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  1. This is catastrophic and most likely playoff-chances ending news.
  2. Yeah that's all I'm saying in this thread (with the backup of articles on not 1, but 2 major sites). Not pulling this out of my rear here. Basing it on the 2 articles and running with it. As far as not playing well lately, yeah, well St. Louis, Vegas, and Edmonton had rough stretches too. As far as Vegas, I think Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg will give them all they can handle if we don't play them in Round 1. Also, we definitely do underestimate our team.
  3. Playoffs are pretty much assured at this point, barring catastrophic injuries.
  4. There seems to be a lot of buzz around this wonderful team we have. Check out the below articles: David Amber of CBC has also been high on us all year. With the addition of Toffoli, Boesser rumored to have said he won't be out for a horrendous amount of time, and if Markstrom continues to play out of his mind, we could very well make AT LEAST the WCF. This is a lot like 2011 in a lot of ways. Other teams in the league are weak. Wide-open playoff race. 1 more nice acquisition before the TDL and we may be able to make a strong run at the championship (although those 2 articles above already peg us for going deep). I think we are likely to come out of the 1st round. Then our opponent in Round 2 will be Vegas, Calgary, or Edmonton. We have demonstrated the ability to crush all 3 of those teams this year. So by virtue of playing against one of those 3 in the 2nd round, we have a somewhat greater chance of making to the WCF almost by default, just due to the luck of playoff seeding. What do you think?