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  1. Awesome job by Markstrom tonight for sure!! In all fairness to all the "hating fools", his track record to this point hasnt been the best. I agree with you, easily one of his best efforts and just like you said, in years....too bad there havent been more efforts like that. Dont get me wrong, I want to see him succeed as much as anyone, but don't get ahead of yourself bud, it hasnt even been 1/2 a season of this type of effort.....
  2. Good enough never is....
  3. It's like the pucks a grenade when it gets close to Brock, I'm sure it's frustrating for him, but I'm fully confident he'll work through it.
  4. If the Canucks had someone who could stop the puck they might actually be a decent team.
  5. I cant say I expected that!
  6. Islanders unveil third jersey

    U.G.L.Y..... Damn ugly IMO
  7. Maybe he didn't want to play for any of them?
  8. [GDT/PGT] Canucks @ Oilers | Preseason Game #6 | 6:00pm | SN1

    I think this is going to be a very long, painful season to watch. I don't see a whole lot of good going on this preseason... I really hope they get it together once the season begins...
  9. [GDT/PGT] Canucks @ Oilers | Preseason Game #6 | 6:00pm | SN1

  10. Cant find this on the youtube app for ps4. Anyone know how I can find it?
  11. Philadelphia Flyers New Mascot Gritty?

    Who OK`d that??.... !?!?!?
  12. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Still playing nhl 18, the division, farcry 5, dirt 4, gta V... I'm kinda all over the place, pre-ordered nhl 19, red dead redemption 2... really looking forward to those 2
  13. Jim Benning on Presidents Week

    Thanks for sharing...
  14. Right at this point 72% disagree with you...