHL which is a real league....was cool to see the teams they played against int eh show were actual North Ontario Junior Hockey League teams, made it that much more awesome. I highly advocated watching Letterkenny, their hockey team is the Letterkenny Shamrocks, but the town is made up but is in the north ontario area in the shows 'verse. Two thumbs up and filled with hilarious banter.
  14. PLAYER MOVEMENT: The WIld place Matt Puempel on LTIR effective morning of Jan 12th.
  15. PLAYER MOVEMENT: Penguins place Niklas Kronwall on LTIR effective morning of December 12th, making room for the aforementioned callup tomorrow. Executive Movement: (unofficial notice) We are all aware that updates are needed ASAP and moving forward will need to be done on a more timely fashion. To that end, two of the executive have offered to increase their donated time and learn the rather intricate system of updates to the spreadsheets coinciding with pickuphockey database. While the training is needed, and passwords shared will be a little bit longer of downtime, however, on the near horizon will be 3 times the updaters, and therefore a minimum of three times as many updates a month. We have a great game and system, and protecting it is important, sorry for the delays, but the fix is in. Official word will follow in a few days, I am sure. Mine is the 'unofficial word'. We appreciate your continued patience and we have full faith that the backdating system we employ is powerful and accurate. That is why we make noon cutoffs to every transaction even if you don't see it up front, the cutoff is noon so we can make sure backdating is accurate and to the day. Cheers to all and a new year full of more of our wonderful game, now with more updates!