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  1. As much as I hate Messier, he had the same lasting effect on a guy that the pens had given up on who turned out to be one heck of a player and that's Naslund. I remember reading an article once upon a time (I tried a quick search but couldn't find it) and Markus said he wouldn't have been the player he was had Messier not been around, so Mess might not have produced much when he was here, but he had a huge effect on the Canucks future captain, just like guys like the Sedins would have "past their prime" on current roster players.
  2. It's all over the internet if you took the time to look
  3. Butter soft team.
  4. They are both owned by the same company.... Calgary Sports and Entertainment
  5. Time to unpin this post don't you think? No disrespect to Burr, but I think it's time to move on.
  6. Lifer....
  7. With Canucks luck if they do actually pick first the guy will be a bust....
  8. Panties and moist....
  9. Its about business, why on earth would Earls shut down for a couple months and let their best chefs go work at Moxys for a few weeks out the year? On a personal note, the Olympics are about amateurs in every other sport, it's not a showcase for the best professionals, that's what the NHL is for.
  10. The Canucks are missing guys that play angry and nasty all the time. Saying there's guys like Sbiza, Gudbranson, and Tryamkin means jack squat. They have size but not that nastiness. We need guys that everyone hates like Lappy, Burrows, and Kesler... guys that never back down like Bieksa... this team is so soft it disgusts me.
  11. Why don't they televise it?
  12. This.....
  13. Sorry, i didnt want to read through 11 pages, but my thoughts are I think they're starting to shut the injured down early and get them ready for next year... this will at the same time open some spots for evaluating guys in the system, see what they have... good move IMO
  14. Wow, really? Thanks tips....
  15. My issue isn't them tanking to get a better pick, my issue is if you are going to hold young guys accountable on the defensive side of the puck and your "starts" aren't doing their part (on purpose or not) it's showing a mixed message to the young guys. A coach pulls a young guy off a line for not back checking and then 22 or 33 don't do their part, get scored on and continue with top minutes.