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  1. Meh, not everyone's going to be a Matthews/Laine right out of the box. Coilers for once probably making the right move here.
  2. Botch is still an idiot and Train is still a good prospect. JB knew what Trains potential was/is and just wanted him to get in shape - something he failed to do in the off-season and something even 18/19 year old rookies do without pro experience like Train has. Misleading article by a hack. Canucks weren't wrong to ask him to go on a conditioning assignment and Train wasn't right for refusing.
  3. Not gonna flame too badly because this isn't totally ridiculous compared to most garbage in this forum - but at the same time, this isn't happening - ever. Colorado will finish so low this year their 2nd will be like a first essentially. Even in a weak draft class that makes this deal one-sided.
  4. Sbisa is doing fine right now and is proving to be valuable depth with our injuries - much rather expose Biega - get'em those games JB! Juulsen - debatable how much better he's going to be than Breeze-boi. Plus Juulsen already has concussion history issues. Mtl picks might as well be considered a full round later than they are labeled for how high they'll finish in the standings. This proposal isn't sexy at all - hard pass on this.
  5. I don't see this happening, at least not a straight 1-for-1 deal. I'm not familiar enough with CBJ to know if they're maneuvering to 'all in' mode but this would be that type of move imo. PLD is their future - you don't give that up unless you're pretty sure you can win now. Their crew hasn't been battle tested in the playoffs so going all in would be a great risk in my view. Why, does he need some shot-blockers?
  6. There is a correlation; however the significance is debatable :
  7. ^ This. If there ever was a good time for OJ to show his qualities and make a statement it's RIGHT NOW! Down 2-1 in a must win don't want to be giving the same "I'm so angry....." post game interview......
  8. They wouldn't be in our pool, they'd be in the lineup.
  9. This should be in the proposals section. And little chance Col trades Jost unless they get BB in return - then what's the point of essentially a lateral trade?
  10. Not really an isolated exception. There are other instances. Quick story : yesterday on the highway I was an attempted victim of a staged rear ender. Some douche in a Cherokee pulls up beside me, scopes me out (most likely officer said he was looking to see if i had a dash cam which i don't) : then quickly and dangerously pulls just ahead of me and swerves in front of me whilst slamming on his brakes. I was aware so I stopped and didn't hit him so he braked even harder, we are almost stopped now so I told my passenger to get a picture of his vehicle (plate was illegible because of dirt 'conveniently'. Just as we were stopped for a moment he suddenly accelerates as quickly as possible and flees the scene while I'm stopped on the highway in a mild state of wtf? At home i reported this to the RCMP and they basically said, after gathering the info, that if you have to stop on the road for whatever reason, then you have to stop on the road - simple as that. Don't necessarily pull over, and don't necessarily get out because sometimes these people will pull over with you and try to further escalate the incident to get you to react. Each incident is different, you have to use discretion the officer said. Also, by my conversation with the officer, it seems they are aware of either this specific guy and/or others like him - so be careful out there people.
  11. This is completely false. I stopped in the middle of a very busy highway once because some idiot kids decided to run across the road (they were across, but I stopped because I didn't know if there were more ) and i was rear ended by an F-250. My vehicle was totalled and I had 'soft tissue damage' and major whiplash. It was black and white - the driver who hit me was 100% at fault. They were given an undue care and attention traffic violation and some other fine which i can't remember now. ICBC said, correctly imo, that if I had enough time to stop where I did then so should everyone. If the road was icy, but clear visibility, then it doesn't matter where the OP stopped, people following behind should be able to stop as well. My advice to the OP is to document everything you can remember on paper - and I mean EVERYTHING. You never know what info will be useful down the road or what the other person may fabricate in their own defense. No matter how good your memory is it isn't better than pen/paper. Personal injury lawyers often do a free consultation meeting - if necessary, make an appointment. Good luck to you.
  12. 4-3 Canucks in OT. Would love to see the Lames and their home fans go into the break as losers.
  13. Cap in has to equal cap out essentially. Hopefully people realize this before making ridiculous proposals - oh, who am I kidding - this is CDC after all - get ready for the Hansen/Subban for Duchene idiotic proposals people.....