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  1. Wouldn't go as far as to say that's completely realistic,  but I'd take that D.  Would cover some mobility,  bit of offense,  youth, and sorely missing toughness. Do it JB!  
  2. (Proposal) Van-Wsh

    Would take both of those deals in a heartbeat and pencil in Bowey to the lineup immediately - kid has more than held his own in the minors this season!   
  3. Like the kid, has heart, filled in nicely when we needed it, but no one can deny this highlights the lack of depth at D in this organization unfortunately. 
  4. There is indeed a lot of technique to face-offs. But a coach can't do anything about injuries is what I think he meant.  If Sutter/Sedin were in the line-up I'm sure the Canucks would be just fine in terms of overall team face-off percentage.  You take the top two centermen out of ANY line-up in the league and their face-off % is going to suffer I guarantee you. 
  5. A Guy Like Me, By John Scott

    ^ This, for so many reasons. 
  6. That's not an entirely unrealistic scenario which I too have thought about.  A 'gentlemens' agreement so to speak where JB/TL say to Hammer "Look, we need to watch out for the future of the team.  We value what you've given to the franchise on/off the ice, how about we give you another shot at going all the way - then we can talk about getting you back here in July to finish your career if it works out for both parties?" 
  7. Boston does this for exactly what reason? 
  8. Just gonna keep adding to this, because....well, because Jersey! The past, present, and future all in awesome is this? 
  9. Carey Price and the crash of the Canadiens

    Are the Habs that bad right now or were they just playing above themselves at the beginning of the season and are now closer to where they should be Price injury notwithstanding? 
  10. Goalies will object loudly to proposed equipment/net changes and it could have unforeseeable impacts other than goal scoring.  I read an article on a goalie website a while back where Price said something like "you think there are a lot of goalies with groin injuries now, wait until they widen the nets."  That's Carey Price, not some analyst.  Tried to find the link but couldn't, sorry.  This would cost some money short term, but if the game is more exciting that would be made up easily by increased league wide attendance.  Of all the possible options,  I don't find this one that egregious.    
  11. I don't think this is unreasonable from either side.  Vancouver desperately needs a young  PMD while a little toughness and speed/playoff experience wouldn't hurt TB. 
  12. ^This. Instead of showcasing himself in the AHL,  he and his agent have decided to showcase his prima-donna attitude thinking that will attract more suitors,  good luck with that one Johnny! Tampa is something like 7-2-1 in their past 10 so I doubt Stevie Y is losing sleep over this punk right now. The better Tampa does the worse it is for Drouin.  
  13. This will be the NHL in 10 years if things continue the way they are going.  Used to be a cheap-shot was followed by a fight.  Now a cheap-shot is followed by another cheap-shot on a different player so it doesn't look like direct retribution.