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  1. @Master Mind What A great series! I know we will agree on that..its the outcome we will ahve to have a grudgematch over next year, haha. Thank you for the fun, it has been a riot so far, and I hope to take my bruised, battered, weathered, battle hardened survivors into the next round with great fury and wrath for us both! (....for should Vancouver happen to win the cup your loss to us this round may be soothed a bit) Three Cheers for San Jose!!
  2. This is the day that really flips the coin in our series with the San Jose Sharks. WIth their star forward, Justin Williams refusing to give up, and the realization he will be phenomenal on any given night, we have to shut down virtually every other player on their roster to advance. Tonight, any NHL series that wraps up is really in our favour. With us having three Habs to their one Ranger, you would think I would want that one kept open..but no, My whole game plan is to have series wrap up fast now to clear the board of their pawns and give me a free run at their Queen, JW. . I do need the Wild/Blues series put to bed so that we can say goodbye to four of their skaters in one evening, and that folks is the "key to my game". 4 of my top five playoff producers are on the ice it all comes down to how many of his survive tonight's games. Thanks for following along, and thanks for filling seats at our home games all year long...we aren't done, and we never shut up, but wanted to get that thank you in there whenever we can to keep things real good and Canadian. ::::post game edit:::: The Wild/Blues series is done and my honourable opponent, Master Mind, has come away with 2 points from Upshall to my ten points from Lehtera....and meanwhile on the "wild side" he got no points from Stewart or Staal, but did rack up a goal from Koivu and 2plms from Prosser. I am just glad there isn't another game for his 4 wild players to rack em up on me anymore. whew: four more of his top ten are done at a cost of just one of mine. : ) two more games to go tonight...can't wait!! This is exciting! :::coaches corner edit: ::: Yemi'dabba Doo! Glad to see Emelin get that one! ...and another series done...and another 7 roughly for us and I think 1 against. we do lose 4 contrbutors, but it is worth it to see another one gone from the other bench's top five!!!! Now the excitement is creeping in. Have a good night from the Island, Best Coast.
  3. A day later than we planned for, but we feel we are in a good spot this morning. The Caps/Leafs series is in our favour with two more games to go there; We just have to survive tomorrow nights pushback on Hockey Night In Canada. We feel we have the odds tonight as we dress four regular contributors, and a muted Alex Burrows to go up against Justin Williams and Mike Hoffman with some supporting cast. JW is the real threat left on MM's bench for tonight, we aren't looking past his game changing ability, but the threat for us is tomorrow's lineup. Our room feels if we are on top after HNIC Saturday then we have a real good shot at the second round. The way the real life series are wrapping up is certainly helping us.
  4. Well, we don't quite have it on lockdown as I thought we would by this morning, but our boys are real good out there. With Getzlaf now sidelined, we just need to find a way to shut down Justin Williams and keep up the forecheck on a couple other guys. I am not convinced yet though that we are in the clear...Maybe if the sens bruins NHL matchup finishes tonight I will feel a bit better...... Lots of hard hockey left. It has been great so far to be a part of it though. Thanks Nail and the league in general for a fun time.
  5. We got incredibly lucky last night! With just one point on our side, somehow the Sharks only tripled our production last night, whew. Two bullets dodged so far in this series! Tonight will be tough too, but this is edge of your seat playoff action! edit: I gotta hope Anaheim and the Blues sweep tonight, I want the blues to do that for sure, real life 3/4 fan, but the ducks...meh. lol. I guess for the sake of trying to advance 'yay, go ducks go.'
  6. Hell in a cell, indeed! I was stoked to see Getz held off the scorecard, but your team is so talented its like plugging a hole in a dyke only to watch three more leaks spring out a meter away. All in all though the last two nights were great for my club...and although we are only a "Getzlaf" away from being all tied up, it is a healthy 24 point lead to help carry us through to thursday. Tonight we have an edge, so while I am not yet convinced of success, this feels good. WHat a playoff experience this has been, and it ain't over yet!!! (* tonight lineup indicates tomorrow night your top line of 61 pool points will be on the ice at the same time. Hope we add more buffer to that 24 points first!
  7. We sure got a big break last night, but the same story line persists going forward: if we don't shut down Getz and JW, it is all for naught. However, with good execution, keeping our legs moving on D and with some chipping in from Nick Ritchie, and everything else keeps going smooth, we should be okay come morning. It is far from over, but whenever you can shut out the opposition, that is a good night in the rink.
  8. a big part of me wants this really bad, but an even bigger part wants to watch my Rangers grow. It would be too hard to give up the team I have been tending despite the once in a blue moon opportunity this expansion gives us. I like my team too much to slide over.
