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  1. Terrible ending. What a big f*** you to the fans.
  2. It has to be unanimous. A person has to be convicted beyond any reasonable doubt.
  3. It's not a perfect system, but how is one man (a judge) a better alternative? Too much power for one person.
  4. OP, if you still need a job, I have a line on a guy who is hiring.
  5. No....
  6. I wouldn't want to live in an old skyscraper.
  7. I thought the pipes in my apartment were blowing up or air was stuck in the pipes causing that "hammer" sound.
  8. This quake was totally a conspiracy too sell more of those.
  9. Just don't live in Richmond.
  10. Not really. People get nasty. If the big one hits expect $&!# too hit the fan.
  11. I can't believe the amount of idiots calling 911. Ridiculous.
  12. Is anyone else the least bit ticked off at the increase to MSP? Seems like they are jacking it up every year. Now 75 bucks a month as of January. Kind of a piss off when Alberta has basically paid nothing for as long as I can remember.
  13. Yes. It was out of overwhelming excitement.
  14. YES!
  15. Did that sound like Glen at the End?