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  1. MSG NEWS: "We did just land what is for us a major UFA signing, I don't know if the league has signed off on it yet but it completes our drive to get depth on the blueline, thrilled is a cliche word these days but I am really over hyped about this one. We will hold off on any other comments before the league blesses the deal. Now, did anyone catch Aaron Irving at the Nucks prospects scrimmage? He showed us what we hoped to see, that is enough of what we hoped to see to ensure he comes to camp later this summer for further evaulation. One of our picks years back may be a late bloomer after all. Good to see. The #rise and #werise campaign's represent a new mindset here at Madison Square Garden. Some deals in the past were done with an eye to league cohesion, even just a smidge, but no more on that front, our main focus now is getting new york into the post season and doing damage there year in and year out until we win a cup. It has simply taken some time to build the depth we wanted to have for sustained playoff pushes year in and out, and we think we are there now and are ready to jump up, eager to jump up. Averaging 7th worst in the league these past oh 4 or 5 years makes it easier to move up than down, that is for sure, but mark my words, this is the year #werise."
  2. Pretty much staying out of free agency this year, why mess with a good thing? right? all honesty we did so much better than we ever hoped that I am not in a rush to change much. #afterglow
  3. Superstar Jarome Iginla is available for a pick folks. Get him before he inevitably signs with a contender and the price goes up.
  4. My Pro Scouts have uncovered some mid summer scrimmages between the new Vegas prospects and yours Herr Teutone
  5. Duncan was the 11th overall draftee in 2011, and finished his major junior campaigns in 12-13 with 32 points and over 100 penalty minutes culminating with a 4 game appearance in the Memorial Cup. The 6 foot 3 inch blueliner will turn 24 at the start of this coming season and for a big physical guy he has great footspeed. He has had a few injuries since his draft year but we think given the right circumstances Duncan can be an impact player on the third pairing as he blocks shots and plays physical. His game is a shut down stay home game, but with a mean streak that tosses in hella plm's. Looking forward to that grit in camp.
  6. Then I guess you are medically cleared to play! Game On! hahaha
  7. totally: While I am loving the pace your on this month, I would caution against my own best interests that you take er easy Mike, you are too valuable to this whole league to burn out. ; ) You are too greatly appreciated here to lose you to even a 20 hour long nap...let alone full blown burn out. Thank you so much for your contributions, they are welcome beyond belief but like nail you even sleep bro?
  8. Release: The New York Rangers would like to release Petr Straka who has signed with the Czech League team HC Plzen.
  9. will be at the office late here in New York as we put some polish on this team. I want, no, DEMAND to rise up the ranks this year..we aren't silly, we know we won't push for the cup, but we will place a good jump up from where we have averaged. I wont say we are gonna compete in 6 years like some GM's of brand new franchises might boast, but we push for a spot soon, and that is something. This is a new brand of Ranger...we may have to come up with new splash...i will delete the opening image and edit in the new splash for the new mentality. #WERISE
  10. Joining ANdrej Sekera on the IR for half the year will be talented Centerman Patrik Berglund. He underwent successful surgery to fix a dislocated shoulder he sustained during training in Sweden. The silver lining is loads of cap space, but the Pain Train has never been late to the Rangers station, for what, the 4th year in a row now? Roll with the punches though, this year we have the plan to overcome the injury bug. Depth Depth Depth.
  11. Rangers news: Andrej Sekera will be unavailable possibly until February after undergoing surgery on his knee. With a speedy recovery he may be able to play in January.
  12. Signed a great young man today and have a pretty big trade call in... All in all a good days gm'ing
  13. Just a carry over error I think in the team sheets for Vegas and the rangers, if monty can confirm: ON Las Vegas team sheet: LV owns theirs and the rangers 3rd round picks in both 18 and 19 ON Rangers team sheet: we have by mistake the same picks showing still and I think we have zero 3rds in either year at this moment in time. I might be wrong though...
  14. No offense intended Cap. Heck of a kid ya got there. I felt we had a 40 60 chance what with you being flush on the blueline on the big club and so close to the cap ceiling. Worth taking the shot. Enjoy him for the year and then we will talk.