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  1. Agree 100%, predatory and completely avoidable.
  2. By all accounts the Leafs should be miles ahead of the Canucks, since they've been sitting at the bottom of the pile since, well... forever. To compare them makes no sense, the leafs have been at their "rebuild" stage for much, much longer.
  3. Truth. I get what people are saying about moving them and getting something in return, but I just don't realistically see it happening. I think they would retire before they would waive to go elsewhere. I think they would be just as happy to take less money and move down the lineup and a potential cup run in a few more years down the road, perhaps they'll get their cup as Canucks in a diminished role, perhaps not even in a playing role. I also see them staying with the team after their playing careers in some other capacity. I just really dont see them moving.
  4. Its all nice to say to move them, but you have to have a partner on the other side of the deal... who would that be and what are they realistically going to give up to get them?
  5. Hes too soft, totally shies away from the physical play
  6. How many cups has he won???......
  7. Cringe worthy.... when I saw this happen at speed I was like... "Who is this guy and wtf is he doing"?... I started keeping an eye on him after that point in the game and oh man, he was not very good. Try taking the body instead of swinging your stick in the other guys general direction. Not an NHL level defensive move..... Get this guy out of the lineup.
  8. Actually, you said " I can appreciate this position, but he's been in our system now for over 20 months. That's almost two years. Is that not enough to see at least a glimmer of improvement? " Its not the end of the season yet so comparing at this point is useless, its only use is to continue a pointless argument. He has improved as I stated in many ways, but by your reasoning he hasn't. To simply say, and again I quote "he's been in our system now for over 20 months. That's almost two years. Is that not enough to see at least a glimmer of improvement? "", thats a pretty general statement. So has he improved or has he not? You're flip flopping.
  9. His puck pursuit is relentless, he does everything he can to get the puck, he has skill holding onto the puck in the corner and making plays. Daniel Sedin speaking of Sven “I look more at Sven’s game because I’m a winger myself. I see that (drive) in him. He’s a guy I can see really take off this year. To me, Sven is a more skilled player than I am. So I watch him, too. I might not ask him about it, but I’m watching him to see how he does things. He has all the tools to be a great player.” he's doing very well on the defensive side of the game so I disagree with the statement, he has made improvement in areas other than point production, which is what the coaching staff wanted first and foremost. Now lets see if he can get better on the "O" side, I'd say there's been much more than a "glimmer" of improvement. Link to quote http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/iain-macintyre-canucks-need-horvat-baertschi-to-bring-it-on-offence-support-the-sedins
  10. That didnt really clarify anything, but whatever works for you
  11. Please clarify this statement... I've heard we are building from the net out and I think they've done a decent job, next if forwards... thats what I think the plan is
  12. Thats as far as I got....
  13. It's year 3 of the 5 year plan. Benning has solid goaltending and decent D. He said he was going to build from the back out so at year 3 I think he's done a decent job considering where he started. Next is forward, there's 2 years left so I don't know how you "don't see it". Maybe you need to open your eyes cause it's pretty obvious what happening here.
  14. Hey, we found a guy thats stepped in and helped the team, he looks really good is something this team has been missing for a while, so quick!!! LETS TRADE HIM!!