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  1. Well now, Florida goes down for the Devils....will the BJ's? (sorry i couldn't not say it like that) If Jersey defeats two champs to be the new champs, that is some high bar setting right there. If it goes the other way....Tee Dubya is a helluva GM in his own right....this final is "classic" worthy.
  2. I want to thank Drouin and the WInnipeg Jets for a tough, close, edge of the seat series, roughly 14 points was the difference in the end, and it could have gone either way tonight. Next up, an extremely tough matchup against Winterhawks raging Columbus Blue Jackets. I am truly the underdog from this moment forward as Mattias Ekholm attempts to win The Vancouver Canucks a cup single handedly against the likes of Evgeni Malkin, Colin Wilson and KEvin Fiala. Never say die, never surrender, we will battle to the final game. The edge with just these still active players in round 3 would have been 68 to 40 for Winterhawks crew...but this next round is for all the marbles, and it starts zero zero. !!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!
  3. WIlson gets 2 points for
  4. One night, one game, one team in our way to the Stanley Cup Finals. It is certainly nice to go in to this one with a 16 point advantage, but in this kind of a war, anything can happen. our very own Alexander Burrows will take on Bryan Rust and Scott WIlson, possibly, but doubtful to face MA Fleury as well, but the first two are bad enough. is 16 points enough? Will Burr have recovered enough to take the ice? Will Jyrki Jokipakka make his post season debut? Can the NHL Sens knock out the NHL Penguins to pave our way to the next round a little better? So much will be on the line in one game, its certainly action packed enough. You can cut the tension with a skate blade.
  5. Torn on what I wish for tonight....the very best outcome is a comeback from Ottawa that eliminates PIttsburgh, but that exposes me to two games worth of comeback time for the Jets..with just a 20 point lead and an injured Alex Burrows who may or may not get into the lineup Tonight. IF that scenario plays out to my favour I can advance with two skaters and Malkin will be knocked out of the next I guess that is what I am hoping for! I will just have to have faith that the 20 points will hold if Ottawa wins tonight.
  6. What a bitter sweet night! about 17 points between my two guys, and Am up 81 to 60 in the third round against the Jets...who have three active Penguins on the roster...damnitall.....Burr vs the World right about now.....can he withstand 21 points of comeback with at most two games left to play? edit; oh and FWIW as one of the four playoff teams left: i dont plan on trading up and would be just fine with the draft starting now, by the time it gets to the final four, roughly, we will be down to two teams...and if i am one of them, its all cool.
  7. for what its worth, I like the no limits time we have here for the draft, at least the round that counts the most...imo we don't change it, let teams with their de facto pick order start picking and when the final four teams are figured out, or two of them at least..they can pick and when we have a winner the 30th and 31st picks get done..then we go to limits on round 2 et cetera...gets er done quick and with little fuss. imo everyone has the same limitations going in and there would be no advantage to anyone on purpose this way, so its fair enough...some team here or there may find a way to have an advantage doing this, but i don't see how compared to distinct advantages for certain teams by waiting....just my two cents, but either way works. also: How did I survive that onslaught? Vancouver stays up 64-60 in what is now a Thrilla in the Chiller! The Pounding on the Pond, Duke Nukem Hockey! Winnipeg came back to life with a furious vengence last night, I have no idea how the Canucks are still on top...with luck we can pad that lead heavily tonight and prepare for what may be mercifully, the final Pittsburgh game tomorrow ....hopefully a low scoring affair.
  8. The New York Rangers having completed our exit interviews and finalized our offseason plans and wishes would like to make available the rights to pending UFA's Ben Smith and Ryan Stanton along with RFA's Tye McGinn, Jeremy Morin and Vojtech Mozik...any and all enquiries will be dealt with most fairly as a bundle maybe secured for a last round pick or FC for those interested.
  9. by my reckoning 64 to 43 Van..the ice is starting to tilt....yus.
  10. what are you doing in my corpse hatch? I mean ahhh Innocence Tube!
  11. I was in CT just this morning, and the Burr thread was top of the list....which got me thinking....heck yes I needed Burrows! haha....thus my post above.
