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  1. "Let me be perfectly clear, Rumours are rumours, but some of these suggestions need to be addressed. Nik is a great member of our team, did he have a down year? sure, but everyone does. We have talked to some teams, and taken calls from others, but there is no plan or agreement to move Nik Kulemin. As the various sports desks are reporting there are over ten teams who could afford him and most of which would love to have his production on their team, but the fact is Nik is a fan favourite at home in New York and we certainly are not shopping him around. That San Jose, Edmonton, WInnipeg< St Louis, CHicago, the Islanders, Penguins Caps and bruins...even the sens and Huricanes COULD have a solid guy like Nik on their squad, for a small price on the trade market is patently not exactly what I said. Absurd is a word I would use. How wildly these rumours get blown out of control. I have never mentioned which of those teams have called, nor who we have contacted, but yeah, if you members of the press are going to corner me over the issue, then yeah, I guess any of those teams technically could start the year with Nik Kulemin and be better off for having him, and yeah, sure, we wouldn't be looking at a large piece coming back, because frankly, Nik might not be on the block"
  2. The New York Rangers! Vanek, Sedin, Iginla Kulemin, Strome, Michalek Colborne, Vermette, Yakupov Smith, Stajan, Reaves .......... ....................., Flynn, ............... .......... Sekera, Orpik .......... Emelin, Hainsey .......... Murphy, Lovejoy .......... Merrill, Goloubef ......................Smith ......................Kinkaid The Connecticut Whale! Straka, Ho-Sang, Jones Hrivik, Cornel, Stransky P.A.R. McGinn, Stepan, Gardiner .......... Elliott, Stanton .......... Sieloff, Irving UFA......................... Biega ..................... Korpisalo ..................... Gibson In addition to outlining our team depth chart for theMinister, now that it appears you have control of the page again, lol. ... addition to that we would like to wish our 6 named World Cup of Hockey invitees a successful, fun and safe tournament this coming September. Thomas Vanek, Henrik Sedin, Milan Michalek, Nikolai Kulemin, Andrej Sekera, and Alexei Emelin will represent a total of 5 Teams: Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Russia, and Team Europe. We feel we have a good chance of one of our players holding the Cup when the tournament concludes. Best of luck in that endeavor to each of these stellar Rangers players!
  3. Yup, I am pro-advanced stats, they are incredibly usefull. Money puck all the way....I was just alluding to the idea that its not as easy as reading a bar graph and then washing your hands. Context is the most important part of the advanced stats, and it is something not easily fully groc'd by everyone who are even payed to interpret them, let alone the likes of me in a fantasy hockey pool thread. But yeah, I dig him, so I am biased, when it comes to Sbisa, I am just a fan. Same as more than a few 3rd and 4th line guys who maybe shouldn't even be in the league, still a fan of them, for some reason or another. I won'tmention their names so that I don't get trade offers involving
  4. I am a fan of his, so yeah, might have exagerrated his ability slightly, but he is certainly in the top 200 Dmen in the world. I guess that is where I would take this conversation. I think he might put up good numbers this coming year. ;p now who is exagerating? I don't disagree, albeit, I like to think advanced stats show a set of time in a glance. If you set random collection points, advanced stats on the same player will differ wildly with themselves. So the stats that are the Sbisa season last year will be different from this year and different from the previous year, but over time, the series of events captured will certainly point to future expectations, given the same circumstances
  5. FOr me, Sbisa is still highly under rated around the sport....I think he is very capable
  6. I wonder... Andrej Sekera, Brooks Orpik AlexeiEmelin, Connor Murphy Ron Hainsey, JonMerrill Ben Lovejoy, Stefan Elliott Patrick Sieloff, Cody Goloubef Ryan Stanton, Danny Biega Aaron Irving, Logan Stanley Tage Thompson I mean I know this is the deepest D Ihave ever had, but is it well done or medium rare?
  7. lmao....i refuse to even look at wife said a girl fell down the stairs of our double decker bus this morning on the commute, her phone had pokeman go on it...brand new to canada.....this is just darwinism at work...all we gotta do is sit back and wait.
