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  1. Where exactly do you think Bettman gets his mandate? Do you serious think 30 billionaire owners are going to let this peon make major decisions on his own?
  2. This thread is going to get hella-critical but let's make sure the blame goes to deserving parties - the NHL OWNERS are to be blamed for this. And let's face it - most of us will watch it anyway and cheer our boys against the rest of the world because WE ARE CANADIAN!
  3. As others have mentioned it's more likely the one-way deals given out recently are more to do with creating competition in camp and ensuring a solid core in Utica than anything else. Both Trevor and JB have stated in their own words that they didn't do enough in recent years to give Utica a legitimate chance of being competitive - I take these contracts as directly addressing this issue.
  4. LOL! Could you imagine the ribbing in the dressing room if he.......
  5. I'm really, really rooting for this kid as I've watched him since before his draft year in Bellville. That said however I have to be realistic with my expectations. The fact that he significantly improved his numbers in 3 consecutive seasons in the ahl (extrapolating his 3rd year numbers) is a very good sign that he's learning his craft. However, it seems he's not just yet figured out how to translate that to the next level which is a concern because although he's not a liability out there, he's not very physical for his size nor does he play with any kind of edge - leaving the question as to what he really contributes to the overall team that someone else doesn't already contribute on a slightly higher level?
  6. Sorry Coco, but you must live a somewhat sheltered life if you aren't aware how far we as a society have fallen in reference of how we treat our fellow human. I don't say that to insult you or ridicule you whatsoever, just that if you spend any amount of time with/around/working alongside a certain element of society - this type of behavior wouldn't raise this reaction at all as its commonplace for a lot of society unfortunately. Not saying I expected them to jump in and risk their own lives but I think some of people's rage is fuelled by their unwillingness to even call for help from someone who would've done something about it - I mean they had an effing phone in their hands for cripes sake - the fact that help likely wouldn't have arrived in time is irrelevant imo. Pretty much this unfortunately.
  7. Congratulations to the Linden's! I can relate to how Trevor must feel right now as my little guy was born just 3 months ago!
  8. Care to elaborate on this "ton of historical evidence"?
  9. Fateless already took my comment:
  10. Listen to Fanuck, please listen to him....
  11. This graph underlies the problem with 'analytics' to a certain degree imo - Panarin is a perimeter player who dissappeared in the playoffs and the 'hard' games during the regular season. Williams will be 36yo when the season starts next year, has a LOT of hard playoff minutes on his aging body in recent years, and is joining a significantly weaker team than he left - he will inevitably decline in production. How does 'analytics' directly measure these intangibles?
  12. Actually not looking forward to this event as it inevitably turns into fodder for the ubiquitous basement bloggers spewing their nonsense about how the newest Canucks first rounder isn't as strong in his first stride as Petrus Palmu or that he looked disinterested in warm-up or something like that. Oh who am I kidding, it'll be nice to hear/see/talk hockey again instead of watching a web page waiting to see who signed where for how much!
  13. ^ Essentially this. McDavid was 100% in the drivers seat. The fact that he didn't ask for max is a huge concession for his camp and likely a very strategic decision to alleviate any blame and/or otherwise ill-will towards him and his contract when the Coilers inevitably have to make some difficult financial decisions related in no small part to this contract.
  14. No to all - each one is terrible. Trouba is a whiner who already caused trouble for the team who drafted him. We're not trading our 1st in the deepest/strongest draft in years. Kane......please.....