  12. It is certainly anyone's series right now in the west and the east is much closer than I think most expected at the start of the round. With that in mind, and after just visiting cdc "canucks talk" section of the message board and seeing "Burrows, do we really need him" thread..i was prompted to look while I am still in the playoffs, at what impact my limited trades have made on the team. Going into the CDCFL as the GM of the Canucks about a year ago now I decided one thing: Not to repeat mistakes made in other leagues that I now know to be mistakes. Namely, changing too much too fast without looking at the cumulative effects of those changes. May 29th we traded a possible 5th rounder for Emelin and only paid if he re-signed, which he did. Playoff player who contributed 8 points to getting us out of the first round.. June 11th: Markov and Burmistrov from Calgary for Jimmy Hayes: Markov got us 19 points to move us to the 2nd round June 13th Charlie Coyle for Ryan SPooner: Coyle got us 15 points and helped to get us to the 2nd round. June 13th Phil Di Guiseppe: didn't appear in the playoffs Oct 11th: Val Filpulla who didn't appear in the playoffs. Oct 29th: Alex Burrows, whose playoff contribution of 33 2nd round points and 48 points all together GOT us to the third round We had no intentions of doing as well as we did frankly, Burr was offered on the open market for a song, and so we offered an unfinished haiku instead and it was accepted. lol....that freak encounter put us in the third round of the playoffs, and for free!! it was a surprise at times to log in and see our team in the top 3, or 7 overall over and over again and I knew we had to shore up our chances in the post season since we were there by the looks of it. From Feb 21st to March 1st we added some helpers: In one trade we added David Backes, Mattias Ekhokm and Oscar LIndberg for the very high price of Brady Skjei, Shane Prince, Viktor Stalberg and Henrik Borgstrom... ...but that steep price net us 117 playoff points, 30 of which are in this current round! About that same day we looked at replenishing our future stocks and added Juuse Saros, Adam Musil and Spencer Watson for coveted player Alex DeBrincat. I still feel the pickup of the netminder was crucial for our future and worth the cost. Feb 26th we added Eric Gryba for a 5th round pick: playoff points of just 4, two in the first and 2 in the 2nd round, ensued. Lastly we managed to snag Adam McQuaid for he rights to Val Nichushkin on March 1st and he got us 5 playoff points in the 1st round. SO all in all in a year we added 14 faces to the franchise and 9 of them produced playoff points for us totaling 216 of our current 432 playoff points. Exactly Half. WOW. Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity, but I can not believe the high payoff luck of these moves, Surely a perfect storm that I couldn't repeat in a dozen attempts. That is why I am fully taking this moment to basque in the light, for if not this third round, I am sure to fall from grace in the next one, and then this amazing story would be irrelevant. Thanks for reading, I am thrilled I accepted the offer to come to the CDCFL, and fortunate beyond belief that the team was this good to start with. I am completely thrilled that my patient approach has paid off and I hope it showcases what NOT making wholesale changes can do for a team. ; ) Now if things go well tonight, we might live to see another, final, round! Burrows, do we really need him? Capital Y, E, S. I wouldn't be here in the third round without him. that is a fact.
  13. We wanted to wait for a quiet news cycle to express our thoughts on retaining Patrik Berglund, however in the Conference Finals there are no down news days, add to that the Trump Effect on CNN and the rest...and we may as well just have this media scrum in the parking lot instead of here at Madison Square Garden, the worlds most famous Rink!!!! Speaking on behalf of the entire club, front end staff, office staff, heck even the wobbly pop venders and Gentleman Ushers, I am pleased to announce we have locked up pending free agent Patrik Berglund for the next 5 years. I want to thank the executive and in particular Agent Greensman for a tough, fair and lengthy negotiation, he fought for everything Patrik deserves, and in the end we are happy to come to these terms. What Can I say about this guy that hasn't already been said? ((perhaps that he is on an NHL team with a bright immediate future and he is expansion protected on that club, keeping him there through the 21-22 season which is a sure bonus, albeit out of character to note)) There is this early scouting report which we think he may have read, and he certainly put in the work to improve himself since it was written: Now at age 28 and a full 6'3" tall Patrik has a full 9 NHL seasons under his belt since being drafted 25th overall in 2006, he has collected an Olympic Silver medal and Bronze and Silver at the World Hockey Championships, as well as putting in great post season performances in each of the last 6 years. In short this is a guy we wanted, and needed in our room. This will be looked back on as a great moment in our franchise history, I have no doubt about that at all.
  14. you only get one shot, moms spaghetti, et cetera ad nauseum. lol You must feel like the Devils on your back now Mike....instead of on the logo out front....
  15. All four teams get 5 for fighting, lol.....last night was a wash. Now it gets interesting as we are at 7 of a possible 14 games played in this round...over half way, if the odds work as they should. Tonights game could seal the fate of the Lightning, if Malkin decides to hit the showers early again, that would pretty much close the series early out East, meanwhile MA Fleury seems to be the question and the answer out west as the Jets leading point earner in every round, right up to this moment in fact, could swing things wildly with just one shutout or even a couple wins..however...there is some consideration of Murry coming in to replace him in the paint and that could be HUGE for Vancouver. So much could be decided tonight, and at worst, so much could change tonight that it is the EDGE OF THE SEAT GAME of the series, from where I am sitting.