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  1. Hilarious! Unproven rookie gets lucky and has a 3pt night in a preseason game and all of a sudden people think we can afford to ship out our best defenceman. Our overall defence has proven nothing yet. We'll undoubtedly be better with Gud and the reality that it couldn't really be worse - but trading our most consistent, reliable D at this point isn't advisable imo. Larsson, Tryamkin, Stecher, Pedan, ect are still too unproven to be shipping out Tanev.
  2. That's why, all things considered and more or less equal, you always take the asset with character vs marginally better talent. The character guys like Bo & Virt tackle adversity head-on whereas the spineless assets like, let's say Nikushkin, well - they simply take their ball and go home.
  3. So your implying Toronto is 'forcing' Lupul out of hockey? His agent and the PA will have a fun time with that I'm sure. Doesn't the NHL have a mechanism in place to prevent false injury claims (independent Dr exams) so teams don't circumvent the cap?
  4. Very likely true.
  5. Minimal break I'm guessing. Not like it was a grueling month-long playoff drive with insane travel involved. They played what - 5 or 6 games total including pre-tournament?
  6. ^ This. Without Dorse in the lineup, JV (if he's on the roster) is the toughest character amongst the forward group - and that's not fair to the kid to have that job fall on his shoulders. Maybe in 2 years from now that would be a reasonable expectation, but not now. Dorse stays in the line up imo, some other weaksauce redundant perimeter player can be the 13th forward.
  7. Good luck to their community, I hope they complete their turn-around. Went there a couple times for fishing. Very remote, but incredibly beautiful part of the world.
  8. Will camp be enough of a diversion to stop people from making up ridiculous trade proposal threads?
  9. I believe the point is, if a player is truly concussed, they don't have the full wherewithal to be making decisions at the spurr of the moment like in the middle of a game.
  10. Too bad his coaching wasn't 'bang on'!
  11. When Lemieux was forced out of action in the late 90's due to health reasons everyone knew he was still the best player in the game - when he came back he proved it by averaging almost 2pts per gm. I'm confident Price will dominate upon his return.
  12. Don't know if Vegas would even touch that contract. If he goes somewhere LA will have to retain some.
  13. Tryamkin is the only one I'd pencil in. Other rookies will definitely be rotated into the lineup at various points, but he's the one I'd pick for a permanent spot.