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  1. I guess you all need that fresh water to mix with all the sewer that you guys put into the oceans. Why don't you try and recyle that and drink it.
  2. Good on Tate, I also like this Josh Anderson kid.
  3. If you do not like what the Canucks Mangement are doing, you can always follow another team.
  4. You need to remove the Bonus from McCann, Virtanen and Hutton, these will be added next year as we do not know if they are going to reach that plateau to attain such.
  5. Damn Tree must have jumped out of nowhere and hit the car.
  6. This is passing the time until something is reported about the game, which is more interesting than talking about a washed up player.
  7. How do you figure his play style is like Joe Thornton. Thornton plays Center and Kassian is a Bench Warmer/ Press Box Player. Do you really think that 4 coaches would be wrong about Kassian? If he were to play the same play style as Thornton do yo think he would have been traded? There are more problems than what has been reported.
  8. Well, put on your Canadians Jersey and go cheer for him.
  9. Look at Joe Thornton Stats and you want to say that he plays similar to him. WOW, you must be hung up on Kassian.
  10. I concur with you
  11. Should you not have said you don't need him, I don't need you talking for me.
  12. Kassian can't even hold up Bertuzzi's and/or Byflugien's jock strap. Kassian is not even close to being a Power Forward, I would put him as a wanna be.
  13. I wonder if the Blackhawks would consider terminating his contract.
  14. We don't need to take on an extra 1mil in CAP, as we only have 1.2 mil available now. The only trades I can see would be Burrows for Eller and Montreals 5th( Canucks draft pick).
  15. And what do you suggest we do about the CAP, after all Eller has a 3.5 mil CAP?