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  1. OMG Snow?

    Dosen't it all melt by noon the next day?
  2. OMG Snow?

    Poor things......windchill has been in the -30s last two days out here. My dad and my brothers phone me to let me know that dosen't happen on the Coast from late November till early March...
  3. my daughter had some of those my little ponies.......the positions they were put in when she went to sleep......eww

  4. nope. decided to weave them like "my little pony"

  5. You still haven't trimmed your armpits yet?

  6. if im going to be a woman, i want to be Rapunzel then, so people can climb my hair.

  7. If we're Romeo and Juliet you can wear the dress.....I need too many razors for my legs and ass

  8. you are on at night, i am on mostly in the morning. Time is our enemy.

    We are the romeo and juliet of CDC


  9. how the hell can i discuss football and bowel movements (Reuben Droughns) with you when you don't have the decency to be awake at midnight when i get home from work?

  10. how the hell can i crate hilarious content with you when you insist on sleeping when i log on at midnight?

    geez man, some people.....

  11. come back elvisssss!

    the forum neeeds more humour!