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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Just because we haven't heard anything it doesn't mean nothing is happening with Jake. Theres no proof anyone is "keeping him on the hook".
  2. ICBC Situation.

    I don't get it either, vehicle a piece of crap?? Mods?? Makes no sense at all to me.
  3. ICBC Situation.

    53 years old, one speeding ticket 9 years ago, pulled over 4 times my entire time driving.... wtf are you doing that makes you such a heat score?? Not trying to be a dick here but maybe you need some driving lessons?
  4. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    My two pennies.... I think hes two years behind in his prediction. My own gut feeling was nothing would really change until after the Sedins were gone and that seems to be the case. I honestly have no problem with Jim and where we're at. Hes human, so hes bound to make some mistakes, so I'll gladly cut him some slack. I think if ownership would have just let Jim start rebuilding as soon as he was hired (theres no proof but that's what I believe happened) rather than try and milk everything they could out of the previous core, we'd be pretty much on track....
  5. How should the Sedins stay involved ?

    I've been saying since the word was out that they were retiring, "Professional Development Coaches."... teaching the young guys the work and dedication it takes to be a professional in the NHL .
  6. Recent draft history: Burke, Nonis, Gillis and Benning eras

    It's easier to trade for size than skill. Large complimentary players are much easier to attain than top level skill... nice try on the troll job bro... if you knew better you'd be running a team, not trolling message boards.
  7. Perhaps old Willie went to JB and asked him to get Vey, we all might be barking up the wrong tree, maybe we should be looking at Willie, not Jim... just a thought...
  8. Looking at that map it makes no sense to move a developental team to where Abbotsford is. The travel alone is reason enough to leave them where they are .
  9. Bure / Churla from 1994

    It never would have happened in today's game. Churla was all over Bure before and and there would have been a dozen penalties by the stars so it simply would never have escalated to that point .
  10. New team logo/logo change

    I hate It, looks too much like a golf driver in my opinion. The original was fine.
  11. [Trade] Nashville-Sharks

    Trade a guy who is already playing in the league for a pick who statistically has very little chance to ever put on an NHL jersey... doesn't make sense to me....
  12. THE JIM BENNING contract suspicious timing

    You probably shoulnt have done the wake 'n bake this morning
  13. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    I think they should bring them back in some kind of coaching capacity. Why not in a professional development role where they can continue to pass along to the young guys what it takes to be a pro in the NHL?? Everyone always talks about how great they are in a mentorship type role, so why not??
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    Better word, but yes... one game they play like an AHL club, or worse... the next they dominate... I can't figure it out...