  9. We got some lucky bounces. We also led the league in points last night. It got us a three point lead in our series. Slowly our game plan is coming into focus. We hope to see the western matchups close out early, drying up the point pool for our opponent while we enjoy some higher scoring games out east. The Long Game is where we look to shine in this series, and we ought to see some headway IF we make it neck and neck a couple more nights. By Thursday we will know if we won this thing. Yeah, I am saying after one week we will know if we game planned this thing right...if not, it will be a dog fight to the bitter end...but better to know the "west" gets done early and we can relax a little, it at all, come Thursday. P.S.: we came to your barn and we lit it up.
  10. Well, its the playoffs, that is what that metalic taste in my mouth means...a little blood, loose teeth, nose tweaked out of joint. We are now in the underdog position folks, it aint pretty but we feel like we "split" the home games. Heading to their barn now we want to get out and stretch our legs a little tonight. They beat us by 7 points yesterday, and now lead by 4. Lucky for us to know already just how fast a lead can disappear. Tonight is all about shutting down Getzlaf and Williams...and if that isn't hard enough we need to keep the pressure on 10 other Sharks to shut em down. On our end we are going to simply and sincerely demand more from Backes, Ritchie, Burrows, Backstrom and Ekholm who all combined for 1 point thus far. If these engines get going, we won't be down for long. I think we are doing okay and if we can split these next two games, all that will be left is the sprint to the finish, where our scouts believe we are in good shape. The longer the series goes on, the better off we are. All starts tonight in our first 'away' game. If we can get two quick wins, amazing, but if we can at least split its a 3 game series after that..and we are the odds on favourite in that scenario. Burr and Ritchie will be our game changers tonight. I have a hunch.
  11. That was a tough night, our opponent outscored every other team last night to come to within 3 points of us. This is exactly the kind of trench warfare that decimated Europe. Tonight we ice 7 proven point producers vs half that number. The support troops over there worry me, but we ought to eek out a win tonight, question is by how much and will it hold up to tomorrow's onslaught?
  12. We played our game out there, did what we came to do and put up points early. That is yesterday's news though. Tonight is another slugfest and this time we don't have such a great upper hand. Sure, we have gameplanned for Shaw, Sissons, Oduya and Vatanen and we are keeping an eye on Yannick Weber to see if he is going to be available to them tonight at all. If he plays he is rusty, if he doesn't it is one less threat out there. Like yesterday, they want t come at us with a "Hanson Bros" line only tonight it will be Connolly, WInnik and WIlliams of the NHL's Caps. All three are legit threats to us in our end, but none so much so as Williams who brings such longstanding points creation with him...this guys a cagey vet who will be trouble tonight. Of course the difference makers we want to shut down the most are the ones that will sting the most on the ice. Getzlaf and Hossa. Our best plan against these two happened last night. We have a good lead to help us weather the storm that could arrive tonight. Now, on our end, we are proud to say we aren't going to lay over and play dead out there this evening. Backstrom, Van Riemsdyk and Ekholm will be out in full force with some helping hands here and there. We don't expect to go down too far tonight, but some slip from yesterdays pace is part of the Canucks Game Plan.
  13. Thanks to vancitybuzz for the borrowed graphic... Now onto the war! We intend to take advantage of the sharks shaky defence tonight and really put it to them early. Not gonna mince words here, we need to run up this score as high as we can tonight while we can. Of course shutting down Mike Hoffman is a tough task for any blueline, but can we do it? We will find out tonight of course. That leaves of course, the CDCFL Sharks "wild contingent" to deal with. This part won't be easy but Mikko Koivu hasn't scored a goal in a month and that could work against us, as a guy with his talents, i don't care how old he is, he is going to find a way to get on the sheet in the post season. Just as dangerous, Eric Staal will look to shoot early and often, and we need to be ready for that. Our goaltending isn't our strong suite, but we think we can contain these two guys tonight along with Hoffman, and that will be the key to our victory. If we can't control these three guys, we will need to outscore them. We believe in our well rounded Oh and Dee for tonight, and we believe we can use this evening to set the tone for the series, and in fact we have to, as tomorrow night, the shoe is on the other foot. We need to make ground up and trench in deep to survive tomorrows onslaught. This is War. You think your a big fish, San Jose.....but your pond is just a little shallow I your out of your league and tonight we are gonna make you feel like a schmelt.
  14. This aint one bodies story, its the story of us all.......the story of the GRapes, and of all us what laced em up history back......was a full on winter and Mr Death (New Jersey) jumped us all, the ice chips and the blood drips, but some gots the luck and it leads them here, to the warm ice and the bests of sevens.....