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  1. Tim Hortons: Roll Up The Rim 2017

    i'm probably like 0/25 right now. what a $&!#ty contest.
  2. Becoming an Electrican, what to expect (BCIT)

    Whatever we want them to do. That's why they are apprentices. lol
  3. UBER coming to Vancouver ?

    Bring on Uber. Cab drivers are for the most part, $&!#ty people. I don't know how many times I've heard, "My debit machine is broke" or "Do you have cash?". Also they have tried to rip me off numerous times. Turning off their meter after you get to the destination or turning it off before you have a chance to see it and trying to claim it was a certain amount. &^@# cab drivers.
  4. Question sbout ICBC class 5 road test

    Read the website. Class 5 they expect you to know a lot more about different driving skills vs Class 7 they generally want to see that your driving safely and smoothly. I took my class 5 like 7 years ago so I don't remember a lot, but, it's easy if you remember the basics. Read the website.... Study for your test Whether you're taking the Class 7 road test to get your N or the Class 5 road test to get your full licence, these study and practice guides will help you pass: Use the driving sessions in Tuning up for Drivers Take the road ready quiz Read Learn to Drive Smart Take the road signs practice test Watch our driving tips videos Don't just rely on studying though, be sure to get lots of on-road driving practice with an experienced driver or a licensed driver training school. Driving skills you'll need to know During your road test, you'll need to demonstrate a variety of driving skills. These are the most common skills to practice: Driving through intersections, turning left and right Pulling out into traffic Pulling over and stopping at the side of the road Changing lanes Parking on a hill Starting on a hill Backing up Angle parking Parallel parking Stall parking (driving forward and backing up into a stall) Two and three point turns Merging on and off a highway General driving (e.g., driving straight, driving on hills and curves) Knowing what to do around emergency vehicles Not every skill will be part of your test, but practicing them all will give you the best chance of being prepared. Hazard awareness While you're driving, it's important to scan your environment and be aware of potential hazards on the road. You may be asked to point some out during your test. Examples of potential hazards: Dangerous drivers Emergency vehicles Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles Blind spots and hidden driveways Animals Icy or snowy roads Uneven roads
  5. Anyone ever been rear-ended?

    For the record, I had my hazards on, and the reason I stopped/slowed, is because the vehicle was stopped, but the man was also kneeling down beside is car. If I had lost control in anyway, I could have also hit him.
  6. Edward Snowden Hero Or Traitor?

    Snowden is a hero. He has also mentioned he is happy to come back and face trial if it was fair. Problem is the US government would seal the trial and nothing would ever become public.
  7. Anyone ever been rear-ended?

    Today I was headed to the movies with a few friends and was driving on a 2 lane road. I noticed up ahead that there was a car in the left lane with a flat tire and a guy standing beside his vehicle. I decided to slow down and stop and ask him if he was ok. ( Being a good samaritan). All of a sudden I hear this horn and smack. I get rear ended. Thinking back I know I probably shouldn't have completely stopped in the middle of the street. However, I wanted to make sure everything was cool before proceeding. Has anyone ever been rear-ended? Would ICBC find me at fault in anyway? I had no problem stopping my car, but apparently the guy who rear ended me couldn't. Stop in time. The roads were really icy and he had all season tires on. Thoughts?
  8. The Walking Dead Thread

    Andrew Lincoln deserves an Emmy for his performance tonight.
  9. The Walking Dead Thread

    Too many commercials. I hate this dragging it out crap.
  10. The Walking Dead Thread

    Terrible ending. What a big f*** you to the fans.
  11. Should courts use juries?

    It has to be unanimous. A person has to be convicted beyond any reasonable doubt.
  12. Should courts use juries?

    It's not a perfect system, but how is one man (a judge) a better alternative? Too much power for one person.
  13. Becoming an Electrican, what to expect (BCIT)

    OP, if you still need a job, I have a line on a guy who is hiring.
  14. The Walking Dead Thread

  15. OMG Earthquake?

    I wouldn't want to live in an old skyscraper.