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  1. OMG Snow?

    quitter. Get out and shovel out your own space.
  2. OMG Snow?

    I will let you know if I ever have to
  3. OMG Snow?

    Students and school admin should be demand that transit find a way to keep service going, even reduced service, with such a little bit of snow. So what if solutions would cost them more, thats their problem. It can be done.
  4. OMG Snow?

    which doesnt mean a hill of beans.
  5. OMG Snow?

    if it were my wife and kids, nothing would stop me from coming up and getting them home as safely as any other time.
  6. OMG Snow?

    and of course, you are not exaggerating at all.
  7. OMG Snow?

    You know you hit a nerve when immature little punks who cant handle the truth have to resort to personal insults when they dont like someone elses opinions and ideas.
  8. OMG Snow?

    being "some old guy", I have been around, lived more life, learned more things, and done more things than most punks here can comprehend.
  9. OMG Snow?

    Like I said, a bunch of wimps and pansies
  10. OMG Snow?

    bahh. Where this is a will there is a way. Different solution for each person. Just do it and quit whining about it. Up to each person to find a way to get up and down. If I had to go there every day, I can assure you, somehow, I would, and that includes the times when I didnt have a car. The worst vancouver weather, or the worst prairie weather, I never let it stop me from being where I needed or wanted to be. When busses didnt run, I found other ways.
  11. OMG Snow?

    teachers should be expected to show up and reprimanded if they dont, like any other occasion where a teacher simply doesnt show up. As for the students, it be the same as any other time a teacher doesnt show up or is "sick" at last minute. Wouldnt happen very often if teachers jobs were dependant on it.
  12. OMG Snow?

    shows what you know. I grew up in burnaby and went up and down that mountain in far worse weather than today many times, not to mention elsewhere like north shore mountains. Used to deliver groceries in a van in north burnaby through all kinds of weather, often we had to put the chains on to get it done, but we never "closed" Usually, winters in 60's and 70's had a lot more snow than we do nowadays as well. I delivered newspapers every day on the hills of south burnaby, no matter the weather. Sometimes papers were late, but we always got them delivered.
  13. OMG Snow?

    let me put it another way then, similar to a previous statement. SFU should have a declared policy of never closing and its up to employees and student to get themselves there, and tough tities if they cant be bothered to use snow tires and chains. You can also bet in such a situation, that some enterprising person will see the need in such a situation and provide and special snow service up the mountain on such days as this, for those pansie that need it.
  14. OMG Snow?

    havent changed nothing. I said have chains to use where needed. So far, they should not be needed on Broadway. We havent had that big of a dump in a long time. I will refine what I said with a little more detail for those that need it. Law should require everyone to have snow tires on their vehicles from november to march and to carry chains for use when needed.
  15. OMG Snow?

    are we talkin broadway corridor here, or burnaby mountain type hills? Busy fairly flat broadway should not need chains, only proper snow tires, which most people are too ignorant to have.