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  1. You are sooooooooooooooooooo DUMB.

  2. You know it! Blind Melon was excellent.

  3. Soup is an amazing album... Just had to comment.

  4. ^I wanted to take some pictures of this Petro Canada because these kind of locations hardly exist anymore, and I think retro places look better than the newer versions.
  5. Hansen with the winning goal against Toronto: Close up: Kesler's first goal against Anaheim to make it 1-1: Old Port Moody City Hall, last night, when it didn't rain for once: From Brentwood Skytrain station, on the way to Rogers Arena: Newport Village:
  6. Nirvana - Pen Cap Chew
  7. As a Canucks fan for a couple of decades now, I've learned to be a bit skeptical of any 1st overall prediction (It doesn't say it in here, but I mean overall.). I think in any given year, you can never count out Detroit, last year the exception.
  8. It was from the Burrard Bridge, on the side closer to downtown.
  9. Some I got from Saturday: And the crown jewel, from Spain's grand finale:
  10. ^You must have gotten the minus 1 from clutch himself.
  11. Thanks, you get a +1 back.
  12. A little beauty of a picture I took of the 3rd Burrows goal!!!!!!!
  13. Ehrhoff goal from November 28 to open the scoring: