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  1. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    we are on a roll! Squeak will make it four picks now, woohoo!
  2. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    lol, not serious Squeak, but he looks SOOOOO young in that photo, lol
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Arby, couldn't you find a more recent pic than PeeWee year for BOkk?
  4. CDCGML 2017-18

    If the league average values go up and they will, I am sure, as its been a huge BOON year for the NHL, imo, then yeah Seattle is paying more! lol Also i am going to suggest that league wide revenues jumped up again this year in part due to 3% more venues seats being sold league wide. I bet the CAP goes up over 3m, I am guessing between 3.5 and 5.5. Just a gut guess. EDIT: I googled it after i posted that and OH SNAP check this link out: and also...while my math says a new franchise should pay 730 million, it looks like its lower.
  5. CDCGML 2017-18

    Washington has that great Russian but then again there is no collusion, I hear, so GO VEGAS!!!!
  6. CDCGML 2017-18

    Ty is the newsie cap wearin face i conjure up when i think of how to do it right in Fantasy Hockey. Senior Webb, you got it goin on...even if you did move to the worst of the maritimes provinces, lol.
  7. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    I love that Vegas is proving you can do it with 23 'expendibles'. this finals is on the teams who left exposed .."expendible" heroes. LOVE IT as a serious underdog fan I hope that Vegas beats the Caps in 4, hahaha..but as an underdog fan i also hope Ovie finds fruit beyond the Pitts rivalry
  8. CDCGML 2017-18

    Only linking this cuz i got a shout first 22seconds, haha
  9. CDCGML 2017-18

    speaking of phat lady..... i got sprung!
  10. CDCGML 2017-18

    I made it to the finals in another league my first year (*humble brag) by riding Ekholm since the lucky win i got in round 1. I lost by 2 points i think, maybe 4 in the end..but my one guy was up against an army.
  11. CDCGML 2017-18

    it aint over till the phat lady sings...and not only has my mom lost a lot of weight in her Elder years, but she was never prone to singing out loud unless it was in Church with all the other mumblers.
  12. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    maroe and Watermelons, I love your pick and that PIC, wow! Thanks for moving the process forward too. Much obliged.
  13. Where are we now?

    Yeah. It is sports entertainment after all. lol...i have been to the desert in uniform and all over the world my friend, cdc is in and of itself a dream, one I am glad we have to share. : ) we do agree, don't get me wrong.
  14. BFHL 2018/19

    The Cowpokes select from the deep paint of the lower west coast co-recipient of the 15-16 Jennings Trophy.... Netminder John Gibson! @Captain Azzy
  15. BFHL 2018/19

    oops @Master Mind