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  1. 2nd in TOI/GP, 26 years old - they had to pay this guy. A bit high, but they had little choice. He's the youngest top 4 D on the team.
  2. I trust JB's 35years of pro-hockey experience and complete knowledge of our organization to make the best decisions possible for this club. No need for a poll on this one - leave the polls for jersey debates.
  3. Having spent quite a bit of time in Switzerland and a few weeks in Russia, I'd take Switzerland anytime over Russia all things (hockey/life ) considered. So many Swiss speak English, lots of English schools there, equal quality of life there as to NA, ect... Not a huge sample size for Russia I'll admit, but it's a place in liked to visit, not live. Lots of these Europe-bound guys have NHL clauses so wouldn't surprise me to see them in the NHL if a last minute team invites them to camp.
  4. Agreed, Oilers will still struggle. No goalie or depth on D even considering their off season acquisitions. Flames - just not impressed with their overall roster. Don't really care if they suck or not honestly. TO - they have one of the best GMs to ever run a team. Lou knows how to build a winner. They'll be fine, unfortunately. Van, well it remains to be seen as JB is still sorting out some of the roster/contract mess he inherited, but I myself like the clubs directon. Fully believe we'll be competitive on a nightly basis and if that's all we can expect this season then I'm fine with that.
  5. Trading for EG = filling a glaring organizational hole with a great player/character person in exchange for an expendable asset. Signing LE = solidifying the top 6 with one of the best UFAs available whose universally regarded as a character person/player. Making Playoffs = the exact same thing every single other GM in the league is, and should be, trying to do. Puckdaddy = self anointed Internet hack with more time than hockey knowledge trying to drum up traffic on his site in off season.
  6. Guy has a world of opportunities in front of him and can't make good choices. Sad, just sad.
  7. Signing for 1 year means he's UFA after that right? If so that's fair - he produces he'll get paid. If he doesn't - go home and get some rubles.
  8. Not sure what the Rangers are paying him, but if they are, it's not counting against their cap:
  9. LOL! In before: 1. Let's sign him out of retirement crowd posts. 2. We shoulda drafted him crowd shows up and blames Canucks management/drafting.
  10. Once Orlov is signed all they'll need is an 8th defenseman. That's a good spot to insert one of their AHL guys on a very reasonable salary I would believe. Doesn't create much competition in camp, but then again contenders don't generally have a lot of roster spots up for grabs.
  11. As expected. Caps are serious contenders, they aren't going to make moves to dump cap and get weaker as some suggest. After their window sure, they might shed some salary, but not while their a president trophy team.
  12. LOL! However the 'VIKING' unit will no doubt be deployed on most PPs - Sedin, Sedin, Ericsson, Edler, Larsen! Subban is, well........not Viking !
  13. Wsh isnt too bad when it comes to cap space actually so I don't see them looking to dump. They don't have a single bad contract on their roster relatively speaking, and MJ is RFA so they just have to qualify him and resign him in a year when they'll have even more space. They're competitive right now so I don't see them making any deals that weaken their club in the immediate future.