  8. Thanks for your well thought out addition to the intellectual buffet that is the cdcfl. Hope our three page aside didn't cut into anyone's pokeman go time. o.O
  9. yeah, maybe with a very specific window, allowing time to climatize to the new team, as i know I needed...just suggesting..."two weeks after taking over a team, a New GM to CDCFL will have a window of two weeks to request a 35+ contract be voided without penalty. Such a request may only be granted if the contract involved covers a player who will be 36 before the end of the contract, has two years or more left on the contract and is not likely to finish the CDCFL contract while playing in the NHL" not sure how to work that last it is the largest issue....if the player is in the NHL it isn't an issue, it is if the player retires early that it is an issue....maybe a 2 week window each anniversary of joining the league to void the contract if the player quits hockey? basically: if you sign a stupid contract that goes on too long after a guy retires you live with that contract, but if you inherit one, a new gm ought to be able to have an out clause.....whatever mechanism is fair to allow that to happen. EDIT: maybe something as simple as a new note added to 35+ contracts once a new GM takes over a team with a 35+contract on its roster: "May be voided without penalty if player retires or leaves NHL, current GM did not make this deal"....of course if you trade for a player under a 35+ contract your stuck with it, as you did this move on purpose and know what you got into. Hrm....some things to ponder for you Nail...
  10. the 35 plus rule works great in real life because no GM would ever be allowed to cripple their team with more than one overt "extra bunch of years" on a guys contract...the office staff, owner and in some cases presidents of each club would never allow it. However here in a fantasy league where at least 2 gm's out of 30 a year quit or lose interest and are fired, I think it may be a recipe for the demise of the league after some number of years. Eventually almost every club will have albatrosses around their necks and the league will fold on account of it. It is very hard to manage a successful keeper team in a successful keeper league as it is. But that is just my two cents yet again. I love the discussion though and wouldn't be opposed to a version of a 35+ rule. I like to try to keep my fantasy leagues (two of them at the moment, but my 4th overall for experience) as true to the real NHL as possible, so I think there is room for some kind of 35+rule...I just know that it would have to be balanced against situations like a new GM coming in to a handcuffed team. Maybe that would be the answer: 35+rule in effect however any new GM joining the league would have a window to void those contracts?
  11. lol, I took my lumps and accepted my punishment for being criminally unaware of the unwritten rule without a fuss. I am going to bat right now for CS...and maybe by extension, just a little, for my team's 800k of cap hit in back to back years....any good GM would. But I totally get and accept the Commish' decision on it whichever way that falls and I will try to shut up now.
  12. I think the issue, for me at least has evolved into where is the rule written down..and how would we have known about new GM's without it being written in the rules or noted on the players name with the teams official rosters...I think that is the rub at this time, not the rules existence...fair rules is fair rules. But rules that only some guys know about is not fair rules. EDIT: from the perspective of a new GM in the league, with a 'word of mouth rule' it could be "yeah ummm every GM of a team that rhymes with hoover has to hop on one foot while selecting his first round pick or else it becomes a 2nd rounder in 2019" or anything just as silly....on account of it being a rule that exists outside of the printed rules. see what I mean?
  13. Precisely, in my situation I am handicapped by almost a million a year for the next two years because the guy who either quit or was fired for incompetence (dunno the circumstances at all) made an action regarding a rule that wasn't listed on the rules page when I joined. Just sayin. CS has a stronger case imo, in that he just made a waiver claim on a player where it wasn't noted anywhere that he would be stuck with him. Maybe we both get a mulligan on it? Maybe only CS does? Maybe neither of us..but worth asking in light of no rule posted in the rules and no note on the players contracts for us to be given fair notice of what we were getting into there. That is all I will say on the subject, as in the end it is up to Nail.
  14. Yeah, I don't particularily like the rule that trapped me a month ago either, but if it was a rule when i got here, then its a rule i will live by..but this part of it involving CS and a player he acquired without backstory..i think that is just nickel and diming a dude for no reason other than to win at all costs. just my two bits. EDIT: In fact now that I read the first page and rules I do not see the rule that trapped me into a buyout in any way shape or form other than it being introduced to me when i tried to drop the contract...interesting. Anywho, not anything I am overly worried about...but when did this rule come into effect and who has it affected so far? SInce it isn't in black and white anywhere in the rules, I am getting curious.
  15. I think the difference is that CS acquired the contract while Tiki was in the NHL...then Tiki fled the NHL to russia, voiding the contract, whereas you actually signed Tiki while he was overseas...nullifying the voidability..but that is just my thoughts on it...Nail will have to explain it as per his rules.