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  1. Sad, sad day. Yet another legend gone - but will most definitely not be forgotten.
  2. Low risk - high reward potential. Lets face it, most people are hoping Pittsburgh gave up on this kid too early and that JB got himself a gem. Aso, as some people like to say when it's convenient, let's hope defencemen really do take longer to develop and DP can still turn into something special here.
  3. Granny may have difficulties getting to 50pt if he's with Sutter/Dorsett for an extended period unless Green finds him some PP time somewhere.
  4. Not to mention, where's the statistic showing the impact a little hometown kid can have on an entire team with one hit/fight combo? Or the stat explaining the resurrection of a potentially finished career after Dorsett is seemingly on the track to transform onto a checking/shut-down forward? The Arizonas and Floridas of the league can keep their analytics - I'll take Trevor/JB/Green.
  5. We're undefeated - we need no one!
  6. I wouldn't underestimate Green's ability to implement a system that incorporates team defense. In Utica he had his teams playing very effectively in all zones and never once coached with an overabundance of what one would consider 'talent' on the roster. JB has mentioned many times in the past he wants up-tempo, relentless pursuing hockey - we'll see if Green fully implements this style and if it leads to improved team defense or not?
  7. Offer sheets, as rare as they are, likely would only be effective if they're for significantly more than what the team is already offering otherwise they typically just get matched - therefore you could expect the compensation to be much more than just a second. How much more than just a 2nd do you think this guy is worth?
  8. WTF - was I in a coma, is it April?
  9. With Miller's experience, professionalism, and high level of game preparation, I'm sure he's a good candidate to mentor/push a younger goalie. Best of luck to you Miller - you'll get your playoff chance in California I'm sure.
  10. If Burmy pans out - which is a BIG if - then that opens several possibilities with this roster imo. Sutter, with his complete overall game, will look awfully attractive to a guaranteed playoff team. Wait until deadline.....many things will change between then and now.
  11. Now that's a line-up with some grit right there.
  12. Welcome to the NHL - where change is better because....well, because they said so.
  13. Did Ovi actually think those selfish jerks running the NHL weren't going to shut down any and all avenues for players to go? Sure NHL, go to China with your pathetic pre-season games while the entire world wonders where you are in February. Moves like not going to Korea are why the NHL is a Mickey Mouse organization when it comes to global sports entertainment imo.
  14. Or find out right quick who did/didn't do their homework over the summer?